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You’re not like everyone else, so stop trying to push your way to your goals. You're meant to unleash ALL of who you really are, unapologetically, and be paid for it. 

The work we do works no matter where you're at on your journey or what your business or art is. Coaches, artists, creatives, intuitives, healers, musicians, product based businesses and everything in between, it doesn’t matter — when you activate your soul brand Money Becomes Easy. Because money, impact and positive influence are just a natural side effect of you being you. 

Once you shift into only and always saying yes to your soul, well life says yes to you, of course. You attract incredible conscious relationships, design the body and lifestyle of your dreams and have complete freedom to grow, evolve, change your mind and just be ALL of who you know you're meant to be. You live in a space of total certainty and you're finally free. 

Now is your time.
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Get instant access to this powerful FREE visualization and discover how to bring yourself into alignment with your dream life, tap into flow, magnetize opportunities, clients and cash to you and start feeling rich and living free now!

Powerful journaling is one of my biggest secrets to increase my income, impact and confidence. Get my top 25 journal prompts to go from stuck and spinning to totally clear and aligned and WRITE YOUR BIGGEST DREAMS INTO REALITY!

Journal Yourself Rich

5 Days to Cut the Crap, Step Into Your Next Level, Sell and Get Paid Like You’ve Already Made It! I mean this with so much love, but...your selling isn't working. Let's shift that ASAP!


The Millionaire Mirror Visualization

Tap into pure consciousness, download answers to anything, and receive total certainty, opportunities and massive results like freaking magic. Superflow is the space where you’re tapped into pure consciousness and your life feels like magic.


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get access now!

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Self Study Courses + Programs

Sell Like A Boss

To Living Free Inner Circle

The 6-Month Mentorship for
Soul Led Entrepreneurs On the RISE! 
The To Living Free Inner Circle is a comprehensive, all inclusive business, lifestyle and spirituality mentorship that guides you in discovering and turning your soul work into a highly profitable, freedom filled business that pays you for being YOU! My clients are the happiest, most easily abundant versions of themselves and now it's your turn!

The To Living Free Community!

THE Energetic Incubator to Reset to SOUL, Tap Into Pure Alignment, Unleash Your Fullest Expression, Be Paid for Your Presence and Change the WORLD, Now! LIFETIME ACCESS to a Powerful Energetic Incubator, Exclusive Vault of My Best Trainings, Resources, Audios and Guides AND An Epic Community of Like Minded Visionaries to Support and Celebrate You Every Step of the Way In Creating the Soul Led Business and Living the Life of Your Dreams!

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New Activation Workshop to unlock your truth, activate your full potential and return to your infinite state as a powerful creator to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and experience real freedom, now.

Reset to Soul

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Live Coaching

Opens in february

6 Week Intensive in My Highest Level of Coaching!
Your Up Level is Waiting

A powerful space for the visionary woman who’s ready to unlock her full potential, create a life and business on her terms, be paid for her presence and refuse to be anything except ALL of who she really is!

"A $23,500 month whilst being in more FLOW than ever before!"

Jessica is such a bright light and big believer in this world. If you're working "hard" and want to feel fully FREE, this is for you. Getting into FLOW and ALIGNMENT is now my number one priority in my business and it has shifted my ENERGY and how I attract clients, ideas and opportunities. While working with Jessica I got up to $23,500/month whilst being in more FLOW than ever before. I got hired to fly to Bali to meet a client and I had a $20k launch!

- SUSI Kaeufer -

"I felt a real life connection with Jessica from day one."

OMG where do I even start!? I have broken through on the feminine side of my business in a way I never knew possible. I have tapped into my spirituality and beliefs for the first time and have grown so much from that. I have Never before felt so loved and empowered in this way. I've connected at a soul level with Jess and the women in this space.

- Amie PedersoN -

"Working with Jessica changed my life!"

Every day she brings me into alignment and makes me remember who I really am. I was exhausted before working with her, now everything feels easy. She's a powerful woman, she sees you, she knows the magic you can create and there is really no excuses you can give her, she will see right through them. Within a few weeks of working with Jessica I had my first 30k/day!

- Sandra Denise -