Way back in 2014 I started this business over on Facebook because honestly…I was lonely.

I had big dreams but no one I knew in real life thought anything like me, so I started hanging out in FB groups where people were having the conversations I really wanted to be having.

In an instant I was connected to a global community of people who wanted more and I loved it.

Over the years I’ve watched lots change on social media, platforms come and go, algorithms do whatever they do, and at the end of the day, I didn’t care because the platforms have never been my source…my soul is my source.

The same is still true.

I don’t think Facebook is going anywhere yet, but the vibe is changing, don’t get me started on the censorship and I’ve been staying very aware of diversifying my business in new ways.

>> My Pinterest account just hit 540K monthly viewers.

>> We’re upping my press features and my first magazine article will be coming out soon.

>> And finishing my book gives me unlimited new avenues to expand into.

No matter what platform I’m using, I will succeed, it’s just who I am. And this is available for you too.

If you are fully dependent on Facebook in order to have a business, I want to invite you to consider starting to diversify.

That’s why in my signature Get Paid Now Academy my team and I personally support my clients in expanding their reach and diversifying their business across multiple platforms (without a bunch of additional work) because you never want to be dependent on one platform.

And let’s get real, none of us started a soul led business with the intention of getting Facebook famous or being an Instagram ‘It Girl’.

We’re starting these businesses because we have a message we believe in, work that must come through us and we know that it’s for the greater good of the entire world (including ourselves) for us to get this work out there.

I don’t care if you’re a coach, musician, course creator, makeup artist, it doesn’t matter. 

What matters is you have work you believe in and you want to take your business online, grow and scale it to reach more, serve more and sell more.

I originally created Get Paid Now to help my community be able to create cash fast at the start of covid when so many people were losing jobs and needing to find a new way to create an income immediately.

That’s why I set Get Paid Now up for you to be able to get paid within the first 3 steps of this powerful 10 step system.

Those first 3 steps focus on you getting crystal clear on your big vision, creating your ‘must have’ messaging for your business and getting out there and helping your soulmate clients right now and letting them pay you for it.

From here you can grow an audience, scale and build the freedom filled business you desire, BUT…none of that happens without being able to do these first three pieces.

When I saw the downright freaking magical results that my clients were creating in the Get Paid Now Academy like $106,851 in just 6 weeks!! I knew we had tapped into something special.

This program was meant to just be 10 weeks long, but with results like that and the most supportive, loving community I’ve ever been a part of and the fact that we’re still in a freaking pandemic…I couldn’t close it.

If anything, people need this work now even more than they did back when I created it in March, so I did the obvious thing… 

And turned Get Paid Now into a full blown Academy including:

  • Ongoing 2x monthly LIVE coaching calls with me to get personalized support where you need it most
  • Monthly LIVE copywriting calls where you can personally submit your copy, sales pages, email, posts, etc. to my conversion copywriter and she reviews them live on the call with you
  • Personalized support from my lead coach or I with any questions or copy in our exclusive Facebook group
  • Bonus guest expert trainings on Pinterest, video presence, hypnotherapy and more
  • Complimentary access 9 (count them) bonus courses to help you master the areas you need support the most ($4,450 in value)
  • FREE access to my Surrender Into Success program (a $2,000+ value) which is closed for the year, so this is the only way to get access
  • FREE access to my ‘Have It All’ book chapters first
  • FREE access to every single course, program, or training I create for the next YEAR (yes, I’m a bad b*tch and you’re welcome)
  • And more (check out the sales page for all the deets)

AND…I’m so excited to announce that my freaking, rockstar publicist that has helped me lock in more press features and influencer partnerships than I can count will be doing a LIVE guest expert training for you soon!

All that in addition to the initial 10 core trainings where my clients are consistently, on repeat getting paid by step 3.

It’s safe to say that it doesn’t really matter what happens with Facebook or any social media platform down the road — this community is innovative, resilient and will always rise to the top.

Yeah our community space is still on Facebook, but if I find something better, I’ll move it in an instant.

The truth is…I had no intention of creating Get Paid Now when I came into 2020 but the events of this year inspired me to take everything I knew from almost a decade of helping others create highly profitable online businesses and make it accessible and usable now.

2020 has been fucking weird, but it led me to create the most powerful, results oriented space I didn’t even realize both you and me wanted and needed — and for that, I’m grateful.

That’s where I stand.

My #1 focus above all of this is to connect you back to the infinite power that resides within you, because from there you will know that no matter what happens in the world, on social media, any of it…that you will always rise above.

Does this call to you?

Would you freaking LOVE to have this level of support, guidance, community, connection in an ongoing live container that helps you succeed no matter what’s going on in the world??

Have you been thinking about joining Get Paid Now Academy for awhile now and aren’t willing to leave this year without saying yes to your soul and getting yourself into this space??

Then this is your official invitation.

Due to the hands-on nature of this work, I’m only opening 15 spaces at this time to join the Get Paid Now Academy.

And when you join by November 15th (or before the spaces sell out) I’m going to double your time in this powerful, LIVE container from just 6 months to a full year.

Meaning you’re going to dance, play and up level your way to all your big dreams and goals all the way through 2021 with me, rockstar 😉

Get all the details here: https://tolivingfree.com/gpn

Once you’ve looked over the details (or if you already know one of these 15 spaces is meant for you) then click one of the buttons on the sales page to message me directly and let me know you want in.

I’ll personally be in touch soon with the current pricing, all the epic bonuses, to answer any questions and send you the sign up link to get a full year in this space for the price of 6 months.

Get the details, a glimpse of the insane client results and claim one of the limited spaces here: https://tolivingfree.com/gpn

Only 15 spaces available and once they’re gone, enrollment closes.

If this calls to you, don’t wait.

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