Money Mindset

Money is one of those topics that whether you’re rolling in the dough (or wishing you were)… EVERYONE wants more of it! Am I right? There’s no need to be shy about this. As Wallace Wattles says in The Science of Getting Rich… “Desire is possibility seeking expression.” Meaning, if you desire more money…it is […]

Here’s What it Really Takes to Manifest MONEY

If I had to choose one “secret” that caused me to go from $400 months to 10K months within 30 days in 2014, this Abraham Hicks quote would be it: “Financial abundance is a result of consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance.” It might sound easy, but when you’re in a space of feeling like there’s […]

Need an abundance manifestor? 2,000 views can’t be wrong

One of the biggest concerns I hear women say when considering investing in their business is “I’d love to when I have the money!” But honey, it doesn’t work like that! I hosted a special Facebook LiveStream recently on this exact topic and how to break through your money blocks asap. Learn how to manifest […]

Give up “I can’t afford it” for good {LiveFree TV}

Now that The Freedom Society is finally here, I’ve been putting together some very special video trainings to accompany the modules. And the first training, all about mastering the 6-figure mindset, I filmed on top of the world on a mountain pass here in Colorado. What could be a better place to have a mindset […]

Live Free TV from the top of the world