Yep, I totally just named this post after a Britney Spears song.

It’s what popped in my head when I was thinking about sharing what’s been going on for me the last couple days.

And I graduated from high school in 2003, so I was totally a Britney Spears fan growing up…and yes, I’ve seen her in Vegas.

But anyway, back to why the heck I’m hopping in your inbox today.

My energy had been feeling off since Friday afternoon. Not normal for me at all.

I knew it had something to do with my intention to receive $100,000 in cash this month and slipping into the craziness of “how am I going to make this happen”.

I’m at $81,372 in income for the month btw, so I’m right on track. But…

There was still this pressure creeping in.

And pressure sucks.

Pressure is the opposite of the expansive, aligned, flow based space I personally LOVE to work and play from.

I was sitting here this morning journaling on my desires and doing my alignment practices and feeling…

Blah. Bored.

I’m $18,628 away from my goal for the month, that’s obviously what I should be focusing on manifesting, right?

But, every time I focus on that it just doesn’t feel that inspiring. It doesn’t fill me with a full body ‘YES’. It doesn’t feel particularly Turned ON.

And as the founder of the Turned On, Rich and Free Academy (which is next level AF if you’re looking for that kind of support)…what the hell is the point if it doesn’t feel turned on??

Ok then, what do I actually want?

$40,000. Cash income. This week.

Ok. I don’t judge desires, but I do ask that they’re true desires. So I started exploring a little more on what this would feel like, what outcome it would create.

And…I noticed it would go to coaching, investments, taxes, all kinds of lovely things that I’m excited to have as part of my life, but…

It still felt too restricted, too one dimensional.

So I asked the question again…


And then the expansive truth revealed itself
To be a millionaire.
To pay all expenses in full every month.
To have absolutely gorgeous spaces to live and play in.
To travel whenever I want, totally first class, in the way that feels most inspired to me.

Ok. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Now I feel expansive.

NOW I can make decisions as THAT woman.

Do you see the difference? Do you FEEL the difference?

If I would have stayed with my first goal of making $18,628 in the next week it was immediately dragging me into the “how’s” >> How can I make that amount? What would be the easiest way? What offer should I create that will add up to that amount?

This was making me crazy because it doesn’t feel expansive. It doesn’t feel the way I’ve felt all year (which has led to pure magic and quantum leaps).

“Figuring out” exactly HOW to make a certain amount of money is how I ran my business for years and it made me crazy and kept me from my goals.

That’s not how I work anymore.

It’s like the Kindergarten version of a turned on, soul filled, highly prosperous business.

I won’t do it.

And now I get why I was feeling in turmoil the last day or two, I was trying to slip into my old Kindergarten ways of doing business and the aligned version of me wasn’t having it.

Now I’m out of it.

Now I remember that whether I make $18,628 in the next week, or $40, or $400,000 doesn’t really matter, because…

At the core of it I am limitless. And so are you.

And I NOW choose to be:
A millionaire.
Who pays her expenses in full every month with ease.
Lives and plays in absolutely gorgeous spaces.
And travels whenever I want, totally first class, in the way that feels most inspired to me.

That’s who I am.
That’s what I now CHOOSE to embody.

So now I fully align with my true desires with these question and actions…

As this woman, as a millionaire…what are my daily thoughts and emotions?

What soul aligned actions am I called to take?

Which leads me now to…
Writing to you.
Realizing I was “making” myself work and choosing to step away.
Decide to go out for a drive with my husband for the day.
Going shopping to up level our beautiful home.

Doing whatever I want.

This is the process.
This is the work.
This is aligning.

Daily. Daily. Daily.

Otherwise, your old habits of needing to “work hard for money” or figuring out “how” to hit your goals will creep in.

My Turned On, Rich and Free Academy ladies have been joking about how quitting traditional online marketing is like quitting any other addiction and that’s why it’s so important to have a support group!

These ladies are creating quantum leaps in their businesses (and the results to match) by aligning, burning the rules, and coming back to flow EVERY day.

This is freedom.

Oops, I Did It Again… (How I Journal Through Blocks)

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