There’s a limiting belief going around as we get closer to the holidays that goes something like this…

I had an ah ha today while journaling on one of my favorite questions…

“What if I let myself be all of who I really am?”

I feel so deeply connected to others, I believe that we all are one, and yet I feel so different as well.

There’s something different about how powerfully I make decisions, there’s something different in the way I show up, the consistency I show up with, the power I bring to every area of my life.

I demand the best in every area – that’s all I’m available for.

I expect to have the best body of my life, to be stronger, fitter, leaner, more flexible than ever even though I’m 35 and not 25.

I expect my relationship with my husband to keep being more deeply connected, more soulmate, more turned on, attractive, sexy, and powerful now after having been together almost 13 years than it was in the beginning.

I expect my business to just keep reaching more, inspiring more, waking up more people and having a bigger positive impact every single day while my income just keeps growing and scaling as well.

AND…for all of this to just keep getting easier, more automatic and locked in.

I decide how my life gets to be and I expect that it just gets to be that way because I decided it, no matter what anyone else thinks or what society says is possible.

So yeah, I’m different.

And I’ve been afraid of claiming this because I’ve been shamed at times by people I love for “thinking I’m better”. But, with all the love in the world, I am better at a lot of things than a lot of people.

It’s not because I’m more worthy, we’re all divinely, equally worthy and we all have infinite potential. But, I’ve done something with my potential daily since I was born.

And there’s lots of people who are better than me in a lot of areas as well because they’ve practiced and mastered their own areas.

But, I’m not just the girl next door, I’m not normal, I’m driven AF and I have been since some of my earliest memories

The thing is I know I’m not alone and I know there’s so many driven, brilliant souls on this planet who know they’re meant for greatness as well. Those who will do what it takes until it takes.

And these are the people I’m meant to work with because you get it. 

You get what it’s like to be different, to never give up, to want more and not judge it and to be 0% interested in fitting in because you’ve never been normal once in your life and you’re sure as hell not starting now.

The rebels, visionary leaders and soul led CEO’s is who I’m here to inspire, wake up, shake up, empower and celebrate as you break another personal record and hit your goals over and over again (of course) — because that’s just what you do.

I’m here to show you what’s possible, that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or who others think you are…you’re meant for greatness.

You’re meant to be one of the most successful, impactful, well known leaders of your time and greatly compensated for it, thank you very much.

You are a big deal, your work matters and it’s time to stop treating it like some side hustle or hobby, to walk through the fire, let go of all the bullshit that’s no longer serving you and step up as the leader you’re meant to be.

I’m just a small town country girl from the middle of nowhere, but there’s a fire, determination and grit in me that’s unparalleled…

And if you’ve got it too, then I’m the mentor for you.

It’s time to break some rules, unleash your soul work and be paid simply for being all of you.

Are you ready for it?

My work isn’t just another course you pop like jelly beans and never really do anything with…

My work is transformative, wake you up, shake you up to the truth of your soul and let out the powerful woman who’s been waiting inside.

This work will stretch you, I’m going to push you outside of your comfort zone and the investment for this work must match the energetic incubator it provides.

Everyone else can get back to being normal, but not you and I.

Let’s rise.

You’re not normal, stop pretending.

About Jess


Hey Rockstar! I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, visionary, self-made millionaire and intuitive entrepreneur and I'm here to help you remember who you are and become all of it, now. Let's get started.



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