I love ease and flow and it’s a core component of my business and my life, but…

Ease is a mindset. 

Starting and running a business isn’t easy, because it’s just about the ultimate form of self work and growth that exists.

Starting a business drags you through every single one of your fears, your doubts, the areas you block yourself and choosing to not let fear derail you but instead use it as a guide back to love over and lover again is one of the hardest and most transformative lessons your business will offer you.

And to have a business that is not only highly profitable but also fills you, fuels you, creates a sense of pride, peace, fulfillment and freedom that energizes you is an experience you can’t really find anywhere else except going through this work. And there’s no shortcuts.

I’m not saying it has to take a lot of time but it does require your commitment to grow, expand and remember who you really are, who you were before society brainwashed you into a space where fear was the default.

I love my work, my clients, this business so much because it has been one of the hardest and most fulfilling experiences of my life.

The actual growth of a business and making it profitable honestly isn’t the hard part at all, business is pretty straightforward in that you: 

>> Create something of value
>> Tell people about it
>> Give them a way to purchase it

That’s it. Business strategy can get way overcomplicated but it’s honestly really that simple.

And when you’re in alignment and flow it’s even easier because you remember how simple business is and you just take the inspired steps to continue creating things >> telling people about them >> give them a way to purchase. 

So what’s the actual hard part of business? 

Getting out of your own damn way and choosing to continually move through all the ways you’ve been taught to be freaking afraid of everything is the part that massively slows down most creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

The second guessing, doubt, overwhelm, frustration and fear is what is more likely to stop you then the simple steps of creating something, telling people and letting them pay you.

That’s why I do the work that I do and oh how I love it, because I care.

I freaking care so much and my superpower is I don’t see your fear as part of you, it’s just a cloud on the surface we can easily cut through to get to the core of who you really are. To the part of you who is all knowing, confident and certain in herself.

Don’t let anyone mix you up and add to your fear by telling you you have to have the right strategy or your business won’t work…there is no right strategy.

When you remember who you really are and run your business from this space, it works.

When you’ve forgotten who you are and think everyone else has the answers and if you don’t choose the right offer, the right platform, the right strategy, the right whatever that it will all fall apart…that’s when it’s really really hard.

I know, I’ve been there.

And almost 6 years into this business and 10 years into this alignment work, I still catch myself slipping into fear at times. But, that’s ok.

I now understand how to notice my fear and use it as my guide back to love instead of derailing me for days, months or years.

This simple but profound shift is what I’m most passionate in helping you master because when you can finally show up in your life and business from love instead of fear, everything gets so easy and fulfilling beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s what you can expect by shifting from fear to full on love in your business:

>> You stop trying to guess what offer people will purchase based on the fear of it not working and instead you create from a grounded, certain, knowing space of love that is the most attractive frequency out there — meaning people LOVE to purchase from you. Over and over again.

>> Your message just becomes an extension of you instead of trying to have a perfect title or elevator pitch to get people to buy from you. And prospects no longer hear your message, they FEEL it.

>> You don’t even think about marketing anymore, you’re so focused on giving from a space of love and helping others that marketing just becomes an easy extension of you being a big old ball of light whether that be through emails, videos, social media, messenger, it doesn’t really matter. You legit LOVE what you do and it feels so good to share it with others (who love it as well).

>> And since marketing doesn’t feel like marketing anymore, selling doesn’t feel like selling anymore either. People just LOVE to pay you, love to buy from you, love to share your offers and products with everyone they know and reach out to YOU asking how they can sign up because everything you’re doing just feels so good to them.

It’s why I’m not a traditional business coach anymore — I know all the strategy inside and out but the real lasting results and fulfillment come from releasing the fear and running your business fully from love.

What 72 5-figure months taught me.

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Hey Rockstar! I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, visionary, self-made millionaire and intuitive entrepreneur and I'm here to help you remember who you are and become all of it, now. Let's get started.



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