Hey Rockstar,
I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm

Founder of ToLivingFree, Intuitive Coach and Life Adventurer and I've been helping visionaries, like you, reconnect to SOUL, Create Your Reality and Live FREE since 2014 so you can become the most successful, influential and positively impactful version of you. Sound good? Let's begin!

I started my now empire back in 2014 with nothing more than a dream and quickly grew it to 6-figures in just 6 months (after only earning $7,000 the previous year as a yoga instructor). Now I consistently make 6-figures a MONTH doing my soul work, from ease and flow, baby.

Everyone else is out there hustling, planning, and strategizing their way into exhaustion while my clients and I are doing the real work, the soul work that deeply aligns you with all you desire (and more) now, impacting millions and making millions. No matter where you're at, if you know you're meant to start a revolution, change the world and be paid for your presence -- then this is for you. Let's begin.

I gracefully blend the systems, structure and strategy of highly successful businesses with energetic alignment work and ancient technologies to create a truly cutting edge system of transformation, prosperity and impact.

 I help you hear your soul's message and create real FREEDOM in all areas now.

You're not like everyone else, so stop trying to push your way to your goals. You're meant to unleash ALL of who you really are, unapologetically, and be paid for it. It might be scary but it will also set you free, and that's what you want most.

The work we do works for the visionary no matter where you're at on your journey. Money becomes easy. You always and only say yes to your soul. You attract incredible conscious relationships. You design the body and lifestyle of your dreams. And you have complete freedom to grow, evolve, change your mind and just be ALL of who you know you're meant to be. You live in a space of total certainty and you're finally free. Now is your time!

We're Starting A Revolution

I've been in your shoes. I know exactly how it feels to not only want more but to KNOW in every ounce of your being that you're meant for something so much bigger than what your life looks like. Not just that, but deep down you know you're kind of a big deal, at least you're supposed to be, and you're also meant to change the world, and well, be paid quite well just for being you. And at your core, no matter what things look like right now you know you'll do what it takes, until it takes, to get there.

Am I right? How do I know? Because I'm exactly the same as you and I've been in your shoes. In so many ways I'm a small town (ok more like no town) country girl who grew up in the middle of nowhere but always knew in every cell of my being that I wasn't just meant for success but to be a global leader with the income and positive impact to match. I've felt the fear of not being where I wanted to be, I was so hard on myself for years, the push, the hustle, the not having the money but also not letting it stop me.

There's an epidemic of visionaries who are meant to be leading the world but are stuck in their own bullshit instead. I'm not saying it's not scary, but love, the brave will inherit the earth. And you're braver than you're letting on. The thing I didn't realize when I used to push so hard and believe that sacrifice was required to succeed is that your net worth is in direct relation to your self worth. And that when you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. I learned the hard way and I'm not available for another visionary to leave this world with her light still inside of her. Meaning IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP, set yourself free, be ALL of you and get paid for your presence. Are you ready for it? Let's get on to the real work, the soul work and then world domination. Sound good? Good.

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"I just love the space you've created Jess! It's epic, and magical and it's shown me the possibilities!"

Jessica is absolutely magical and her energy is contagious! Not even six weeks after enrolling in the Academy I made back my entire investment and attracted a 1:1 client without even marketing my 1:1 packages. She has helped me discover my inner source of alignment and hone my intuitive ability to attract abundance in all areas of my life and business. And I'll be forever grateful to her for helping me unleash my inner badass boss babe.

- Kristie Lammi -

"I've tripled my income in just 2 months!"

It’s been amazing! It’s like a constant stream of information, support and uplevelling in mindset and results in business. I’ve got clearer on my message, increased my coaching prices twice and tripled my income in the last 2 months. And Jessica helped me take action on buying a home (which I LOVE) instead of just thinking about it! The academy gave me a space to move very quickly and I'll be staying for the year!

- Jen Harrison -

"Working with Jess not only transformed my business, it changed my life!"

I went from hustling for the occasional client to consistently attracting ideal clients. My income continues to climb every single week! I've been in other masterminds and coaching programs before but hands down the level of support that Jess gives is unmatched! Working with Jessica has been amazing. Not only has it transformed my business, working with her changed my life! 

- Nicole Santer -