The unmatched power of gradually turning up the dial.

It might not sound as sexy as “make $10k in 10 days” but there’s nothing more powerful than gradually turning up the dial on your success.

Sure you might be able to implement someone’s system to get results fast but will that system get you results consistently in a way that’s locked in and sustainable?

I’m in this for the long haul, I could care less about someone’s special strategy that can make me $20k this week unless it can make me $20k a week forever in a way that feels freaking incredible in the process.

The last thing this world needs is another burnt out, adrenal fatigued woman thinking she has to do it all to have it all.

You can indeed have it all.

The business, lifestyle, body, relationship, all of it. I’m living proof of that and that the better it gets the better it keeps on getting.

But, in my almost a decade of doing this work in this business I’ve seen time and time again so many people need to “take a break” from their business because the forced launching, trying to get their energy up to sell, sell, sell and hit their goals was downright exhausting.

And even though we’re incredibly powerful, at some point forcing ourselves to get out there and “make things happen” because that’s just how it is, is going to wear you out if not burn you out.

And you’ll start to wonder if the $10k, $20k, whatever you’re making a month is really worth having to start over every single month and do it all over again in order to hit your goals.

Yeah, you no longer work for someone else but have you not just created your own “high vibe” hamster wheel that you’re still stuck spinning in?

This is why I believe soo deeply in discovering your own aligned blueprint for success — the one that will support, energize, inspire you instead of drain you — and then get 2% better at it every single day.

Because it’s not the big shifts but rather the 2% adjustments on a daily basis that compound to incredible results and the lifestyle beyond your dreams.

I can say with complete honesty that my business is set up to support + energize me instead of the other way around. I don’t do anything in my business that drains me or just because I “have” to.

And this isn’t by accident! 

If you don’t do this intentionally you will create just another job for yourself because that’s the dominant narrative of our society — work hard, all the time and then maybe someday you’ll have enough money to deserve to rest and do what you really want.

This isn’t just about you creating your soul led business, making money doing work you love, changing the world and living free (even though I one million percent stand behind all of that).

This is about evolving the dominant narrative from one of lack and fear into one of prosperity and love.

>> This is taking a stand for getting to share the message of your soul in the exact way you desire to share it and having it magnetize soulmate clients because you decided that’s just how it gets to be.

>> This is about showing up daily, being the brand, letting your life be the content and selling because it energizes your soul, not because you need to in order to hit your sales goals.

>> This is about so deeply locking in your frequency to wealth that it is literally impossible for your income not to maintain (if not increase) every single month no matter what you do.

ALL of this is what I stand for because this is real freedom. 

Otherwise, you’ve just created a fancy looking prison that has you stuck doing work you don’t really love because the high vibe carousel is spinning too fast for you to be able to jump off at this point.

Clients come to me almost daily with some version of “I invested a bunch of money in so-and-so’s system because they said that’s what I had to do to succeed” only to find out they hate the system and there’s nothing they’d like to do less than set it up.

And I don’t think that’s a waste of money at all, they got exactly what they needed from the investment even if it wasn’t what they wanted — they were invited back to soul to learn to really trust themselves, their desires and how they want to do things.

But, you could skip that lesson and just go straight to soul you know ;).

This is what I want for you more than anything.

I can say with complete certainty that my entire business is in total alignment — meaning my offers, the way I sell, the work I do, the clients I work with and my energy all match up in total alignment with my desires and truth.

That’s why they feel so good for me and work like magic.

Look at my marketing, how chill is it? There’s nothing about my email or content that feels like I’m in a traditional launch, because I’m not.

And yet soulmate clients sign up daily for my signature Get Paid Now program.

And yet soulmate clients get results daily in my signature Get Paid Now program.

But, how can that be without doing a video challenge, or a webinar, or hosting a telesummit, or having a three part launch sequence, or whatever is the hot new strategy the kids are selling these days?

Because my entire business is in alignment, I know my aligned blueprint for success, I’m committed to turning up the dial and getting 2% better every day and all that compounds into sustainable success and real freedom.

And if this calls to you…

If you’re soo done with all the systems out there that make you feel forced into being someone other than who you really are…

If you’re terrified of creating a business that exhausts you and putting in all this work to create something that’s 0% sustainable…

And what you want more than anything is to do your soul work, have money totally taken care of, create the impact you really desire and actually live free…

Then I’ve created my signature coaching program, Get Paid Now, specifically for you.

Yes there’s systems, structure and strategy set up in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow sequence. But, what these do is bolster your clarity and lead to confidence and then certainty.

And from the space of certainty you will already be getting paid, of course, but something even more powerful will be happening…you’ll learn what real alignment is and be able to take everything you’ve learned and turn it into your own aligned blueprint for success that is completely unique for you.

That’s why this program is so powerful and effective whether you’re brand new just wanting to book your first client or you’ve been doing this work for years but feel like you can’t break through to the next level of income and impact.

This is your opportunity to get all the foundational pieces locked in, discover alignment and scale in the way that feels amazing to you.

So that sales, income, impact, all of it can increase daily while you continue to feel more at ease, more at peace and freer than ever.

Does this call to you?

Do you feel the resonance of your soul saying yes with every word?

Then I’d love to share this truly unique system with you and personally guide you to discover and design your own aligned blueprint for success that’s completely unique for you.

Get all the details for my signature Get Paid Now program for soul led entrepreneurs now, here >>

And save $800 with special pricing + an easy extended pay plan for a limited time.

The better it gets, the better it keeps on getting.

And the easier it gets, the easier it keeps on getting.

This is what I’m ready to share with you.

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The Power of Turning Up the Dial Daily

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