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For the last decade I’ve been the secret weapon that’s flipped the “never heard of them” to “she’s everywhere” in what feels like overnight. 

I’m guessing you’ve been playing small, undercharging and dancing around the edge of your greatness and it’s about time you claim what’s meant for you and step into the highly profitable + impactful vision beyond your dreams.

My clients have done all that and more with my straight to the soul coaching that shifts your blocks FAST and taps into the highest level, fierce, unstoppable you. Which is why so many of my clients now have 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses with the massive reach and lifestyle to match (and they’re only getting started). 

People will know who you are when I’m done with you and be lining up to pay for your presence.

Courses, coaching, books, doesn’t matter what you create, people just have to be around your straight from your soul energy -- the most attractive thing on this planet.

Straight to your soul coaching + energy and alignment work that launches you face first into your big goals. Your transformation is ready. Let’s begin.

Get instant access to this powerful FREE visualization and discover how to bring yourself into alignment with your dream life, tap into flow, magnetize opportunities, clients and cash to you and start feeling rich and living free now!

Powerful journaling is one of my biggest secrets to increase my income, impact and confidence. Get my top 25 journal prompts to go from stuck and spinning to totally clear and aligned and WRITE YOUR BIGGEST DREAMS INTO REALITY!

Journal Yourself Rich

5 Days to Cut the Crap, Step Into Your Next Level, Sell and Get Paid Like You’ve Already Made It! I mean this with so much love, but...your selling isn't working. Let's shift that ASAP!


The Millionaire Mirror Visualization

New Activation Workshop to unlock your truth, activate your full potential and return to your infinite state as a powerful creator to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and experience real freedom, now.

Reset to Soul

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Sell Like A Boss

Get Paid Now Academy

Ready to launch + scale your own soul led business?
Then the Get Paid Now Academy is for you. 
The comprehensive business + alignment academy to discover and turn your soul work into a highly profitable, freedom filled business that pays you for being YOU!

The Soul Led Prosperity Queen

My totally FREE Community filled with videos, audios and journal prompts!
Create success on your own terms. Be paid for being you. Live Free.

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FREE community, videos, audios, journal prompts and more!
Create success on your own terms. Be paid for being you. Live Free.

Free Community

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Let's Make Some Magic

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Master the energy of more money and freedom than you know what to do with in my signature money course.
Drop the struggle around money, once and for all, tap into the energetic and physical experience of financial freedom and decide that receiving cash every-single-day is just part of your natural state from here on.


Done with the hustle and ready to build a soul led business with ease and flow?
My Superflow self-study course is for you.
THE straight-to-your-soul 10 Day System to say goodbye to overwhelm and hustle and create your freedom filled business from alignment, ease and flow!

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Massive Money Manifestation

Create real freedom of time, money and mindset with a soul led business and life you love!

"A $23,500 month whilst being in more FLOW than ever before!"

Jessica is such a bright light and big believer in this world. If you're working "hard" and want to feel fully FREE, this is for you. Getting into FLOW and ALIGNMENT is now my number one priority in my business and it has shifted my ENERGY and how I attract clients, ideas and opportunities. While working with Jessica I got up to $23,500/month whilst being in more FLOW than ever before. I got hired to fly to Bali to meet a client and I had a $20k launch!

- SUSI Kaeufer -

"I felt a real life connection with Jessica from day one."

OMG where do I even start!? I have broken through on the feminine side of my business in a way I never knew possible. I have tapped into my spirituality and beliefs for the first time and have grown so much from that. I have Never before felt so loved and empowered in this way. I've connected at a soul level with Jess and the women in this space.

- Amie PedersoN -

"Working with Jessica changed my life!"

Every day she brings me into alignment and makes me remember who I really am. I was exhausted before working with her, now everything feels easy. She's a powerful woman, she sees you, she knows the magic you can create and there is really no excuses you can give her, she will see right through them. Within a few weeks of working with Jessica I had my first 30k/day!

- Sandra Denise -