It’s ok to forget sometimes who you are. It’s ok to second guess, think you broke it all or that you’re broken, it’s ok.

It’s ok to be human, wildly, completely human with all the emotions, feelings, highs and lows to match.

It’s ok.

Just be sure to look for the signs, messages, and gifts around every corner inviting you back to the truth.

The truth is you are downright magical, you are infinitely loved, you are honored, celebrated, supported, and invited to expand in every moment.

The truth is you will never be alone, not even if you tried.

The truth is everything really is working out for you and the better it gets the better it keeps on getting.

It’s messages like this that I too sometimes need to hear when I feel alone, scared, afraid, or catch myself second guessing and wondering if everything really is working out for me.

Because there’s times when all of this can feel really hard for a moment until we remember.

And that’s the whole reason I’ve created my new Inner Circle, my highest level coaching mastermind, to create a powerful incubator that covers every area that I know makes a real difference in the lives of conscious visionaries like you, including:

>> Personalized Support and Guidance (no one-size-fits all formulas!)

>> Instant Access to Every Training + Resource so you can create momentum FAST

>> Community is VITAL! I’ve seen it over and over again, private coaching will NEVER get you as far on its own as private support AND real connected community

>> Private Coaching Access for Times When You’re Going Through BIG Up Levels

>> In Person Experiences Where the Energy and Results are Amplified and You Step Into Your Next Level In A Single Day

>> Absolutely Nothing Off Limits. Every tool, strategy and trick of the trade my team and I know is yours as well.

>> A 6-Month Container That’s Big Enough to hold real growth, expansion and lock in long term results

And that’s just the beginning, it’s a core value of my business to always surprise and delight my clients with more than they even expected.

One of the biggest reasons I stand by this work is because I know what a difference it makes not feeling alone in this process of becoming all of who you really are.

This isn’t about me fixing you, you’re not broken 🙂 And I’m not here to be some coach on the pedestal to swoop down and save you, you don’t need that either.

Instead what this is about is creating a powerful space of pure love where it’s safe for you to show up as all of you, drop everything in your ego or mind that has told you you can’t or that it won’t work and to choose to allow your life to become a living expression of delight, joy and pure love that ripples out into every corner of this beautiful planet we call home.

What this is about is being ok with the moments when you’re afraid or second guessing and having a mentor, community and practices that will remind and reflect back to you what an absolute miracle you are and why it is imperative that you share your soul work with the world.

Because here’s one of the biggest secrets that most don’t know…

Struggling soul led businesses aren’t struggling because they don’t have the right strategy but almost always because the visionary who started them is energetically all over the place and so are their actions.

Totally aligned and in flow one minute charging her worth and sharing her message across every corner of social media and email.

And then totally second guessing herself the next, hiding away under a blanket and eating bon bons for the next three days.

Then kicking her ass and punishing herself for doing that, noticing her sales have dropped, beating herself up for that as well and then forcing herself to put out something that’s not aligned just to “make some money”.

And the cycle continues until her audience feels like they’re on an emotional roller coaster right along with her even though they can’t quite put their finger on why because from the outside, everything looks great.

And so the sales go up and down (if not down and down) as she goes through these cycles of believing in herself and then not, over and over.

Any of this sound familiar?

Can you see any of these cycles playing out in your own life and business?

This isn’t a strategy problem! Business strategy is really freaking easy. This is a “being all over the place energetically (and therefore with your actions and offers and everything else)” problem!

THIS is why I’ve created the Inner Circle — because you don’t need someone’s perfect strategy program, you need to be immersed in a space that reminds you (often daily) of who you really are until you can step completely, fully into your power.

And once in your power, the strategy is easy as cake because you KNOW your message, you KNOW what you want to sell, you KNOW how you want to sell and you now get that it’s actually a gift for people to get to experience you selling to them and then purchasing from you.

Your confidence is high.
Your certainty is high.
And your energy is totally turned on.

And that is what makes everything you touch turn to gold.

And if for some reason an offer doesn’t sell like hot cakes it doesn’t phase you because you know who you are and outside circumstances don’t define your inner state.

You remove any emotion, tune back in to what it would look like to be fully in alignment with your soul right now and you go do that.

And then from this space consistently hitting what others would consider “unrealistic” goals becomes your norm, of course.

THAT is what my clients get when we work together.

I’m not creating cookie-cutter coaches through this work, I’m empowering women to be their most badass, royal selves and from there NOTHING will ever get in your way.

Does this call to you?

Is this the kind of mentorship, guidance, community and up levels you’re ready for?

Then my new Inner Circle is for YOU!

AND I have some epic bonuses for you when you join before November ends…

Founder’s pricing, baby!! Join before this month ends and you’ll save $1500 on the regular investment of the Inner Circle.

AND when you join this month you’ll also receive an additional 2 months in my highest level of coaching, valued at $2,000, for FREE (8 months total in this powerful space)!

And pay in full to receive a 60 min private coaching intensive with yours truly to use anytime while working together for FREE

ALL of that is yours when you join the Inner Circle before November ends!!!

Get all the details + join now to lock in your bonuses >>

And because I always take care of my clients and over deliver with goodies that make you swoon, as a special gift if you’ve purchased any of my courses or programs or are a current client and want to upgrade to the Inner Circle, just message me for a VIP promo code for an extra $500 off when you join before the month ends.

That’s how I roll.

Ready for the VIP treatment, to step into your inner Queen, to tune fully into the most confident, unstoppable version of you?

Ready for the business AND the lifestyle AND the inner freedom?

Then I can’t wait to personally work with you and raise a toast with you in one of the gorgeous destination retreats I’ll be hosting just for my Inner Circle clients in 2020.

Your time is now and these sweet sweet bonuses won’t last for long.

Sign up now and let’s do the damn thing, rockstar!

Bonuses end November 30th.

You are human AND Divine.

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Hey Rockstar! I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, visionary, self-made millionaire and intuitive entrepreneur and I'm here to help you remember who you are and become all of it, now. Let's get started.



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