When’s the last time you felt pure joy? Even just a moment where it felt like everything was right, your mind wasn’t rushing trying to figure everything out. You weren’t obsessed with achieving the next goal, you just felt…still. Complete. Totally at peace. If you’re anything like me up to this year, you probably have […]

I was gripped by fear (even after hitting my goals).

I love ease and flow and it’s a core component of my business and my life, but… Ease is a mindset.  Starting and running a business isn’t easy, because it’s just about the ultimate form of self work and growth that exists. Starting a business drags you through every single one of your fears, your […]

What 72 5-figure months taught me.

Truth bomb: Sharing my truth often scares the shit out of me. This year I’ve cultivated a space of deep peace within myself where I often live in an energy of knowing who I really am, being connected to my soul and just feeling so clear and confident. And… I still get triggered and feel […]

The goal was never to be fearless…but to Live Free.

It’s ok to be fierce, Turned On and FREE. Your pleasure reconnects you to your power and divinity. And when you’re tapped into your power and divinity you are IRRESISTIBLE. Irresistible in every area of business and life. You magnetize your desires to you, the clients, relationships, cash flow and opportunities to YOU. Let that […]

Deep down you’re a fierce, Turned On and FREE Woman.