There’s a limiting belief going around as we get closer to the holidays that goes something like this…

“But people don’t invest in themselves around the holidays.”


“People don’t buy courses/programs/coaching around the holidays.”

I know this is a limiting belief because I’ve had it for myself at times. But, luckily one of my first mentors told me that December was always one of the biggest months of the year for her.

So I decided that’s how it got to be for me too.

Here’s one of my favorite practices for navigating a limiting belief like this…

List the belief out for myself. For instance “No one is going to sign up in December because they’re focused on the holidays, family and buying gifts for others”.

Confront the belief with the question “Is this ultimately true?”.

Is it ultimately true that no one invests in themselves in December because they’re too busy with the holidays? Absolutely not. That is not a divined, ultimate truth of the Universe in any way.

Ask divine guidance, angels, higher self, universe, whatever you want to call on to provide you with a true belief that will serve you instead. Usually when I ask for a true belief instead I hear something almost immediately that just feels so “YES, of course!” and sets me free

Then get your emotions and feelings behind this ultimately true belief instead and keep moving forward

So for me if I ask highest power to provide me with a true belief that serves me around soulmate clients investing in themselves around the holidays I hear something down the lines of…

People are investing in themselves every single day of the year, it doesn’t matter what else is going on.

And with the holidays and end of the year approaching soulmate clients are easily investing in themselves as much now if not more this time of the year because they’re so committed to their own soul aligned goals and desires and fully backing themselves now and into the new year.

I can then FEEL the truth in this, the knowing in this.

The holidays definitely don’t stop me from investing in myself, if anything I’m more all in than ever with my birthday and the end of the year happening in December.

I also have years of evidence showing me that sales dropping around the holidays just isn’t true and that my soulmate clients LOVE to invest in themselves, their big visions and dreams, and getting real results in December.

And so it is 🙂

That’s how I navigate a limiting belief and I hope this guides you as well because this one around people not buying around the holidays is just total bologna.

So…yes you can still hit all your goals this month.

Yes you can still have soulmate clients signing up daily and constant sales coming in.

Yes this can be your biggest month of the year, it’s going to be my biggest month of the year.

And yes you can also truly enjoy the holidays, spend time with family, decorate, cook, play, laugh, sing and ALL the things 🙂

You absolutely can have it all!

That’s how my clients and I live and it’s available to you too.

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Why my sales don’t drop around the holidays

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