Consider, what would it look like to fully back yourself? What would it look like to finally give yourself permission to be ALL of who you really are, unapologetically? I find consistently that the areas where we feel frustrated, are energetically spinning thinking about the same situation over and over again…are the ones where we’re […]

Back Yourself and Stop Self Abandoning For Good

When’s the last time you got quiet and tuned into your heart, your soul and your highest state? How much of your life are you spending overwhelmed by the details, the busy work, the you you’re “supposed” to be and all the things you’re “supposed to do”? But, if you got really honest with yourself […]

Your destiny is calling.

You’re ready to receive more money right? But, it’s just not happening in the way you would like it to and it seems almost like there’s some block or obstacle there that you just can’t put your finger on. And you’re not wrong! When it comes to receiving more money two things happen: 1. Any […]

Ready to Receive More? Clear These 2 Blocks Today.

There’s a limiting belief going around as we get closer to the holidays that goes something like this… I had an ah ha today while journaling on one of my favorite questions… “What if I let myself be all of who I really am?” I feel so deeply connected to others, I believe that we […]

You’re not normal, stop pretending.