This week we’re diving into why there is never a “how” to figure out and why the only thing to do is follow desire. What it means to have people “buy” your energy. Journal prompt: If you gave yourself permission to run your business, only in a way that felt aligned to you, what would […]

Ep. 11: The exact strategies I use to create a highly profitable soul aligned biz

This week we’re diving into the answer to why pushing through and trying to make something happen in business or relationships NEVER works… >> You Can’t Solve a Problem With the Energy That Created It       We’ve all been there – feeling stuck in a situation that triggers us and creates an emotional charge, whether […]

Ep. 10: You Can’t Solve a Problem With the Energy That Created It

This week we’re diving into… >> Hire a Coach OR Do It On Your Own?       During this episode, Luke and I dive deep into a big question we’ve all dealt with in our business at one point or another – should you invest in a coach or go at it on your own? We […]

Ep. 9: Hire a coach OR do it on your own?

Be honest with yourself – how often are you putting off the work and telling yourself you don’t really need to do any of ‘that’ to get the results? But, the secret is that the results are just a side effect, icing on the cake, a bonus to doing the work. The work is what […]

Ep. 8: The Work IS The Reward – Stop Avoiding It