On this week’s vlog, we are talking ALL about aligned automation.

If you didn’t catch the EPIC interview I did with my very own PR team, Pink Shark PR, then you need to watch this!

I picked one of the most powerful clips from the entire interview to show you the incredibly unique way that I approach automation and funnels that will feed your soul and set you free! 

I made a decision a long time ago around how I wanted people to feel when they join my community, interact with my brand or purchase from me.

And even as the To Living Free brand grows and scales I want to make sure that personalized piece (where each of my community members felt seen, connected and supported) did not disappear as we serve more and more people.

And Aligned Automation has been a vital piece of that!

Listen to the ALIGNED AUTOMATION Podcast here >>>

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How to have a great quality of life as well as a thriving business
  • Making money from a place of ease
  • The secret way I approach my business from a place of fun to get the maximum results from the practical pieces
  • How to take what you do and get it in the hands of more people
  • How to make automation personalized to every person who comes into your world
  • How I guarantee that my people are my most ideal clients as soon as they come into my community
  • Getting results that don’t make sense to the average marketer

Listen to the ALIGNED AUTOMATION Podcast here >>

And be sure to share this with someone who needs this message and would love a little aligned automation of their own!

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Aligned Automation that feeds your soul + sets you free!

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