Money Mindset

Money is one of those topics that whether you’re rolling in the dough (or wishing you were)… EVERYONE wants more of it! Am I right? There’s no need to be shy about this. As Wallace Wattles says in The Science of Getting Rich… “Desire is possibility seeking expression.” Meaning, if you desire more money…it is […]

Here’s What it Really Takes to Manifest MONEY

If I had to choose one “secret” that caused me to go from $400 months to 10K months within 30 days in 2014, this Abraham Hicks quote would be it: “Financial abundance is a result of consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance.” It might sound easy, but when you’re in a space of feeling like there’s […]

Need an abundance manifestor? 2,000 views can’t be wrong

One of the biggest concerns I hear women say when considering investing in their business is “I’d love to when I have the money!” But honey, it doesn’t work like that! I hosted a special Facebook LiveStream recently on this exact topic and how to break through your money blocks asap. Learn how to manifest […]

Give up “I can’t afford it” for good {LiveFree TV}

Now that The Freedom Society is finally here, I’ve been putting together some very special video trainings to accompany the modules. And the first training, all about mastering the 6-figure mindset, I filmed on top of the world on a mountain pass here in Colorado. What could be a better place to have a mindset […]

Live Free TV from the top of the world

Ever feel like you’re in an abusive relationship with money? You’re finally getting ahead and then out of nowhere you’re hit with an unexpected bill or expense? There’s a reason for this — there’s some serious limiting beliefs and money blocks acting like giant boulders in your river of financial abundance. And this is the […]

This is YOUR week for a Breakthrough