When’s the last time you got quiet and tuned into your heart, your soul and your highest state?

How much of your life are you spending overwhelmed by the details, the busy work, the you you’re “supposed” to be and all the things you’re “supposed to do”?

But, if you got really honest with yourself you KNOW that’s not what you’re meant to be spending your life on right?

There’s something so much bigger that it’s almost difficult to put words to it.

You know you’re here to have a big impact on this planet.

Really, when you get quiet and honest with yourself you know you’re meant to have an incredible life and want for nothing while also powerfully evolving consciousness and making this planet a better place.

But, you feel so crazy sometimes with your big ideas, big dreams and desires, big vision and you’re so tired of feeling judged.

Here’s the thing…we ARE the crazy ones, we are different and that’s ok. We’re not meant to fit in, we’re meant to stand out, to shine, to lead.

Not everyone is going to accept you for who you really are, but as long as you will accept yourself then it will all work out perfectly.

So this is your invitation from one visionary to another to stop thinking like everyone else, stop acting like them, stop bending yourself in all sorts of contortions to fit in.

Stop dimming who you really are in order to stay relatable to the masses!

You have destiny that is meant to be lived in this lifetime and this is your wakeup call to stop putting it on the back burner in your life for some time in the future.

Sometime in the future when you have it all figured out…

When you have more time, more money, more clarity, whatever it is that you think is the thorn in your side keeping you from where and who you’re meant to be.

The thorn is a self created ILLUSION that you have devised to give you permission to stay stuck!

Cut it out, enough. I’m here to shake you up, wake you up and bring you back to your truth which has been beating away here inside your heart all along. 

Do not wait another day, do not dim your light another moment, set yourself free – for you’re the only one who really can.

Yes it’s going to be scary, it’s going to trigger you, stretch you and feel uncomfortable at times. But it doesn’t have to come with struggle or sacrifice, it comes instead with the opportunity to expand.

Expand. Expand. Expand.

And really, the fear that you’ll feel (that you may feel right now) you know it’s not really real anyway. It’s just a figment of your imagination, the part of you who actually believes you’re limited and mere mortal. But, you know better.

You know deep down you are infinite. Unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with.

You also know that whatever you set your mind to will be done and that’s just simply how it gets to be.

If you’re being honest with yourself you haven’t really been setting your mind to what you really desire lately, you’ve just been keeping yourself busy with the second guessing and busy work.

You know it’s time to really decide that your life now gets to be a full expression of you fully expressed.

And this message was written in part by your soul who needed it spoken clearly, powerfully, straight to you today so that you can get on with living your destiny and being the legend you were born to be.

To release the chain and shackles you’ve wrapped yourself up into thinking it would keep you safe and to fully step into your power from this moment on.

With the words of Joan of Arc guiding you powerfully forward…”I am not afraid, I was born for this” you feel the deep resonance in your soul, your heart, your gut that yes you were indeed born for a moment just like this and now you will powerfully step forward whole at last.

Free at last.

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There’s a reason your soul brought you here, to this message today written by a soul led CEO with almost a decade of success stories that mirror back to you what’s possible when you stop trying to be like everyone else and give yourself full permission to be all of you, now.

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This is to living free.

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And if you feel called I can’t wait to hear from you and to have you join me in this conscious freedom revolution that your soul has been calling you to.

I see you and it’s time to set yourself free.

Unleash it all, starting now.

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