I am willing to change. That sentence just came to me from the classic Louise Hay book “Heal Your Body”. I’m an incredibly healthy person and I find the only time I have ailments tends to be when my body is trying to send me a message that I haven’t been hearing otherwise. Like in […]

So, I broke a tooth + being willing to change.

I get sooo amped when I host live workshops + open coaching! I often can’t fall asleep the night before I do them because I have the entire workshops start channeling through me and usually just have to get up and write it all down. This is how I work and what I support my […]

Launch + get paid BEFORE knowing what to sell

This is the one downside to flow… I don’t know what I want to sell next. I have so much freedom that I could literally do anything. And I have several ideas… But, none of them have hit me as “YES! That!!!”. So…here I am, sitting on my patio, in the sun, chilling, aligning, waiting […]

The Downside of Working in Flow

We’ve all been there… We’re floating along, in our zone, feeling good, rocking out life and then…BAM! Something happens that totally triggers you. Someone says something, you see a comment on social media, you notice someone just released THE program/book/product that you’ve been dreaming of releasing yourself… And just like that, all the old demons […]

How to Deal With Getting Triggered by Family