When I started this business back in 2014 at the age of 29, I wasn’t thinking about becoming a millionaire.

And that I was tired of having to do work that I didn’t enjoy to make money so that I could pay my bills.

I was waiting tables at various restaurants, cleaning people’s houses, doing personal training sessions, every odds and ends task I could just to delay having to get a “real” job.

When I came across a group of women doing coaching online, powerfully helping their clients and making the “I can’t even imagine having that much money” $10k months — I was hooked.

These women seemed soulful, spiritual, free. They were doing work they cared about and living a luxury lifestyle with beautiful travel around the world, beautiful homes, wardrobes, dining.

I wanted it all so badly and I set out to create it with a fierceness that I had rarely approached anything before.

Within months I went from having never coached before to consistent $10k months and a booked out schedule of clients creating incredible results.

It didn’t make sense, it shouldn’t have worked, it should have taken longer I suppose, but I didn’t think of any of that. All I knew is I had been searching for my entire life up to that point for what I was meant to do and for one of the first times it felt like I had found it.

So I went all in and gave little thought to the idea that it wouldn’t work.

I honestly was just so grateful to finally have found something that I loved to do that could also create the abundance in my life that I dreamed of that I was all in enamored, consumed and obsessed with the success of it.

And I think that’s important — to be all in, consumed and obsessed with whatever it is that you’re deciding to create for yourself.

I didn’t think much about the idea of creating a million dollar brand in the beginning, if at all. I wanted to do work that felt important, I wanted to help others, I wanted to have more than enough money and never worry about that again, I wanted to feel free.

But, as I started to be surrounded by others who were on their way to achieving that 7-figure mark, I did start to crave it as well as I considered its possibility for the first time through doing this work.

There was talk about being a “millionaire by 30”, but I was only a few months away from turning 30 at that point so that wouldn’t work, but, I could be a millionaire by 31!

Then my 31 year came and went and, truth be told, I never really decided to hit that 7-figure level because something about it just didn’t feel aligned yet. I’m not saying I didn’t want it, but my want for it was more from a space of ego and needing to feel good enough as some of my friends and colleagues crossed this point.

It’s so funny how the things we need in order to feel “good enough” tend to elude us until we no longer need them from a space of fear anymore.

For years I wanted the coveted 7-figure business, I wanted to be a self made millionaire, but it still was coming from a need to feel like I made it and the frustration of not being there yet.

My business has made millions, but never within a specific calendar year. Maybe it has from sales alone, but I’m uninterested in counting sales and focused on the actual, real cash flow that comes into my business instead.

Then over the last couple years something shifted in me, a softening. I knew I would be a millionaire and then multi-millionaire, so the need for it to happen “right now or else” lessened.

The more that I’ve surrendered into life exactly how it is, the more I’ve felt at one with everything. There’s no longer a separation between who I am and who I will be, it’s all just gracefully coming together as time collapses on itself as the illusion it’s really always been anyway.

In short, I stopped needing to hit that 7-figure goal to feel like a success. I stopped needing anything to feel good enough and instead felt a current of deep inner knowing that I am and that is enough.

A knowing that the entire universe resides within that ‘I Am’ for me and for you.

As I’ve softened into all of this and stopped trying to make anything happen, the most curious and also obvious things began to happen:

  • I know my true soul desires and honor them unapologetically
  • I hear my inner guidance clearly and do not question it
  • I continued to just take the next aligned action, even if it didn’t make sense and my business model became uniquely, brilliantly mine

I could not have sat down and planned out my business in the way it is set up now. This was not done by thinking, but by feeling, by tuning into the current of life and the frequency of what was truly aligned for me.

I sit back and look at how my business is set up now and I am in awe of its brilliance. I didn’t think, plan or strategize this into place, I allowed the self organizing energy of the entire universe to work through me.

This is the conversation I had with a private client recently as she was shifting out of the habit of strategy and back into the absolute magic of alignment.

She brought up that she’s inspired by my business and the client generating system I have in place that connects me with new soulmate clients on a daily basis and wanted to know how it came to be. 

I do have an incredibly brilliant and aligned system set up for this. I have no doubt people are studying it and my emails trying to get the strategy all figured out so that they can implement it for themselves. I know this because I used to study other entrepreneurs who inspired me in the same way, trying to figure out what their magic was and assuming it was in the strategy.

It’s not.

What makes my business model and client generating system unique is because I didn’t really know I was creating it, I was just taking the next aligned action. I fully understand now that it’s never about what we do but always about the energy we do something with.

I can look back over the last year now (if not longer) and see how beautifully it was all adding up for me and for my business to be set up in this way.

Every piece of my business at this point came from a random inspired idea that I chose to follow through with, not knowing how it would add up but knowing it would.

I didn’t mean to set up my signature Superflow program as the entry point for a soul aligned funnel.

Instead I randomly saw a post on Instagram from my ads manager about these new SLO funnels she was running ads to and thought “Ooh I want to try that!”.

That was it! She never reached out and asked me if I wanted to try this new strategy, I saw it in a random post which is saying a lot for the girl who doesn’t even scroll on social media.

I didn’t have some follow up email sequence or funnel set up at that point at all. I was just running ads to my Superflow program because it felt good, it felt aligned. 

It was probably 7 months later when I got inspired to put a follow up email sequence behind Superflow after I’d started feeling called to more automation and then randomly felt inspired to buy someone else’s low priced offer about email funnels.

Setting up that funnel required decision and conviction because I’d set up email funnels in the past and then bailed on them because I was afraid they weren’t working. If I truly wanted this to be a part of my business I had to decide I wasn’t available for anything else and would do what it takes until it takes for it to work.

So that’s what I decided to do. And 6 months into running that email funnel, which is now a 40 day experience for prospective clients, I’ve barely made any changes to it because it works. Just like I decided it would.

If I’d tried to plan all of this out over a year ago it would have felt overwhelming.

Instead, divine, my highest self, just kept giving me the next inspired and aligned step so that I could gracefully bring it together with ease, alignment and flow.

Nothing was strategized in the traditional way. Everything was always about just being aware of the moments of inspiration when they showed up and taking the aligned action that followed.

That is everything, that’s a big part of why I’m writing this to you right now, I want you to understand the difference.

Everything I’ve created that’s felt truly good and lasted in my life has come from being aware of the moments where inspiration struck and taking that aligned action.

Know that if you choose to live your life and run a business in this way, that you might not always see how it’s all going to fit together, but it is. 

It’s all adding up for you, it’s all working out for you, just keep trusting.

So what does all this have to do with being a graceful millionaire?

Because by dropping ego and letting go of hustle and the grasping after goals to try to make myself feel good enough, I instead surrendered into the vibration and frequency of the entire universe itself.

By living and breathing in this energy, I received the inspiration and aligned action when it was time to take it.

By just trusting the next step as enough and knowing that it was all adding up for me, I’ve laid the foundation for a soul led empire that I’m just now beginning to realize how big, impactful and profitable it will be.

I’m so proud that I just trusted because my conditioning told me not to, it told me what I was doing wouldn’t be enough. But, I choose to listen to the frequency of love that lives within me over the fear. I chose to live my destiny.

And I’m experiencing more ease, more freedom, more true purpose than ever.

As for the graceful millionaire part…my income has increased consistently by $10k a month since I set up the final piece of my up leveled aligned business model and stopped grasping for anything but instead aligned with the ever expanding, abundant nature of this universe.

$55k in December

$65k in January

$74k in February

$88k in March

And averaging $2,950 a day so far in April so I’m right on track with this continued growth.

To Living Free will become a 7-figure brand this year and I a self made millionaire.

I understand it now. The energy of it, the strategy from a faith and trust perspective.

I know how to become a self made millionaire from ease, grace, alignment and flow and I know the steps in guiding others who know this is meant for them as well with the same ease.

Do you desire to become a graceful millionaire?

To create your success, legacy, impact and abundance from ease and flow?

Have you tried to hustle your way to your goals but you always end up resisting, procrastinating or slipping into burnout that leads to a cycle of pushing followed by exhaustion?

That’s why I’ve created a new way to personally work together, privately mentored to real freedom and success on your terms.

>> It’s called The Graceful Millionaire.

If you know you are meant to be a self made millionaire and you’re called to embody this energy, grow and scale with grace and flow, this is for you.

Or if you’ve already created a multi 6 or even 7 figure business but have done it from pushing and exhaustion and are ready to sustain your income but with more alignment and freedom, this will also serve you.

The Graceful Millionaire begins with a 30 day private coaching intensive and ongoing all access pass to my courses, programs, team and mastermind.

After your intensive, if it is aligned for both of us, you are invited to continue on as an ongoing private client.

*Program currently closed*

May you remember the frequency of this ever expanding and abundant universe and become one with it.

May you create experiences and results that bring tears of gratitude and awe to your eyes.

May you live the legacy you were born for and set yourself free.
May you become the Graceful Millionaire you know you’re meant to be:

*This program is currently closed.*

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