Sometimes when you’re running your own business it can feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done… You finish one project only to realize there’s 3 more waiting for you, right? Today I have a brand new episode of LiveFree TV to help you get out of the cycle of never feeling like […]

The schedule I swear by {LiveFree TV}

The last 10 days were a little crazy… Yes, I was living in the beautiful mountains in Colorado, spending most of the nights in our new little camper out in nature. But, it was an insanely busy time. Almost every hour was booked except for the first weekend. Let me be clear, we were booked […]

I can’t believe I forgot this!

I’m sitting in the mountains right now, there’s humming birds flying around and not a cloud in the sky — this is my office for the next couple days. Last week on a bit of a whim, my husband and I bought an adorable little camper trailer and left on a 10 day road trip. […]

This is Living Free, you’re going to love these pics!

One of your biggest goals in starting your own business is more freedom right? Freedom to do whatever you’d like during your days, to choose how much you want to earn this month (without limits) and finally feel like you’re living the life that was meant for you. If freedom is your dream (I know […]

Dream of sales while you sleep? Do this! {LiveFree TV}