Today I discovered that I’d had a large amount of my copy, content, sales pages, FB Lives and at least three of my offers straight up duplicated (aka stolen) by someone claiming to be soul led. #gross

I get that when you’re rocking out your soul work it’s going to be inspiring to others and there’s definitely times you might use similar words or phrases.

It happens, especially when you’re working together closely with someone or receiving divine guidance on the same topics and that’s not a problem at all.

One of my longtime favorite quotes is from Anne Frank and says “In spite of everything I still believe people are really good at heart.”

And I believe this too.

Which is why it straight up baffled me today when my team brought to my attention that someone claiming to run a business based on sisterhood and soul was straight up stealing and replicating my intellectual property.

Post after post on their FB biz page was MY words. Words I channeled, words I wrote for clients who were going through a tough moment, words I excitedly shared with Luke because they came through so purely and aligned.

This is not ok. This is not getting inspired by my work, this is illegal. And just simply gross.

And it makes me more committed than ever to fully allow MY soul’s message out into the world, because here’s the truth…

NO ONE can out ME, me.

And NO ONE can out you, the real YOU.

They can try, they can copy and paste (and forget to remove your name from their sales page like they did with mine when they copied my To Living Free Community offer…yes for real).

But you can only pretend to be me for so long before your facade will crack.

I’m the REAL deal.

I LIVE and BREATHE soul alignment 24/7. And you can’t fake that.

And that, my love, is the very good news for the REAL visionaries, doing the REAL work, unleashing ALL of their message because there’s NO WAY the pretenders can EVER keep up with us.

They will get exhausted while we run circles around them without looking like we’re even trying because they can’t duplicate you and me.

They’ll try to figure out how we do it, what our trick is, what our strategy is. They’ll count how many emails we send, copy the subject lines, try to charge the same prices, use the same bonuses and…

Alas, it all will fall flat for them, they’ll burn out and wonder “what went wrong?” thinking all the things we DO are our source.

Aww silly rabbit, those tricks are for kids.

The real visionaries get that their words, offers, content, none of that is their source…it’s their SOUL that is the real source.

Meaning when someone tries to take a true visionary’s words and soul work and parade them around as their own, it’s like dancing around with an old carcass and pretending it’s alive.

For a lack of a less gruesome way to say it — it’s DEAD.

The energy is dead because it was never theirs. And no amount of adding a few new words or a photo to something that wasn’t their soul work in the first place will change that because we ALL can smell that something is off from miles away.

So sure, they might call in a few flies but nothing truly deeply SOUL aligned will come of any of it.

And really, they deserve better and so does the soulmate community who’s waiting for them to step up and stop copying everyone else.

Because they’ll never positively impact millions and make millions with ease, grace and flow being ALL of they were meant to be when they’re spending all their time regurgitating someone else’s soul work.

And know this, my love — when you’re tapped into the truth of your SOUL no one can keep up with you no matter how hard they try or how many of your posts or offers they duplicate.

NO ONE can out you, YOU.

When you’re being ALL of you, competition doesn’t exist because no one can come close to comparing to the magic that is you.

The choice is yours, you can either tap into real alignment and soul truth and live a life beyond your wildest dreams or…

You can regurgitate the SOUL Work of real visionary leaders.

Just keep in mind, no one likes sloppy seconds and that sh*t will catch up to you (as will my lawyer #alignment&boundaries).

To integrity in EVERY area of business and life.

They can’t out you, YOU. {Response to having my work stolen}

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