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I made $10,000 in 72 hours–with a 5-week-old!

Jessica offers great confidence and clarity, and her presence is empowering. While working with Jessica, I created consistent monthly income, launched an info product & a group program and even made $10,000 in 72 hours–with a 5-week-old!

Christine McAlister - Focus Strategist

Noela Collis

Jessica made it so easy!
I never thought I could be great at sales, but Jessica made it so easy. I set up my business to do clarity calls and it made sales a fun part of my business. I have clients around the world but wanted to establish a powerful online presence and develop online marketing skills. This was just the course to train me to do this!
Master Life Coach

Celia Faye Meisel

I learned how to step into a space of possibility!
I learned how to step into a space of possibility in my business. Jessica taught us so many tools and techniques to shift into a space of wealth and abundance.
Psychic Business Success Coach + Healer

Stacey Sargison-Shawe

I had one of my most successful months to date (£50K+) and things aren’t slowing down!
I have recently returned from a US Tour where I worked with women in NYC, Boston and Miami. Jessica has this sense of calm which I utterly needed, she is in tune with her spiritual side and her calming influence helped me to really focus on my true desires and make them happen, without stress and complication. Top takeaway, trust your gut. If you know working with Jessica is for you then take action, if not you WILL kick yourself when she’s fully booked!
Life and Business Coach


I was a workaholic robot before Jessica!

Jessica has completely opened my eyes and taught me that it’s absolutely possible to love what you’re building without hustle and dread. I was a workaholic robot before and Jessica has shown me that there’s another way. I can see how much I’ve changed in the past few months working with Jessica and it’s relieving to know that I’ve snapped out of this trance of living someone else’s bone-busting reality of ‘work’ rather than the reality that I desire

Sophia Sunwoo, Startup Architect

Sira Sartori

The Live Event, was amazing
I went to the Live Event, it was amazing!! I love the mindset work. It was all very inspiring and motivational. I realized I would like to be a success coach instead of a health coach. That was huge!
Master Life Coach

Linda Bello

I landed my first $5000 coaching client!
I attended Freedom Society LIVE and landed my first $5000 coaching client two weeks after the event!
Success Coach

Leslie Woodward
Jessica is a rare gem!
She’s a rare gem in the field of business coaching. She is such a self-less, loving, respectful human. I have finally found clarity in my offerings, and feel my heart flutter every time I look at the website I created (with Jessica’s help). I feel so inspired, and it doesn’t fade.
Holistic Nutrionist


I married my expertise AND my passions!

I love working with Jessica, something shifted BIG time! I had 72 sign-ups to my list and over 35 new people join my FB group in just 10 hours with no paid advertising!!!

She combines talent, wisdom and a soulful presence which makes for an incredible experience. And she helped me marry my expertise and passions in a way I never could have done on my own. She also helped me with branding, copywriting and overcoming my fear of being visible. 

Gabrielle Whitney, Women's Wealth and Empowerment Coach

Siobhan McAuley
I earned $15,000 only 6 weeks after starting my coaching business!
Jessica’s expert guidance and support allowed me to transform the way that I worked and earn more in one month than I had the entire year before. Investing in Jessica as my mentor has been the single most important reason for my success, and I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to completely transform their life and their business – fast.
Master Life Coach

Sarah Kaler

I generated an additional $25,000 in revenue
In my first few weeks after connecting I generated an additional $25,000 in revenue with my ideal clients! What I love and appreciate most about my time with Jessica is her commitment to staying focused on simplicity, and leveraging your time. It doesn’t have to be complicated to create wealth and your ideal life.
Executive Leadership Coach,

Suzy Ashworth

I had 3 consecutive best months ever and doubled my income.
Jessica’s reputation had preceded her, but I was still nervous about making the commitment. I’m so glad that I did. Working with Jessica was quite literally life-changing. I transformed the way I chose to show up in my business and felt supported and encouraged to go off and follow my dreams. In the three months I worked with Jessica I had 3 consecutive best months ever and doubled my income. Thanks Jessica – I owe you lots.
Mindset & Marketing Mentor


How do you go from earning $212 a month to over $50,000 in 21 days? Hire Jessica.

She helped me shift my mindset about where money comes from, the value I provide my clients and how to release scarcity and lack. In days everything changed. Everything. If you’re having trouble embracing who you are, what you offer and how to reach your potential, this is the coach for you. Don’t think about it. Hire her.

Rebecca T Dickson, Bullshit Slayer & Biz Profit-Maker

Susan-Jane Rome

25K+ months with no website AND no list!
I knew nothing about Jessica when I hopped on a clarity call with her. But I felt her soul, the purity of her essence. So I said, ‘Yes, I’m in.’ And no I didn’t have the money. But I needed a coach who I could trust to see the bigger vision. She did. This gorgeous energy was supported by high-level coaching and accountability + the systems and structures I needed to learn. With that support I have exploded in my coaching business. 25K+ months have become my new norm. I adore you Jess and couldn’t have done it without you.
The Biz & Body Whisperer

Carolin Soldo

I booked 5 clients and almost $15,000 only weeks after launching my new coaching program!
Jess is the real deal when it comes to building a coaching business and her sole focus was my success. Working with her, I launched my new 4 month coaching program and booked 5 new clients 3 weeks later. The best part about working with her was that I felt fully supported at all times with her mindset coaching and business strategy and she fully focused on my needs and next steps in business. Most of all, Jess has given me the confidence to do what is right for me and let go of the things I thought I ‘should’ be doing. She’s all about building the business and life that makes you feel FREE!
Online Business & Marketing Coach

Hillary Schneider

I have consistently brought in 10K+ months in my biz and rising!
Within 3 weeks of the launch of my online biz I made 12K. Working with Jessica as my coach and mentor was a huge part of that success. She helped me get clear on my packages, aligned me with my pricing and supported me in the structures I needed. Jessica is clear in her knowledge, grounded in her success and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her guidance and coaching are invaluable especially to a coach starting out in their online biz who’s ready to rocket to success.
Leadership Coach


Hiring Jessica was one of the best investments I’ve made

I absolutely ADORE Jessica and know hiring her was one of the best investments I’ve made in my business to date. Before our work together I felt overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid. I was working 65+-hour weeks and living in my mom’s basement.
Fast-forward to now and I literally feel like a new person. I’ve moved into a beautiful apartment in the heart of DC and more than doubled my coaching rates for new clients.
She gave me permission to start living the lifestyle I wanted NOW rather than 10 years from now.
Ultimately, Jessica has reminded me of how worthy I am of the life I desire (something I’ve always known but got pushed aside in the entrepreneurial hustle and bustle). She is warm, wise and insanely business savvy, and I trust her deeply.
If you want a strategic partner and mentor to support you in creating an amazing business AND lifestyle, work with Jessica. You won’t regret it!

Rebecca Rubin, Marketing Coach

Danielle Raine

After my calls with Jessica I feel unstoppable!
As though my big visions are very do-able and I’m on track for success. Her super-sharp and savvy business and marketing skills are worth a fortune. I’ve already learned a huge amount of priceless insights and profitable strategies. With her ability to assess what blocks need clearing, and what sequence to move forward in, Jessica makes even big challenges feel achievable and exciting. Having such a brilliant and soulful coach has turbocharged my confidence, but it’s also helped me relax and enjoy the journey – which is one of my core business values. With Jessica in my corner, success feels inevitable – and fun! And her approach to life-balance and freedom are a much-needed new model of success. If you’re looking for a coach with heart, soul and business brilliance – hire Jessica.
Creativity Coach

Roxana Branigan

Jessica is amazing!
Before working with her I felt overwhelmed and confused. Her calming nature brought me into focus and she helped me organize content and create programs that felt aligned with who I am. She walked me through my entire business and was able to help me create a structure and a strong message, which allowed me to become visible confidently. When you work with Jessica, it’s obvious you are connecting with someone who walks their talk. She is living proof that what she teaches works! Jessica is extremely good at spotting your needs. She knows what you are going through as a busy female entrepreneur and works with both mindset and structure to make it work. Be ready for abundance because if you follow her advice, it’s coming in more ways than you could ever dream.
Brand & Business Mentor

Lanai Flores

I wish I would have found Jessica six months ago!
She has a very unique way of simplifying an otherwise chaotic process. For the first time in my professional career, I have clarity on my business model and the lifestyle that I want to enjoy. I can count on her to not only give her professional feedback on any concern that I have; but, she also knows how to connect with me on a personal level. In a short amount of time, I have been able to present a professional website and have the appropriate systems/structures in place to support my business because of Jessica’s guidance. I truly enjoy working with her. She has become a vital piece of my support system and I appreciate the environment that she cultivates allowing me to completely transform my presence. I would recommend Jessica hands down; especially, if you are starting a business and in need of clarity and structure.

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