I’m delighted by a book I’m reading right now called “Seductress: The Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love” I love history, goddess, divine feminine and the power of turn on so this book had my name all over it. I grew up feeling completely perplexed by attraction, relationship and personal […]

You’re a seductress, not a business woman

We’re smart AF We were often the top of our class, president of everything in school, honors, and probably went on (or at least considered) a prestigious career because… We could have done anything and excelled. But we couldn’t work for someone else. And many of us learned that the hard way by trying to […]

Done selling? Let my new system sell FOR you.

It’s ok to forget sometimes who you are. It’s ok to second guess, think you broke it all or that you’re broken, it’s ok. It’s ok to be human, wildly, completely human with all the emotions, feelings, highs and lows to match. It’s ok. Just be sure to look for the signs, messages, and gifts […]

You are human AND Divine.

Let’s get real and honest here for just a minute. It’s only you and me, that’s the beautiful thing about communicating in this way, right? What would it look like to only choose the fuck yes’s in your life and say goodbye to all the good enoughs and maybes?  You get to be completely open […]

**Warning** Say goodbye to your comfort zone