I’m sitting in the mountains right now, there’s humming birds flying around and not a cloud in the sky — this is my office for the next couple days. Last week on a bit of a whim, my husband and I bought an adorable little camper trailer and left on a 10 day road trip. […]

This is Living Free, you’re going to love these pics!

If you’re anything like me, then I’m guessing you love to travel and part of the reason you started your own business was so you could work and play all around the world right? My husband and I just got back from an incredible week in Tulum, Mexico (look at this gorgeous photo!) and I’m […]

How I host coaching calls while traveling

Do all your friends think you’re crazy? When you were home for the holidays and would talk about your coaching or online business did family look at you like you like you had three eyes? Well I’ve got good news and bad. The bad news is you’re probably going to keep getting some confused looks […]

Do your friends think you’re crazy? [Video from the Ritz]

Part of the reason I took my recent road trip to LA and Vegas was because I was craving feeling glamorous and inspired. My personality is about half country-girl loving nature, mountain towns, hiking, yoga pants and micro-brews and half red-carpet ready in high-heels, glam dresses, blow-outs and bright lipstick. I tend to swing between […]

What I learned from a 30K sweater