I am willing to change.

That sentence just came to me from the classic Louise Hay book “Heal Your Body”.

I’m an incredibly healthy person and I find the only time I have ailments tends to be when my body is trying to send me a message that I haven’t been hearing otherwise.

Like in the last week I suddenly came down with a sore throat and then broke a tooth. Yes legit broke a tooth, I mean wtf?

But, I know that everything is always happening in my favor. Absolutely everything. It’s one of the core principles of my life.

I knew the sore throat was related to me not speaking my truth and when I looked it up in Louise’s book the affirmation that went along with it lined up perfectly:

“It’s ok to make noise.

I express myself freely and joyously.

I speak up for myself with ease.

I express my creativity.

I am willing to change.”

The last two lines are what stood out for me – “I express my creativity and I’m willing to change.”

I haven’t been.

I haven’t been expressing my creativity at all. I’m a writer, a storyteller, a teacher and an intuitive and I haven’t publicly been sharing any of that work, except with my clients, until just a few days ago.

Also, I’m zero percent surprised that the day I started allowing all the creativity to flow through me and publicly shared about my upcoming Reset to Soul activation workshop in just a couple days, that the sore throat totally vanished, as if by magic.

I’ve been dragging my heels a little about allowing change in my life right now because honestly, I’ve been scared.

Since 2014 I’ve built To Living Free into a powerful and profitable brand and yet I know it’s time for its next evolution, and it’s time for my next evolution.

And honestly, right now I sit in the space of feeling totally calm about the shifts that are now happening and one of the big reasons is because I finally made some decisions.

By the way, guess what teeth issues are related to?…Making decisions. More specifically “long-standing indecisiveness”. Fuck.

I mean I’m brilliant at making decisions but I’d felt so clouded around the next steps (which I have no doubt was a self-created experience) that I hadn’t been making decisions at all.

So here I am, making some noise, expressing myself freely and joyously, expressing my creativity and willing to change and inviting you to join me!

And I’m beyond grateful for this experience, beyond grateful for the guidance, beyond grateful to reconnect to soul and so fully hear the messages.

And one of the big shifts is fully owning that I’m not a business coach, not anymore. Let’s be honest, I haven’t been a business coach for some time and yet my clients still get incredible results in their businesses, their income increases, they feel more aligned and freer than ever.

Why is that? It’s sure as heck not because I taught them the perfect strategy.

With my years of business experience I absolutely can offer guidance in these areas and I do answer questions from time-to-time around funnels, creating offers, pricing, social media, etc., but that’s not where the real results come from.

That’s not where the quantum flips come from where one day you’re second guessing yourself, your message, your offer, everything and then the next you show up with total confidence and certainty and like magic clients are reaching out to you, your audience and reach are growing on their own as if by magic and you feel more connected to the message of your soul than ever.

That is what you’re really craving. Divine communion, connection, purpose, affluence, vitality.

Those happen to be my five core desires as well.

And those don’t come from strategy, they come from soul. Always.

And the thing is, you know there’s so much more to you as well, so much more you want to share with the world but you’re afraid. Afraid you’ll sound crazy, maybe even afraid it won’t work as a business and no one will ever pay you for that.

One of my newest Academy + Inner Circle clients who just signed up this week told me the exactly same thing after our first call — that what she wants to speak on, teach, coach on is exactly what I’m talking about, the energy, being connected to source energy, raising consciousness but she was afraid it wouldn’t sell.

So she’s been trying to contort herself into being what she thought she was supposed to be.

To sell things she thought people wanted instead of what her soul was calling her to do.

And we all know how that goes right? Been there, done that, have the t-shirt and apparently the broken tooth to prove it hahaha.

And now she feels totally free to be herself, to say yes to soul. Her exact words were something down the lines of “I see you teaching the things I believe in so much and being so successful that now I know with complete certainty I can do it too.”

That’s the thing, when you say yes to soul, when you listen and honor the guidance the positive ripple effect is far and wide and will reach so many of your soulmate clients, relationships, strangers who stumbled across your message online, in a conversation, in ALL kinds of magical ways!

You can’t strategy your way to that!

What I do know, is that you matter.

What I do know, is that I’m willing to change.

And what I pray is that this message today will be the catalyst you need to be true to yourself and fully honor soul starting now rather than waiting to be whapped on the head with something bigger that’s trying to get your attention.

My personal recommendation?

Start making the decisions you know need to be made and keep your teeth right where they are 😉

So, I broke a tooth + being willing to change.

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