I didn’t realize how much I carried around the pressure to “make” something happen in my business.

I thought I was in control.

I meditated regularly, visualized, drank my green smoothies.

I created my ideal budget and said things like “money loves me!”.

And then I was out on a road trip through Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California, while promoting a program I deeply believed in and not getting the sign ups I expected…

I had an ah-ha.

The energy was gone.

I had been promoting this program for almost a month and I just wasn’t that excited to talk about it anymore.

And what I hadn’t fully remembered at that point is that…

People buy your ENERGY not your programs.

My energy was boring, going through the motions, following the shoulds.

The program was epic, my energy was not.

This is the piece sooooo many entrepreneurs, creatives and artists are missing!

There is NOTHING wrong with your offer or your art.

You’re spending the majority of your time tinkering with the marketing strategy which REALLY only leads to maybe 10% of the results.

And you’re missing the actual issue
ANYTIME you’re selling ANYTHING, your energy MUST be at the high-vibe, turned on frequency that inspired you to create that thing in the first place.


I don’t care if it’s a coaching offer…
A piece of music…
The best course ever…A beautiful painting…

If you’re wanting someone to purchase whatever expression of your soul you’re putting out there…

Then you MUST embody the energy that inspired you to make this thing in the first place.

This is why my program wasn’t selling.

The energy that had inspired me to create this incredible program in the first place had dwindled out at least a week (or two) prior and I’d done nothing to rekindle the flames.

I didn’t know.

Most people don’t know this.

Hence why most people hustle and struggle and feel frustrated all the damn time wondering why they’re not getting the results they want.

There’s a better way.

There’s an EASIER way.

This all happened around New Years this year and thank goodness I’d made a commitment to myself on New Year’s day that the struggle was over, I was only available for ease and a massive increase in my finances.

So I closed the doors on that amazing program and I gave myself the greatest gift…


Freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want.

To make programs up as inspired, to only launch and sell in a way that feels amazing AND to close the doors when the energy is done.

Immediately my energy shifted.

Immediately ideas and inspired action flowed in.

Immediately I started emailing and sharing my message as often as I desired without rules.

And immediately January became the biggest income month that I’d seen in probably a year.

The more I said yes to my soul, the more life said yes to me.

February was even easier. My income was even higher. People started noticing that something had changed.

I took the masks off.

I finally gave myself permission just to be me — and the soulmate dream clients, opportunities, connections, just flooded in.

I’m finding myself floating in a space of pure gratitude majority of the time.

Last night, sitting outside by the fire in our newly landscaped backyard looking up at the mountains I felt myself say to my husband…

“So this is what it feels like to have it all.”

And I meant it.

Zero fear.
Zero stress.
Fully remembering our magic.
That we can bend time and space.

And it’s my responsibility to get this out into the world because most of the humans don’t even begin to know what they’re capable of.

I didn’t. I’m still opening up and learning.

But, what I do know is all it takes is a small shift for your entire life to transform.

All it takes is a spark of truth to remember who you are.

All it takes is being around someone who really gets it.

You know in your heart what you truly desire.

When you start to feel a pull towards something and you don’t even know why…

That’s soul recognition.

That’s where the magic lives.

What it Really Feels Like to Have it All

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