This is the most perfect, bite sized dose of advice you need if you’re having a hard time with prospective clients who change their mind about signing up to work with you.

First of all, it totally happens sometimes that you connect with a prospective client or customer who’s excited about hiring you one day and then changes their mind by the next.

But, how do you navigate this? Do you coach them, remind them of why they were going to sign up to work with you or just trust that they’re always making the best decision for themselves and just let it go?

What happens if a client changes their mind about working with you?

My vlog + podcast this week covers exactly that 🙂 (this is going to be soo helpful)

Listen to the Podcast here >>>

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to help your clients back themselves
  • How to make decisions about working with a client from a place of alignment
  • How to support your clients in making aligned decisions
  • Why clients changing their minds in NO way affects your income
  • How to release any attachment to clients being your source and KNOW that money always shows up for you no matter what

Also, I want to be very clear that I’m specifically talking about a prospective client or customer who’s considering working with you and how to navigate that situation (because it totally happens).

Not what to do if someone who’s already signed up to work with you and has signed a contract changes their mind. That’s a whole other conversation and requires you to have the legal pieces in place in your business so you’re treating your work and services like a real business.

Listen to the Podcast here >>

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What to do when a client changes their mind

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