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LiveFree Radio is the radio show for driven creatives and entrepreneurs who want to do business on their terms, follow the feel good, break the rules and make a ton of money in the process. #tolivingfree movement! Get instant access to fresh, relevant, on-point guidance and strategy to create a successful online business and real FREEDOM! This radio show is a non-negotiable for the woman who’s ready to impact millions, make millions, live luxuriously and give back generously.

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My name’s Jessica Caver Lindholm,

I’m the go-to mentor for visionary entrepreneurs and creatives who are ready to do business on their terms without all the rules of how you “should” be running your biz in the online world. This is the #tolivingfree movement and I invite my fellow rebels and change makers to break the rules, follow the feel good, make a ton of money in the process and finally live free!

I founded ‘To Living Free’ because I knew it was time to start a freedom revolution.

The model of trading dollars for hours is broken and I’m here to give go-getters, like yourself, everything you need to leverage the years of experience, unique gifts and expertise that you already have (whether you know it or not) into an online empire.

If you know you’re here to impact millions, make millions, live luxuriously and give back generously — then you’re in the right place.

“How do you go from earning $212 a month to over $50,000 in 21 days? Hire Jessica!”

She helped me shift my mindset about where money comes from, the value I provide my clients and how to release scarcity and lack. In days everything changed. Everything. If you’re having trouble embracing who you are, what you offer and how to reach your potential, this is the coach for you. Don’t think about it. Hire her.

REBECCA DICKSON – Bullshit Slayer & Biz Profit-Maker

I don’t believe in chance encounters. I believe in miracles, endless possibility and magic in every moment. Especially the right now. And this is the start of something big.

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