When’s the last time you felt pure joy?

Even just a moment where it felt like everything was right, your mind wasn’t rushing trying to figure everything out. You weren’t obsessed with achieving the next goal, you just felt…still. Complete. Totally at peace.

If you’re anything like me up to this year, you probably have to think for a second to remember because it feels like that underlying sense of “go faster, do more, you’re not there yet” is always just under the surface.

I would get glimpses of the stillness and total tranquility in the moments when my breath was taken away by something beautiful in nature. A sunset, a mountain vista, or when I was around animals.

But in between those times, the fear of not being enough, doing enough was always under the surface.

Even after I started my business back in 2014 and felt more aligned with my soul work than ever up to that point, the constant “this isn’t enough yet” was still there haunting me.

Even after I had my first 10k cash month beginning of 2014, and then earned 6-figures over the next 6 months, it was still there letting me know I wasn’t “there” yet and if I didn’t stay focused I would never get there or that someone else was better than me because they’d done more, earned more, achieved more.

Even after I sold out my first group program in 2015 with 26 soulmate clients with total ease (I was shooting for 25) I still felt the presence of fear and anxiety just under the surface.

And all of this got worse than ever at the beginning of 2016 when my income was up to $40k a month and Luke and I had just bought and built our dream home and yet I felt more afraid, more lost, more pressure than ever.

I am living proof that achievement alone will never set you free.

I am living proof that if you’re creating and growing a business from fear that you may indeed make money and experience success, but it will never bring real satisfaction or fulfillment because just minutes after you achieve your latest goal the fear will start to creep in that you might lose it all and if you don’t keep up the hustle it will all go away.

I would estimate that most entrepreneurs out there live in some state of this fear. Creating from fear, marketing from fear, selling from fear because our ego has convinced us that if we don’t we will lose it all.

Let me propose something different…

Let me propose that our addiction to fear isn’t keeping us safe at all but actually creating an experience of hell right here on earth.

Let me propose that you will never feel free while still letting fear run the show.

Let me propose that the massive success, wealth, impact you crave are actually so much easier, more attainable, more fun when you shift to love instead of fear.

And the deep sense of fulfillment, abundance, total bliss, connection and divine communion with at least daily miracles that you’re really craving will never show up while fear is running the show.

This isn’t some happy greeting card telling you to “choose love over fear”. This is YOUR LIFE.

I now choose to be a fierce force of love on this planet.

I now choose to support those who are ready in discovering their real soul’s purpose, their soul work and turning it into a highly profitable, abundant and energizing experience of love.

Because choosing love has set me free.

Choosing love started giving me moments, then minutes, then hours of total peace this year where I finally felt totally free. Where the voice of fear and ego were just…gone.

Choosing love has transformed my life, my business, my work, my finances, my relationship, everything.

And now it’s your turn.

I was gripped by fear (even after hitting my goals).

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Hey Rockstar! I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, visionary, self-made millionaire and intuitive entrepreneur and I'm here to help you remember who you are and become all of it, now. Let's get started.



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