Money is one of those topics that whether you’re rolling in the dough (or wishing you were)… EVERYONE wants more of it! Am I right? There’s no need to be shy about this. As Wallace Wattles says in The Science of Getting Rich… “Desire is possibility seeking expression.” Meaning, if you desire more money…it is […]

Here’s What it Really Takes to Manifest MONEY

I had the joy of hosting two VIP destination intensives last week at the beautiful St. Julien Hotel here in Boulder, Colorado. I love working in an intensive way like this because of the incredible transformation that can happen during this focused time. A mentor of mine once compared intensives to surgery, instead of just […]

The art of manifesting. 3 steps that work for me every time.

If I had to choose one “secret” that caused me to go from $400 months to 10K months within 30 days in 2014, this Abraham Hicks quote would be it: “Financial abundance is a result of consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance.” It might sound easy, but when you’re in a space of feeling like there’s […]

Need an abundance manifestor? 2,000 views can’t be wrong

Now that The Freedom Society is finally here, I’ve been putting together some very special video trainings to accompany the modules. And the first training, all about mastering the 6-figure mindset, I filmed on top of the world on a mountain pass here in Colorado. What could be a better place to have a mindset […]

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