We’re smart AF

We were often the top of our class, president of everything in school, honors, and probably went on (or at least considered) a prestigious career because…

We could have done anything and excelled.

But we couldn’t work for someone else. And many of us learned that the hard way by trying to 😉 We’re too smart and driven, we quickly moved up and then found ourselves bored with the monotony and just knowing this isn’t what we’re meant to be doing.

We’re meant to have our own businesses, we’re meant to be creative, soul led CEOs who have the freedom to continue growing, expanding, reaching more, serving more.

Because we thrive through learning and expanding.

But, this incredible business we started has started to feel a little like a job and if we’re being honest we’re kind of freaking bored because it’s not challenging us anymore.

And yet it’s what we feel like we have to do to make money, but the more monotonous it becomes, the less we’re lit up by it and the more our income seems to slow down which is quite annoying because we know we’re meant to be making a hell of a lot more.

But, this is a self created way to force us out of just doing what we’re good at and back into being on the edge of our growth and expansion that fills us with so much energy and joyful obsession when we’re learning something new and want to share it with everyone.

Also, you were never meant to be just a soul led CEO with a single business…

You’re meant to be a lifelong learner, you’re meant to have multiple companies and income streams, hobbies, interests, friends, fulfilling relationships, incredible adventures, ALL of it.

But if you just keep sitting around doing everything the same as everyone else you will live on the coach’s version of the hamster wheel…
Selling sessions
Doing your coaching sessions
Doing sales calls
Launching your group program
Launching something else
Over and over and over again…

And even though it was fun in the beginning, it’s endless. You have income when you sell, and when you stop, so does the cash flow.

You’re smart enough to know there must be another way!

And there is.

I’ve combined my years of experience with automation and funnels with my deep love for doing life changing soul work with clients into something new I’m so excited to share with you that’s now included in my Inner Circle…my Freedom Sales System!

This system is a way to take your brilliance, your gifts and turn them into a signature offer that you and your soulmate clients will LOVE and that the sales of can be as automated as you desire.

Be honest with yourself, how much of your life are you spending right now trying to sell your offers instead of actually doing your soul work and living your dream life?

And you think at some point things will shift and you won’t have to do that anymore, right?

Here’s the truth about that…I’ve been doing this work for ten years and there was no point where I suddenly didn’t have to keep selling to make money no matter how successful I got until I hit my point of ‘f*ck this shit’ and decided to develop my own freedom filled system to take care of it for me.

And this is what I want to share with you.

And because my full focus is on my signature Inner Circle, I’ve decided that instead of creating something new I’m actually going to include this new system automatically for my Inner Circle clients as a core way to create real financial freedom doing your soul work.

How exciting is that?!?

This is going to give you a clear system to set up in your business to create an ever growing warm audience of prospective clients and the steps to bring them through your own aligned funnel to clearly show why you and your offer are for them, ending with an incredible invitation to personally work with and invest in your offer.

Can you imagine how freaking liberating it will feel to add this to your business?

I love my business and I love working with my clients, but I hit my point of being done with needing to sell and knowing if I didn’t send the email out or do something that the sales would eventually slow down.

I knew I was meant to be traveling the world, going on adventures, writing books and just spending time with the people I love but selling always came first.

And I love selling, but on my time and my schedule. And I wanted a system to be selling for me, serving more, reaching more, selling more, even when I wasn’t.

A system that could be simple, leverageable, something that could pretty much function altogether without me if I desired to go off the grid, spend a week backpacking in the mountains, volunteering, on safari or at the spa.

Can I get an Amen?!

That’s why I’ve developed the Freedom Sales System because I know there’s so many brilliant entrepreneurs and creatives out there who feel the same as me.

That’s why my business model is shifting, streamlining to just my signature Inner Circle and a couple low priced and free offers — everything fits in this new system, everything builds on itself to be of greater service, impact and financial freedom.

We get caught in the habit of being busy and thinking all the non-stop action is required, but it’s not.

We’re smarter than that and it’s time to revolutionize your life and business to serve you, first and foremost.

If you’d love access to everything I’m creating for the Freedom Sales System including:
An overview of exactly how it works, step-by-step
New trainings breaking the system down
Resources and examples of exactly how this system works and how to set it up for yourself
Your own To Living Free Coach who can guide you through setting this system up for yourself
And access to my exclusive in person Inner Circle retreats where we can deep dive into your soul work, business, alignment and even the nitty gritty of your actual offers, systems and more…

Then get yourself signed up for the Inner Circle today to get first access to all of this, founder’s pricing + exclusive bonuses, here >> tolivingfree.com/InnerCircle

Done selling? Let my new system sell FOR you.

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