Love, I am sooo excited to announce I’ve created something brand new for you with! My New Vlog which includes a new 10 min video, new blog content and new podcast every week (ish) just for you! And first up we’re talking all things money, honey 😉 (of course) So mark this email as important […]

Normalize Money to Receive More

– how to incrementality turn up your receiving for big results with ease – Starting with small goals that don’t feel like a big deal (you’d be surprised how they add up!) – how to expand the fun and feel good in every moment – the secret weapons I’ve added to my business for consistent […]

EP 15 How to incrementality turn up your receiving for big results with ease

What I will be covering: 1) when you make a goal special, you make it separate from you and what to do about it 2) why every aspect of your business gets to be an energizing experience 3) what has gotten in the way of your channel to receive 4) what activation keys are and […]

Ep. 14: Choose your desires consciously

In this episode we’re diving into: discovering your soul purpose, monetizing it into a highly profitable soul-led business (one that not only makes millions and impacts millions but is an energizing experience of love) making your business fun, easy and playful finding the aligned blueprint within us to share your message with the world why […]

Ep. 13: How to make every aspect of your biz an energizing experience of LOVE