Let’s get real and honest here for just a minute. It’s only you and me, that’s the beautiful thing about communicating in this way, right? What would it look like to only choose the fuck yes’s in your life and say goodbye to all the good enoughs and maybes?  You get to be completely open […]

**Warning** Say goodbye to your comfort zone

I want to touch on a topic today that I see plague so many creative entrepreneurs…making your business profitable. Not just making money, but starting a business that you freaking love, that fills you up and fuels you AND that provides all the financial abundance that you could ever desire or require. Sounds pretty magical […]

The TRUTH about successful people online.

Let me tell you a quick story… A few years ago at the beginning of 2017 we’d just built our first home and honestly, I was a little exhausted after the holidays, lots of travel and having been so focused on growing my business for the last three years straight. I just wanted to relax, […]

A love letter to my soulmate client

When’s the last time you felt pure joy? Even just a moment where it felt like everything was right, your mind wasn’t rushing trying to figure everything out. You weren’t obsessed with achieving the next goal, you just felt…still. Complete. Totally at peace. If you’re anything like me up to this year, you probably have […]

I was gripped by fear (even after hitting my goals).