About a year ago I decided I get to get paid daily. 

I was done with getting paid here and there and decided it got to be consistent. And within a month or two it was. At least daily and typically much more often than that. It’s so consistent at this point that the idea of not getting paid daily is as crazy as someone saying the sun won’t rise today. Absurd to even consider — the sun rises every day and I get paid daily, that’s just how it is.

Well a few weeks ago I received a download that what would feel totally aligned would be getting paid hourly. Every hour, 24 hours a day, receiving payments from totally soulmate clients who love this work as much as I do and are positively impacting lives, starting with their own.

This is now my new normal. For the last couple weeks I have been receiving payments at a minimum hourly and oftentimes more like 30+ payments a day.

Then last weekend I was tuning in around this because it immediately felt so true and “of course” that I knew there was space to expand again.

To reach more, serve more, receive more.

When I asked myself what would feel absolutely amazing, what would it feel like to be of even greater service, give even more value, have more fun and receive at the energy I now embody…

The answer I received was payments coming in every 5 minutes.

Receiving payments every 5 minutes would mean now working with almost 10,000 incredible soul’s around the world every month who are doing the real work, making decisions based on love, doing their soul work on the planet and receiving just by being all of who they really are.

Reaching, connecting with, working with, celebrating, leading a freedom revolution with 10,000 amazing soulmate clients every month feels amazing.

I know this is done and I can’t wait to share this next milestone and up level with you soon.

So that you too can see that receiving and achieving supposedly unrealistic goals is just a continual alignment, playing with the energy of being there now, of having not wanting, and allowing it to flow into your life without needing to make anything happen.

I didn’t do anything specific to make payments come in daily. I decided and took aligned action.

I didn’t do anything to make payments come in hourly. I decided and took aligned action.

And I know there’s nothing I need to do to make payments come in every 5 minutes. I’ve decided, I’ve publicly named and claimed it, I’m leaning into the energy of it already being done and soaking up the emotions, feelings and energies of that and I will take aligned action as inspired.

That’s it.

To magic and miracles.

To achieving unrealistic goals with ease and flow.

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I decided to get paid daily, then hourly, and now…

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