I want to touch on a topic today that I see plague so many creative entrepreneurs…making your business profitable.

Not just making money, but starting a business that you freaking love, that fills you up and fuels you AND that provides all the financial abundance that you could ever desire or require.

Sounds pretty magical right? A straight up unicorn of a life. And it’s absolutely possible, but here’s the issue…

Too many women are treating their businesses like the white knight they want to come sweep them off their feet and ride off into the sunset with. We want our businesses to be highly profitable, give us fulfillment, not take up too much time, oh…and we’d like this all NOW, thank you very much.

It’s like going on a first date and having your list out with everything you need that person to be in order to be the perfect partner…”yeah so you’ll need to make this much money a month, you’ll need to be able to take me to these luxurious destinations, only take up this much of my time, ideally take me to really high vibe parties, fulfill me in every way, give purpose to my life, oh and I assume you have a yacht”.

Can you imagine how quickly your date would be out the door?

Have you considered that this is exactly what you’re doing to your business? Putting ALL the heavy lifting on it to get its shit together ASAP and provide this list of things for you now, thank you very much.

Now I’m not saying that your business can’t be all of this and more — so fulfilling, soul expanding, of immense service in the world, highly profitable, freedom filled, girl you KNOW I stand behind all of that, but…


Your business isn’t your white knight to sweep you off your feet and ride you off into the sunset.

Your business is a facet of you that’s co-creating with the universe.

And if your business isn’t profitable (or highly profitable) yet then do you think putting pressure on it day in and day out to “make some money already” is the energy that’s going to open up the river of wealth to flow through you and therefore your business?

Or do you think that being in the relaxed energy of “I will do what it takes until it takes because I know I will succeed” might be a little more effective?

I mean, be honest with yourself, can you say that you have gone all in with your business?

Have you taken the aligned actions you know need to be taken, daily, for as long as it takes? If you don’t have the results you desire yet then keep taking them.

Have you made the aligned investments you know need to be made? Have you hired the coach you KNOW you resonate with so much and need to hire? Have you invested in the systems or team member you KNOW your business needs?

OR have you been coming from the space of doing all those things once your business makes money?

Are you putting all the heavy lifting on your business without doing your part to support it in growing from infancy to adolescence to being a full fledged superstar?

I can hear the cries in protest already “But I don’t have the money to invest in my business right now! I can’t hire the coach I know I need to hire until I make money”. Or fill in the blank with whatever thing you know needs to happen in your business for it to be profitable that you’re not doing.

Guess what? Neither did I.

I’m not a trust fund baby, my business was funded by waiting tables, cleaning houses, answering phones and credit cards.

I was available to do what it takes until it takes no matter how much I didn’t want to clean up dirty dishes for business guys at lunch, scrub toilets, be yelled at by strangers as a receptionist or max out credit cards. WHATEVER! All of it was temporary, I had a mission and I was staying the course.

I mean in my first year of this business here’s what I invested in coaching alone:
– $5,000 for my first coach
– Then $10,000 for my first inner circle (You can get into my Inner Circle right now for half that btw here).
– And then $12,000 for a higher level version of the same inner circle

That’s in the first year!! Not including systems, structures and team members. I also made close to $200,000 that year after only earning $7,000 the year before.

What changed? I shifted into the woman who would do what it takes until it takes in every area in order to get to where I knew I was meant to be. And I STILL had a side job for the first 5 months of that year to pay for everything in my business until it became profitable.

UNTIL IT BECAME PROFITABLE. It wasn’t my business’s job to pay my bills, it was mine until it became profitable, however long that took. Does that make sense?

What’s fascinating is if you start any other business you go out and get a business loan or you keep your job and use it to fund the business as it’s getting up and going and profitable.

BUT there’s this myth out there that starting your own online business is how you get rich overnight with no blood, sweat or tears and it is a MYTH.

Yes it’s freaking incredible what you can create for such a low investment with online business and coaching compared to starting pretty much any other business in the entire world. But the issue is a bunch of people who really don’t have what it takes to have their own business think it’s a great option to “get rich quick” and “live the freedom life” and expect it all to just work for them without them ever working for it.

It doesn’t work like that.

I started my business right along with some of the now most successful women online back in 2014 and I saw exactly what it took to create 6, then 7 and even multi 7-figure businesses.

We ALL dealt with struggle, fear, holy fuck is this ever going to really work moments over and over again until it clicked and hit its tipping point.

I’ve had so many of these fellow rockstars as friends, mastermind partners and even clients and they all had MONTHS where things weren’t working, everyone was saying no, no one was signing up, and from the outside it looked like offers were bombing.

Keep in mind it even took me the first 5 months of 2014 to sell more than 2, $50 sessions! And that was after spending at least the prior year (if not two) trying to get multiple other businesses up and running from being a private yoga teacher, personal trainer, diet tea business, purse business, health coaching, on and on.

And I was often serving tables and cleaning houses along with trying to launch these businesses to make enough money to stay the course and discover my soul work and make it profitable.

I was even still answering phones as a receptionist on the side when I sold my first $5,000 coaching package back in 2014.

I’m not telling you all this to scare you or say this is how it has to be, I’ve had clients make $5k even $10k in their first month of coaching, but this was almost always coupled with an all in mentality and at least $5k investment and who knows what their journey looked like up to that point.

I’m not saying it needs to take this long or be this difficult, I’m just saying that ALL of us who are now crushing it had one thing in common — we were committed to DOING WHAT IT TAKES UNTIL IT TAKES.

We were willing to set our pride aside for our soul work and take out another credit card, borrow from family, pick up another side job, whatever was needed (even though it scared the hell out of us) because we KNEW we were meant for more and we were going all in and not giving up.

So, my love, that’s my question for you today…

Can you say that you’re really ALL IN on your business?

Are you willing to do what it takes until it takes even if that means picking up a side job, taking out a credit card, working at the coffee shop, cleaning houses, whatever until your passion is profitable?

Or are you going to keep throwing money at quick fixes and someone else’s “6 step system to make a bajillion dollars overnight”? Which is bullshit by the way because I know the people who make bajillions of dollars and none of them did it overnight.

I’m not saying you have to go into debt or do some side job you hate to be successful, but I do think you have to be willing to if it were required. Meaning you would do whatever it takes until it takes because you believe so much in what you’re doing, what you’re meant for that you will fight the dragon, even look like a fool at times to make sure that your dream stays alive and comes into fruition because it must, you are available for nothing else.

Believe me, it did not feel good when after college all my friends were becoming doctors and scientists and moving up in the world and I was scrubbing toilets. Yeah it can be tough on the ego, but I KNEW I was meant for more, for something totally different and I would do what it took until it all clicked.

Stop letting your pride stop you from moving toward your greatness.

Stop expecting your business to save you and get out there and co-create with the universe as an open conduit of love instead of an ego filled entrepreneur who needs her business to succeed so she feels like one of the “cool girls” online.

And get real and honest with yourself about what your business actually needs to be successful right now, who you need to be showing up as and where you need to be investing.

And if you know you need real, legit, down-to-earth and honest expert guidance from a master coach and loving ass kicking to get real results in your soul led business then get yourself into my Inner Circle and let’s do the damn thing.

But if you’re wanting some sugar coated, quick fix to make a bajillion dollars overnight without the universe requiring you to at least be available to go all in, you’re delusional.

I know what it takes to be really fucking successful in a grounded way that positively influences every aspect of your life.

I know what it takes to make big money, consistently online with 72 CONSECUTIVE 5 and even 6-figure months under my belt and a list of clients who are the who’s who of the online world.

I see you for exactly who you are, the most powerful, unstoppable, visionary version of you and I’ll take you back to your core within minutes so you can drop all the pretense, ego and pride that’s kept you stuck and unleash your full on badass queen into the world unapologetically.

That’s how I roll.

Anything less than this is a made up business fairytale that girls pass around while waiting to be saved by a prince. News flash, he’s not coming, you don’t need to be saved, and it’s time to put on your big girl britches and step up as the Queen of your own damn life.

Shift into that energy and you’ll be unstoppable.

And if you need a little loving ass kicking to LIVE in that space of power going forward, get yourself into the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is the exact work that took me from stuck and broke to 6-figures in 6 months and has grown my business every year since.

If you’re ready to go all in, this is for you + save $1500 when you join the Inner Circle before the month ends >> http://tolivingfree.com/innercircle

You’re a Queen and it’s time to own it.

The TRUTH about successful people online.

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