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The leading transformational coach to visionary women destined for greatness.


i'm jessica caver lindholm

The leading transformational coach to visionary women destined to be the most successful, impactful and profitable on the planet to start LIVING it.  For the last decade I’ve been the secret weapon that’s flipped the “never heard of them” to “she’s everywhere” in what feels like overnight.

My clients have done all that and more with my straight to the soul coaching that shifts your blocks FAST and taps into the highest level, fierce, unstoppable you. Which is why so many of my clients now have 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses with the massive reach and lifestyle to match (and they’re only getting started). People will know who you are when I’m done with you and be lining up to pay for your presence.

Know you're meant to be living a life unlike anyone else? I'll drop you into your power fast, anchoring you into the physical plane and teaching you to channel infinite universal abundance through you life, now.

Straight to your soul coaching + energy and alignment work that launches you face first into your big goals. Your transformation is ready. Let’s begin.

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"How do you go from earning $212 a month to over $50,000 in 21 days? Hire Jessica."

She helped me shift my mindset around where money comes from, the value I provide my clients and how to release scarcity and lack. In days everything changed. Everything. If you're having trouble embracing who you are, what you offer and how to reach your potential, this is the coach for you. Don't think about it. Hire her.

- Rebecca Dickson -

"After one conversation, within 48 hrs I signed up 2 new clients!"

After one conversation with Jessica, within 48 hrs I signed up 2 new gorgeous clients in my signature program and both paid in full! Creating my first $20k month! This woman is amazing! Thank you Jess.

- Louise George -

"Working with Jess not only transformed my business, it changed my life!"

I went from hustling for the occasional client to consistently attracting ideal clients. My income continues to climb every single week! I've been in other masterminds and coaching programs before but hands down the level of support that Jess gives is unmatched! Working with Jessica has been amazing. Not only has it transformed my business, working with her changed my life! 

- Nicole Santer -


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