I get sooo amped when I host live workshops + open coaching! I often can’t fall asleep the night before I do them because I have the entire workshops start channeling through me and usually just have to get up and write it all down.

This is how I work and what I support my clients with daily, getting out of the stories our minds tell about everything having to be perfect before we can move forward.

I never have a course, program, offer totally ready before I launch it and nor would I want to because for me it takes away the divine communion I experience with everything I create.

The idea for an offer or creation comes to me in an energetic space as a thought, feeling, emotion.

I immediately say “yes!” to it (even if I’m scared) and start taking the steps to share it and sell it.

I don’t know all the details at all and oftentimes have created nothing at this point when sales start to come in except the welcome material.

I want to make this really clear because I so often see coaches, creatives and visionaries put so much pressure on themselves to be like other entrepreneurs out there.

To feel pressured to have everything perfectly organized, all content written, bullet points organized, trainings ready to go, etc. etc. But, I have never once had anything ready like this unless I was launching something I’d already launched before and wasn’t making any changes to it this round (which rarely rarely happens, I’m always adding in more epicness).

If I made myself be this organized and step-by-step, by the time I finished creating everything for the workshop or program, I would have no drive left to actually share, promote and sell it — which is kind of an important part.

I’m sharing this because if you’ve felt massive resistance and pressure to have everything perfect before you let yourself share the inspired content, courses and creations you’re called to with the world and just want to do it your way, this is full permission to start living free now.

I’m running on faith and energy and I KNOW the divine download will come in divine timing with everything that will be covered in each training, workshop and program.

This is what keeps me energized, this is what magnetizes in soulmate clients who can feel this energy and this is what makes my work feel so…alive!

Launch + get paid BEFORE knowing what to sell

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Hey Rockstar! I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, visionary, self-made millionaire and intuitive entrepreneur and I'm here to help you remember who you are and become all of it, now. Let's get started.



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