If you’re not seeing the results, sales and cash flow you want from your offer you may think you need better strategy, selling, even marketing.

But, I’ve seen over and over again with the thousands of clients I’ve worked with that if something isn’t selling you don’t need better strategy, you need alignment.

Because there’s only ever two reasons that something isn’t selling in the big epic way it’s meant to:
It either isn’t aligned
Or you’re not all in energetically

That’s it. It’s not because you haven’t found the right selling strategy, it’s not that your list isn’t big enough or that you need to message 700 more people about your offer because it’s “a numbers game”.

No, it’s always these two that affect the real results, momentum and flow. And I’ve seen these two play out in my business multiple times and often together, because it’s difficult to be energetically all in if something isn’t aligned.

But, I know we’re a bunch of driven rockstars, meaning there’s many times we really will go ALL in — send the emails, do the challenge, post all over social media, go go go — with an offer that isn’t aligned.

Which is one of the worst feelings because you end up being exhausted from all the going AND didn’t get the sales you desire because, well, it wasn’t an aligned offer.

That’s why soo many brilliant creatives and entrepreneurs don’t need a business coach to increase their sales, they need deep real ALIGNMENT.

If you’re wanting more sales, more clients, more income, more cash flow you must tune into real alignment first.

If you’re not aligned and someone tells you how to make your marketing clearer, the perfect way to pitch your offer or even shares their proven launch sequence with you…it won’t work, it can’t work because you’re sharing and selling something that isn’t aligned in the first place.

Whereas if you do tap into real alignment, if you do tune in, lock in with complete certainty exactly what you’re meant to be doing on this planet right now, then the ‘how’ takes care of itself.

The ‘how’ around selling becomes a playful, fun extension of you without any rules at all.

Brilliant biz ideas and marketing tools drop down into your mind without even trying.

One of my lovely highest level clients just received total clarity on all of this herself. She created an awesome course, hosted a free challenge, was emailing, sharing her message consistently and still…the sales were not showing up.

Well if the sales aren’t happening it’s only ever two things — it’s not aligned or we’re not all in.

She was all in, she was taking aligned action and staying the course with doing what it takes until it takes, until…

She realized the offer wasn’t aligned.

Not only was the offer not aligned, the business was no longer in alignment for her. She was using her coaching and courses as a side business to make money so she could do what she really wanted — creating music and performing.

This is a massive ah ha that will change the direction of her life, how she feels and her income and impact.

If she would have followed traditional business coaching she would have just kept marketing, just kept pushing, similar to what I did back in 2016 when I launched for FIVE weeks trying to sell an offer that wasn’t aligned and never got the results I desired.

The results aren’t based on the amount of effort you put in, they’re based on ALIGNMENT.

Now she can stop putting energy into a launch of a course (and potentially even a business) that’s not aligned and go all in on what she really loves, her music and performance.

So here’s my questions for you today:

>> Is the business and offer you’re currently focusing on aligned?

>> If you had a million dollars in the bank is what you’re focusing on right now actually what you’d be focusing on?

>> If you had complete freedom to create whatever you desire and you knew with complete certainty it would be a huge success (whether it’s a course, program, coaching, music, book, whatever) what would you actually be focusing on and putting your energy into right now?

These are the REAL questions you need to be focusing on when you’re not seeing the results you desire.

This is the REAL work.

If you’re not aligned, no amount of biz strategy is going to turn things around.

If you are aligned, it doesn’t really matter what you do, it will work.

And then the easier it gets, the easier it gets.

You don’t need better marketing, you need ALIGNMENT.

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