Let’s get real and honest here for just a minute.

It’s only you and me, that’s the beautiful thing about communicating in this way, right?

What would it look like to only choose the fuck yes’s in your life and say goodbye to all the good enoughs and maybes? 

You get to be completely open and honest with yourself, there’s nowhere to hide when it’s just you and you taking a minute with your thoughts and your truth.

We all know that deep down, it’s why people are so good at numbing the fuck out and ignoring everything that’s actually really vitally important to them.

Numbing out with tv, food, even numbing out with the habit of being busy so they don’t have to face the fact that they are SETTLING EVERYWHERE.

They’ve made settling their super talent until the lines begin to blur and they can’t even fully remember who they are or what they desire because they’ve been pushing their real feelings down for so long and talking themselves into believing the lie that this good enough experience is actually what they want.

It’s not. It’s not what you want, it’s not what you were designed for and it’s downright boring and suffocating if we’re being honest.

The slow constriction of stuffing down who you really are for fear that it’s too much, too over the top, will ruffle too many feathers if not just straight up piss people up. And that’s far too scary, that could lead to being all alone, ostracized, kicked out of the safe space, and so it’s a much better idea to just keep letting days, weeks, months, maybe all of 2019 go by without ever really taking the deep breath of truth that has been trying so hard to get into your lungs but you just keep pushing it away, blocking it with so much goddamn fear.

Afraid afraid afraid.

The self created fear is stealing your life from you and it’s ALL a choice. The fear is a choice. Good enough is a choice. Shrinking, hiding, skirting aside is a choice.

Who do you think you will be when you “make” it?

How do you think you’ll feel? How will you look? Dress? Speak? Go into every single detail and stare it square in the eye and then realize ALL of it is available now. ALL OF IT.

What are you waiting for?? More money? More success? More whatever thing you have told yourself is required so you feel safe enough to just UNLEASH your badass soul and message into the world?

This is the recipe for a long, slow, death of your soul as you lock it away in a cage deep down somewhere for someday.

This is the perfect formula to never actually “make” it in the first place.

Because the way to the life of your wildest dreams is to LIVE IT NOW. Now now now now now now now.

I don’t care if you’re scared, I don’t care if it feels overwhelming, shakes you up, freaks you out, with all the love in the world welcome to the club and get the fuck over it if you REALLY WANT what you’re saying you want.

The watered down, barely a smolder left in what’s meant to be your red hot fiery soul isn’t going to get you anywhere and you know it.

Worst of all it feels like shit because you know you’re faking it. You’ve chosen to believe some lie that says you should just be happy with the good enough but the truth is you can’t stand the idea of giving into that nonsense one minute longer. And it is nonsense.

Humans are storytellers, it’s one of our greatest strengths, unless the story we’re telling ourselves is keeping us trapped in a made up lie and then it’s a slow painful death of soul.

So let me suggest something different…stop being realistic.

Stop listening to normal people. Stop trying to do life, business, money like people who aren’t very freaking good at it and carve out your own path to greatness.

How? By being who you would be if you were ALREADY THERE.

Feel scary? Triggering? But how?

You know you’re meant to be great, right? This is your invitation to remember that YOU ALREADY ARE.

You already have everything you possibly need to live the life of your wildest dreams. You have the ability, the determination, the drive, your unique blueprint to greatness is in your soul right now and ready for you to UNLEASH it and stop shoving it down.

This is why you’re here. This is why you’re reading this right now. This is who you’ve always been deep down and the only way you’ll ever really feel free, by letting ALL of this out.

Fuck fear. If it’s a legit reason to be afraid like a lion in your living room, alright. But enough of being afraid of being YOU.


The line gets to be drawn in the sand now and I’m putting out my hand and inviting you to STEP OVER.

So what are you going to do? Finish reading this and get on with your day and pretend this wasn’t written specifically to you as a message straight from your own soul?

Go back to numbing out in all the ways you know you have been with all your favorite distractions?

Or say enough? Enough of living a fraction of what you’re capable of and enough of one more day going by that isn’t you being ALL OF YOU.

The choice is always yours and true freedom and greatness are always available now.

So what’s it going to be?

I’d say it’s time to EXPAND right past your boring AF comfort zone, wouldn’t you?

**Warning** Say goodbye to your comfort zone

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Hey Rockstar! I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, visionary, self-made millionaire and intuitive entrepreneur and I'm here to help you remember who you are and become all of it, now. Let's get started.



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