We’ve been taught that if we put in the work the results will follow.

We’ve been taught that if we just get enough degrees, certifications and letters behind our name that THEN the impact, income and achievements will follow.

But, life doesn’t work that way.

Life never worked that way, it’s just advice that people who don’t really know how to get to the top tell each other.

It’s especially not true in the way life and business works online these days.

No one cares if the Instagram It Girl (who’s getting paid thousands $$$’s for every post) has been working hard to build her following for years or days.

I could care less if my coach is certified in anything except being a total badass, owning and speaking her truth and supporting me in doing the same.

And the belief that if you just work really hard you’ll get all you deserve?

Come one, we all know people (often that we deeply love and care for) who’ve worked insanely hard their whole lives and are now reassessing because the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Doesn’t look like it’s coming…

You can follow the rules all you like…

And I get that it can be scary to break the mold…

Following the herd feels safe.

But, let’s get real…there’s NOTHING more terrifying than living your entire life based on what someone else said you should do and then years and years later realizing your dreams aren’t coming true.

You have a vision for your life.

There’s an expansive, fulfilling reason you’re on this planet.

But, just because you have a destiny doesn’t mean you’re going to live it. Not if you’re living your life by someone else’s rules.

>> It’s time to APPOINT YOURSELF. <<

The Universe is NOT going to show up at your front door with a silver platter with the life you’ve been dreaming of on it.

You have to DECIDE.

You have to CHOOSE to live it.

Right now.

It’s why I’ve self appointed myself one of the top women entrepreneurs and thought leaders on this planet. I’ve DECIDED it.

Because I realized that I’m the ONLY one who can!

There’s not some awards team that’s going to show up at my house and say “Hey! We’re really loving your message and we’ve decided to award you top thought leader of the planet.”

That doesn’t exist.

But, what does exist is the power to freaking claim anything you desire.

So I am.

I’m a badass.
I’m a rockstar.
I’m unstoppable.
I’m a millionaire.
I’m a top thought leader.
I’m a sought out expert.
I inspire millions.
My clients get massive results.
The easier it gets, the easier it gets.
Everything I touch turns to gold.
I am free.

I have decided all of this.

I live and breathe it every day. I affirm it every day. I charge up my body and my frequency with this energy.

And the how’s and the results take care of themselves.


But, no one is going to show up and give you all you desire…you must CLAIM it!

Ready to appoint yourself the visionary entrepreneur?
Ready to impact millions?
Ready to be recognized for the massive impact you have on this planet?
Ready to change lives?
Ready to see your bank account grow every day?

Are you ready to OWN who you REALLY are and stop playing life with all the puppets??

Let your soul make the decision.

It’s Time to Appoint Yourself! >> The Queen, Rockstar, Expert of YOUR Life.

About Jess


Hey Rockstar! I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, visionary, self-made millionaire and intuitive entrepreneur and I'm here to help you remember who you are and become all of it, now. Let's get started.



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