Truth bomb: Sharing my truth often scares the shit out of me.

This year I’ve cultivated a space of deep peace within myself where I often live in an energy of knowing who I really am, being connected to my soul and just feeling so clear and confident.


I still get triggered and feel fear.

I’m in a space right now where I’m saying yes to soul faster than ever and seeing so many incredible dreams of mine manifesting now.

One of my big dreams is to be working with tens of thousands of soulmate clients around the world at a time through my programs, coaching and courses.

And as the To Living Free Community is quickly nearing (and will just as quickly pass) 400 amazing rockstar clients from around the world, this dream of a big reach and even bigger impact is starting to come into fruition.

I LOVE the energy of this space and everything in me wants, desires and is sooo excited about MORE of it. More energy, more connection, more breakthroughs, getting this powerful work into the hands of thousands of soulmate visionaries around the world and…

There’s just a touch of an old fear around “How the fuck are you going to keep 1,000 people happy? Or 10,000?”.

I can feel it create just a touch of fear in me, the fear of judgment, the fear of not being liked, all that old stuff.

And honestly, I’m sure some of that will hang around and still peek its head up from time-to-time.

But, there’s a couple bigger questions that set me free and can set you free as well.

>> Is this fear a valid enough reason to not live your destiny?

One of my favorite questions to answer anytime I’m feeling a little triggered or freaked out by something.

And…well no. It’s possible that not everyone will fall madly in love with me and my work, quite absurd, of course, but possible ;). But, I know by being so bold to believe in this work, to believe that I get to be a vessel, a channel for it that it will reach millions and have a real positive effect on this planet.

Which brings me to the second question…

>> Is my soul work really to keep everyone happy?

Umm, no. I’m not here to dance around as a happiness machine, I’m a SOUL Activation Queen, baby!!

I’m here to help you reset to soul, to remember how powerful you really are, to release what’s no longer serving you which sometimes is triggering, and painful, and creates a touch of rupture so that you can return completely to your fullest expression and step forward in full radiance, Turned ON, Rich and Free!

THAT is my real work.

Keeping everyone happy is so from the old school version of treating women like objects, to be seen not heard. To smile no matter what emotion you’re feeling. To push everything down and just pretend you’re a doll without a full spectrum of feelings and desires, let alone pure primal energy and power coursing through you.

No thank you.

The other way might be messier at times but it’s also leads to freaking FREEDOM.

That’s the work I’m here to do.

And I’ll stand up and share it with every moment of my life even through the fear.

The goal was never to be fearless…

But, to Live Free.

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The goal was never to be fearless…but to Live Free.

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