THE Mentorship + Mastermind for the soul led woman who's ready to drop the struggle and fully own, receive and live as her fullest expression now.
You're done following everyone else's rules and ready to unleash your full expression and live free now -- and you're in the right spot.
The Inner Circle is my 6 month highest level mentorship + mastermind for the soul led woman ready to live her fullest expression, create financial and unlimited freedom doing exactly what she loves.
The results are real, the transformation is deep and you'll be set free discovering exactly what you really desire, deciding how life now gets to be for you and choosing to live it, now.
The Inner Circle includes everything you need to embody the Next Level version of your business, income and life...
And so much more.
You’ll up level your income and totally align your entire business, marketing, offers and more and have access to all the strategy and support needed, BUT...
This is going to be more expansive than even all that and impact EVERY area of your life. I know because I live it and have been supporting my clients in living it day in and day out for years.
You’re meant to be doing this work, to feel that knowing and confidence, to easily be paid for your gifts, seen as the leading expert in your industry, work with ONLY soulmate clients, and never drop your prices or expectations to make others more comfortable again.
With almost 10 years in online business, working with thousands of clients as a master coach and having many clients now with multi 6, 7 and even multi 7 figure businesses, I know how to guide you to being UNSTOPPABLE in your soul led business and life.
How incredible would it feel to hit your BIG goals from a deep sense of certainty, inspired action and joy instead of fear?
How liberating would it feel to wake up every day feeling totally FREE?
No more pressure, no more needing to figure anything out and instead fully living your greatness, now.
That's exactly why I've created this powerful space -- to shift you into the energy of all of this immediately.
And results follow energy every time.
>> Results You Can Expect <<
 Discover real alignment in your business so your work is a natural extension of you that ENERGIZES (instead of drains) you
 Complete clarity on your message + what makes you standout to intuitively download entire programs, inspired marketing, copy and more
 Discover your aligned blueprint for success that feels fun, natural, and liberating to easily release offers and get paid for being YOU
 Master the energetics of money to both receive AND have more + tools to keep turning up the dial to overflow
 Set up your aligned offers from low to high to create scalable, consistent, repetitive income on demand
 Experience real freedom, peace and connection throughout your life
 Long term vision and income generation to create the freedom filled empire you’ve been dreaming of, NOW
And the exact steps to align with your big desires and highest self on a daily basis so your results, income, impact and freedom just keep GROWING.
You’re worthy of all your desires and you know it’s time to claim your place as the visionary leader you really are with the lifestyle and business to match.
Expect miracles.
My highest level mentorship + mastermind to deeply up level and align every area of your business (no more playing small) and expand into your next level of power, impact and receiving, now.
 Deep dive private coaching session for you and me to personally connect to kick everything off, unlock exactly what's meant for you and the aligned steps to manifest it now.
 6 months of up levels in our intimate Inner Circle Voxer Group for daily voice + text messaging directly with me and your fellow mastermind sisters -- this space is absolute magic and you're going to LOVE it!
 Up to monthly private coaching sessions with me anytime you want to dig into current goals, obstacles and shift back into alignment fast. It's super common that you won't use all of these since we're chatting daily in our group chat, but they're always here if you need them.
 Unlimited private email access + monthly calls with my COO (and lovely husband), Luke, who runs all the backend of the entire business and knows our systems and structures inside and out. And also happens to be brilliant with mindset and quantum work ;) You're also welcome to bring your team to these calls or have them connect with Luke directly if you're not the one setting up the systems & structures in your biz.
 Unlimited private email access with my Conversion Copywriter for personalized support and extra eyes on any of your copy, sales pages and more to make sure they're converting for you.
 Unlimited private email access with my Social Media Manager who’s grown my IG to 100k+, my Pinterest reach to over 600,000 a month and manages all of my social media accounts and messages. If you need help with any aspect of social media, she has you covered.
 Instant + Lifetime Access to every course + program I’ve created (20+ and $13k in value), resources, templates, guest expert trainings on ads, Instagram, copywriting and more. And complimentary access to anything new I create while you're in the Inner Circle.
 Complimentary access to my signature LIVE Get Paid Now Academy and Surrender Into Success community for powerful trainings and ongoing live coaching even after your time in the Inner Circle ($7,000 value)
-  Nothing is off limits
- 24/7 Mastermind Support
- My eyes and hands all over your business from lead generation to automation, mindset up leveling to the most effective and aligned strategy for you
- I am 100% committed to your success and completely transparent around exactly how to create a highly profitable business doing your soul work
- Massive up levels and results become your norm
- Only for those who are seriously ready to show up, shift into total flow and create massive results now
These are just a few more ways that I’m committed to supporting you in dropping the struggle and stepping into (and being paid as) your full expression, BUT...
The real question is, are YOU ready?
Exclusive Private Coaching Bonuses
I LOVE to add in extra bonuses and these private coaching bonuses are next level, valued at over $10,000 on their own!
 Bonus #1: A deep dive Welcome Packet personally reviewed by me with private voice messages with my personal recommendations on next steps to take now for biggest shifts and results and to fully embody your next level in business, life and income
 Bonus #2: A private coaching session with me to use anytime during the Inner Circle when you need personalized guidance and support to powerfully move forward now.
 Bonus #3:  Six months of exclusive access to the Inner  Circle Voxer group for ongoing voice + text messaging connection, breakthroughs and daily up levels (this space is total magic!)
 Bonus #4: Up to monthly private coaching sessions with my COO and incredible husband, Luke Lindholm, as your private coach for additional support wherever you need it. Luke has ran To Living Free with me since 2014 and has extensive experience in online business, systems, structure, strategy, money mindset and has intensely studied quantum and manifestation.
As soon as you sign up you'll receive instant access to everything and your shift into deep alignment and creating the life of your dreams begins immediately.
You will feel deeply supported, aligned and in flow and embody a new level of wealth, certainty and freedom.
More than anything, I have seen powerful results and shifts in my life over and over again whenever I put myself in the energy of someone who has the life, business, income and freedom that I desire.

If the way I work deeply resonates for you then without a doubt you will benefit in ways you can't even imagine from this space.
You’re worthy of all your desires and you know it’s time to claim your place as the visionary leader you really are with the lifestyle and business to match. 

Expect miracles.
The real question is, are YOU ready?

Do you know that I’m the mentor for you?

Do you feel called to the energy of this space and are you ready to BE the soul led entrepreneur you know you're meant to be with the highly profitable, freedom filled business, impact and life of your dreams?
Something to consider when making your decision is what this expanded version of you that you’re ready to step into would do in this situation?
Because stepping fully into this in the way you speak, act, think as the empowered, UNSTOPPABLE version of you who KNOWS she will succeed and this intensive will get her there even faster is the difference between the woman who’s LIVING it instead of just dreaming about it.
I am literally going to show you exactly how I blend divine guidance, intuition and aligned strategy on a daily basis to create 6-figure months from total ease and flow (without a complicated marketing plan) and how I’m leveraging that to a million dollar conscious lifestyle brand while feeling totally free in the process.
And I’m going to show you how you can start creating momentum and results while feeling rich and living free NOW.
The women in this space share wins regularly and are creating their highest income ever, all from alignment instead of pushing. Just imagine what’s possible for you immersed in this level of energy, coaching and community. 
Does this feel like a ‘YES!’ exactly what you desire, need, are craving in your business and life right now?
If that’s the level you’re ready to step into (and live from) NOW and you’re at a space where you’re ready to invest the time, energy and finances to embody all of this and more starting today, then message me below to apply now and tell me you're in!
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The Inner Circle is priceless and I've found over and over again that putting yourself in this level of energy surrounded by those choosing their fullest expression as well has the power to change your life.
The investment for the Inner Circle is increasing to $25,000 or $5,000 a month for 6 months.
Join the Inner Circle in February for $15,000
or $3,000 a month for 6 months.
And receive instant access to everything.
Magic happens and the entire world opens up for you when you keep taking the next aligned and inspired action with certainty and faith knowing that everything is always working out for you, adding up for you and you always make the right decision.
All of this starts as soon as you sign up.
Get instant access to everything.
Deep dive and up level now.
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Includes private coaching, masterminding, lifetime access to 20+ courses and programs, complimentary access to anything new I create and so much more!
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