There’s a super strange way that I’ve been budgeting for almost seven years now.

It’s unlike anything all the financial experts teach.

Honestly, it goes against pretty much all the rules the usual financial freedom gurus say are a must.

And yet it’s helped me earn more, grow my wealth, love my life and feel totally free around money.

Why does my approach work so much better than traditional budgeting? 

Because most traditional financial experts approach money as if it’s something there’s a limited supply of and the only way you’ll ever be happy and free is if you hold onto as much of it as possible and spend very little.

I believe there’s several flawed premises to this approach:

>> “Money is limited and you could run out.”

Money is a renewable resource, as long as you’re capable of creating more you can never run out because you can always just make/receive more. So why would I need to live in fear of running out?

>> “Saving is good and spending is bad.”

Neither are good or bad, it’s only the story you tell yourself about spending and saving that makes them one or the other. For me, both are good. So I enjoy both spending AND saving, it’s not an either/or experience.

Because I’m not afraid of running out of money and I feel free to both spend and save, I can flip budgeting on its head and do it in a way that feels truly expansive for me.

Here’s how I budget:

  1. I’m intimate with my finances and create my ‘base budget’ by taking the average of what I spend on areas like groceries, eating out and shopping combined with numbers that stay the same every month like our mortgage. For me my base expenses total up to about $38,000 a month.
  2. I then add on any additional purchases I want to make that month along with my investment and savings goals and the money I set aside for taxes. This gives me the total income amount required for the month.
  3. And one of my core beliefs is that “I always receive more than I spend and budget for”. Meaning I choose to receive excess above and beyond whatever the total number is from step 2 — this is overflow. And I love to carry this overflow into the next month so I’m always starting well on my way to my income goal by the first of the month. 

Approaching budgeting in this way creates such a sense of ease around my money goals for me.

Now, to be clear, if part way through the month I decide I want to make a purchase that’s not in my budget, I absolutely allow myself to do so because I believe “I always receive more than I spend and budget for”.

I expect my income to expand to meet my needs and desires.

What’s so different about this approach is that I expect my income to expand to match my needs and desires rather than editing down my needs and desires to match my income.

Do you see the difference?

This is one of the key reasons I’ve been able to keep growing my income year after year — by knowing my base budget, any other desired expenses and choosing that I will receive that + excess every month.

I know this might be way different than what you’ve been taught around budgeting — it’s not what I grew up with either.

But, this revolutionary approach has created real financial freedom for me. Not just in cash flow but also in the way I think and feel around money.

Because who cares how much you have if you still feel stressed about it all the time, right?

It might take a little practice but I’d love to share this expansive approach to money with you.

What I know to be true is that freedom around money is absolutely available for you too.

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How I Budget.

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