When I started this business back in 2014 at the age of 29, I wasn’t thinking about becoming a millionaire. And that I was tired of having to do work that I didn’t enjoy to make money so that I could pay my bills. I was waiting tables at various restaurants, cleaning people’s houses, doing […]

The Graceful Millionaire.

Way back in 2014 I started this business over on Facebook because honestly…I was lonely. I had big dreams but no one I knew in real life thought anything like me, so I started hanging out in FB groups where people were having the conversations I really wanted to be having. In an instant I […]

Is Facebook Dead?

There’s a super strange way that I’ve been budgeting for almost seven years now. It’s unlike anything all the financial experts teach. Honestly, it goes against pretty much all the rules the usual financial freedom gurus say are a must. And yet it’s helped me earn more, grow my wealth, love my life and feel […]

How I Budget.

The unmatched power of gradually turning up the dial. It might not sound as sexy as “make $10k in 10 days” but there’s nothing more powerful than gradually turning up the dial on your success. Sure you might be able to implement someone’s system to get results fast but will that system get you results […]

The Power of Turning Up the Dial Daily