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And first up we’re talking all things money, honey 😉 (of course)

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The fastest way to receive more is to normalize money.

For just a moment imagine what it would feel like if money was just a constant for you…

What if you could fully depend on and trust that money would always show up for you no matter what?

How liberating would it feel to believe that you’re as supported by money as the air you breathe? 

That you literally can’t have too much, spend too much, receive too much, give too much because it’s a renewable resource and there’s always more where that came from?

My own relationship with money hasn’t always been what it is today. I’ve had to work on strengthening that relationship consistently to the point where I now do believe that having and receiving an abundance of money is normal for me.

And guiding you to this same level of peace around money so that yes, you can receive more with ease, alignment and flow is exactly what I’m talking about in the first episode of my new vlog!

Listen to the NORMALIZE MONEY Podcast here >>

In today’s blog I dig into:

  • What does it actually mean to normalize money?
  • Identifying if you’re making money special (which automatically makes it separate and unachievable)
  • How to uncomplicate the whole getting paid piece
  • Discovering the story you have around business and money and taking your power back as the storyteller of your life to write a new narrative
  • An epic journaling practice I’ve NEVER shared before on making money as easy as breathing air
  • What it looks like when money just IS and why running out of money is impossible for you
  • And the massive shift that occurred for me just before I started making 6-figures in my business

I cannot wait to share ALL of this with you today, it is going to be so so powerful for you.

Podcast: The Conscious Life Podcast

Normalize Money to Receive More

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