It’s ok to be fierce, Turned On and FREE.

Your pleasure reconnects you to your power and divinity.

And when you’re tapped into your power and divinity you are IRRESISTIBLE.

Irresistible in every area of business and life. You magnetize your desires to you, the clients, relationships, cash flow and opportunities to YOU.

Let that sink in for a second, especially if you’ve been putting pleasure on the back burner for the hustle.

Aligned hustle is quite fabulous because it turns you on, but hustle from a space of not feeling like you are enough, have done enough, and need to struggle and push through, there’s simply nothing pleasurable about that which means your power is turned off.

You can hustle and push your way to goals for sure, but it’s not what you were designed for fellow queen.

You were designed for magic.

You were designed for magnetism and a calling in of your desires with the energy and longing of already knowing and experiencing them fully.

Oh how delicious is all of that? So much more fun than all the cookie cutter marketing that tries to wrap you up in a masculine box of “shoulds”.

I love men and masculine energy, the empowered masculine is just simply divine. But I wasn’t designed to work in that way, and since you’re here I’m guessing there’s a high likelihood you weren’t meant to either.

You were meant to tap into your turn on, your pleasure, your delight, that energy that you feel full body, mind and soul. Where you step into a room and heads turn because they can feel your presence…the queen has arrived.

And when you’re in this Turned On state alignment is automatic, it’s nothing you even need to work towards or do, it just is.

The entire universe needs this energy, it is the energy of creation, of possibility, of creating something from where there appears to be nothing. It is the fertile energy that births ideas, music, poetry, art, technologies, even babies.

It’s a creative energy that lives within you.

If your body and soul carry the secret wisdom to create a human without needing to hustle or “figure it out” then you sure as hell carry the wisdom to birth your soul work, soul desires and more.

I’m sure the mom’s out there can confirm they didn’t sit for their entire pregnancy thinking “alright now it’s time to create a baby leg, and now a baby arm, alright on to the face”.

No, the innate sacred wisdom that lives within a woman does this automatically which is simply a miracle and also, of course!

Whether you’re a mother of a child or not you are the mother of your creations and the same is true for you. You don’t need to know how to grow a baby or a business to end up with one.

So much of what carries this miracle to full fruition in all cases is the energy of desire. Desiring the end result, longing for it, knowing it is not only available but done for you now.

And pleasure and turn on are your secret powers, Queen.

Pleasure connects you to your power and divinity.

And your power and divinity make you IRRESISTIBLE in everything.

About time to make your pleasure and turn on a priority, wouldn’t you say?

And don’t be surprised when more inspiration, energy, and results show up than ever before as if by magic because that just happens to be your natural state once you’ve reconnected with the turned on, rich and free version of you.

And don’t be surprised if it suddenly feels like everyone is delighted by your existence and the entire universe is conspiring in your favor…

Because it is.

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