Is there something about all the fear based selling that doesn’t quite feel right, but you’re afraid your marketing won’t work otherwise?

I’ve created a brand new vlog + podcast diving into exactly this!

>> How to Sell (+ make decisions) from Love Over Fear!

If you’re ready to tap into a more soulful style of selling that FEELS good for both you and your clients and customers…then this is a MUST watch!

Listen to the MAKE DECISIONS Podcast here >>>

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How to choose love over fear when it comes to business, selling and making decisions (and why this is so important)
  • The question I ask potential clients to help them shift into their power and sign up to work together from love over fear
  • Why taking action from a place of fear (ex: purchasing a program thinking that is what’s going to save you) guarantees you’ll be disappointed
  • Why you DON’T need to be saved!
  • How to remove the emotions (fear, second guessing etc.) to discover the next aligned action in any situation.
  • And the best part is when you shift from fear to love, you release the grasping and needy energy and selling (+ being sold to) becomes fun!

Vlog + Podcast Companion Journal Prompts:

Be sure to watch/listen first and then use these journal prompts to be crystal clear on your next steps to success!

>>> If you knew with complete certainty that this is ALL going to work for you, does this feel like the next action?

>>> If you removed the emotions (fear, second guessing etc.) what is actually the next aligned action?

Listen to the MAKE DECISIONS Podcast here >>

Remember, freedom comes from knowing that love is all there is.

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Podcast: The Conscious Life Podcast

Make Decision From Love Over Fear

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