This is the one downside to flow…

I don’t know what I want to sell next.

I have so much freedom that I could literally do anything. And I have several ideas…

But, none of them have hit me as “YES! That!!!”.

So…here I am, sitting on my patio, in the sun, chilling, aligning, waiting for the ‘OMG, yes that!’ idea to drop into my brain.

It could happen while I’m writing this email, in an hour, tonight. It will come, it always does, but in the meantime the ol’ feeling of “you need to get something done” is trying to trick me into its old game.

It’s trying to make me believe that if I don’t hurry up and come up with something awesome and promote it like now then everything is going to fall apart!

I mean, how could I possibly believe that $100K cash months are my new normal if I just sit here in this chair doing nothing, right?

That’s what it keeps telling me.

And the fact that I just took my first deep breath in who knows how long tells me that I’ve been listening to all the craziness.

But, I remember now…

I remember the magic in a deep breath.

I remember the magic of choosing to feel like the woman who has $300K come in a month on autopilot.

I remember that I get to choose…

I get to choose how I feel.

I get to choose to make money and have soulmate dream clients reach out without me needing to do anything.

I get to remember my magic and that I AM magic.

Ahh yes…

I’m remembering now.

So, I’m going to keep sitting here in the sun because, well, it feels good. And I assume as the woman who makes $100K a month, $300K a month, and even more, that life feels good.

So by feeling good, I’m in alignment 🙂 As simple as that.

I’ll keep you in the loop when inspiration strikes.

But, for now, here’s my advice…

When you don’t know what’s next, it’s ok to hold still. It’s ok to forget about it for a bit. It’s ok to go for a walk, laugh, write, do things completely not related to figuring it out.

And then, like magic, the idea will strike.

And then, your job is to take immediate inspired action.

This is the cycle.

The stronger my faith and knowing that all I desire is already mine, the easier these pauses between action, creation, and selling become.

And so it is!

Ease. Flow. Freedom.

Again and again.

The Downside of Working in Flow

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