Do you know you're meant for more but sometimes feel like the good life is passing you by?

Do you know deep down that money, soul work, all of it is supposed to be easy but it often still feels so hard?

Do you deeply desire to do good work in the world but can't figure out how to also make money at the same time?

At your core do you believe you really can have it all but still feel you don't have much to show for it?

Would you love to feel the joy of helping your own clients transform their lives?

And do you dream of having a successful business that feels as good as it looks and creates purpose and profits every day?

This was my daily dream as well, not that long ago...

And I created Surrender Into Success to give you the powerful tools to transform your own life and the lives of incredible soulmate clients from around the world at the same time...AND be paid for it with ease, alignment and freedom.

It's Your Time to Unleash Your Soul Work, Be Paid for Your Presence and Master Money + Manifestation So That You Can Positively Change the World and Live Free!

You matter. Your calling and belief in more is real. There's steps you can take to create absolutely anything. And your desire to write, speak, help people AND be paid for it is real and available now.
And I have distilled down a decade of experience with thousands of clients into a powerful, proven system you can use to transform all areas of your life, create powerful shifts with your own dream clients and customers and create + grow your own soul led business, that pays you for being you, starting today.

Here's What I Want You to Know...

You matter. Your calling and belief in more is real. There's steps you can take to create absolutely anything. And your desire to write, speak, help people AND be paid for it is real and available now.
But, it can be really hard to try to get a new business totally off the ground when every aspect of it feels new and you’re trying to juggle so many different pieces at once.
Part of what helped me quickly get my business off the ground from scratch back in 2014 and go from making $0 to $10k a month early that year...was because I had access to work that inspired me that I could use immediately to create a free resource and coaching program I felt confident in from day one.

This content was from a training program that I previously attended that gave me permission to use the book and guides that came with the training to start working with my own clients immediately. 
In short, I had instant access to work I believed in, instead of needing to figure it all out on my own, and all I needed next was clients to do this work with.
This allowed me to focus my time on sharing the work I believed in, growing my audience and money making activities instead of wasting time trying to figure out what on earth I should be creating or sharing in the first place.

And this is what I want to give you too.

At the start of my business I was able to use the work created by one of my mentors with their permission to develop a free resources that I could use to start helping people and growing my audience even though I was brand new to the coaching and online world -- this gave me immediate clarity and confidence.
I was then able to take this content and turn it into a premium private coaching package for new clients who were reaching out to work with me directly from the free resource I created from the same content already.
And from here I was able to grow and scale my business and my positive impact as I became more confident and clear in my skills and make it fully mine.
But, all of this was able to happen so much FASTER because I didn’t have to start completely from scratch.
I had resources that I deeply believed in and could use to easily create my own free resources to grow my audience and coaching I could sell right from the start as a new entrepreneur with the deep desire to just write, speak and help people and get paid for it. And I want to give this to you as well.
I developed the Surrender Into Success System to: 
- Guide creatives, visionaries and soul led entrepreneurs from around the globe 
- To have the tools you need to create positive impact, live the life of your dreams and help others do the same 
- AND be paid for it.
But, not only will this work guide you, it will give you the actual tangible steps that you can be teaching, coaching, writing, sharing and selling to grow your own audience and be paid for the work you believe in so deeply.
After a decade of doing this work with thousands of clients from around the world, I’ve distilled it all down to five powerful steps that can help you truly have it all that I outline step-by-step in my signature 'Have It All' book. And you'll have exclusive permission to teach, coach and share this work with others in addition to the 8 signature trainings you'll receive access to that guide you more specifically on aligned, intuitive business.
Through the Surrender Into Success System you will:

1. LEARN these powerful steps so you deeply understand how they work
2. USE them in your own life to create real results and miracles, now
3. Have the opportunity to SHARE them with others whether for free or through your own business to create positive impact and even income
This system is based on my ‘Have It All’ book which walks you through the five steps to create absolutely anything in your life and how to apply them directly to the areas that matter to you most like money, work, body and relationships combined with my signature Unleash Your Soul Work trainings for building an aligned and profitable empire by being all of you.
And the great part is that these steps and trainings can seamlessly blend into your own business no matter what you’re focused on or the type of work you do:
>> You can exclusively teach, coach on and create courses based specifically around the Surrender Into Success System
>> Or you can combine this system with unlimited other modalities and areas to feel fully aligned for you from body to health, mindset and wealth, business and marketing, love and relationships, and everything in between
It can feel like there’s so many pieces to starting a new business or growing the one that you already have.
I want to give you the same hand up that I had when I was just starting out including powerful content you'll love, proven steps and work that you believe in deeply so that can show up for fully to start creating impact and even income right away.
Being able to start, grow and scale my own business in this way from the beginning is what helped me become the powerful coach, author and thought leader I knew I wanted to be.

And now it's your time!

As a Surrender Into Success client you have exclusive permission to teach, coach and create content inspired by this system, my Have It All book and Unleash Your Soul Work trainings including but not limited to:
- Free resources like e-books and audios
- Private coaching
- Group programs
- Self study courses
- Blog posts, podcasts, livestreams
- And more!
For instant confidence, clarity and credibility!
Content cannot be directly copied, but instead use this work to inspire your own experience, tell your own story, the practices you love most and ground your business in a system that you know works for you and will work for your own clients and community as well.
In short, I believe the dreams you see inside of you are real and that we all rise together.
By embodying this work for yourself and implementing this system in your own life, you will see results. 

And as you see results you’re going to want to share this work with others.
The Surrender Into Success System gives you a way to transform your own life and the lives of incredible soulmate clients from around the world at the same time AND be paid for it.
To be all of who you really are.

Teach and sell what you truly believe in with soul. 

Discover your fullest expression.

Positively change the world.

And Live Free.
There’s nothing else out there like this and it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for to create real impact, income and freedom, now.

Unleash Your Soul Work, Be Paid for Your Presence and Master Money + Manifestation So That You Can Positively Change the World and Live Free!

How This Works
+ What You Get:

Proven content you love to transform your life and use to impact the lives of your own community and clients as well!

I've created Surrender Into Success to take you through three powerful layers of transformation that build on themselves to create real results in your life first and then easily share these breakthroughs with others in all the ways that feel amazing for you -- from books to coaching, courses to content and everything in between. As far as your imagination takes you.

1. Discover + Master:

You can't keep living in the same way you have been and create the life of your dreams. So it's time to discover + master a new way to approach money, soul work and all aspects of your life from total clarity, confidence and power to create absolutely anything. 

You'll discover, learn and begin to master these practices which naturally leads you to...

2. Transform Your Life:

To live the life you desire and create the impact and income you know is meant for you, it starts with beginning to personally transform your own life first. This work isn't theory, it's real steps you're going to be able to implement in your life every day to empower yourself, unlock your potential and create the real results you've been craving, now.

And something powerful happens as we begin to transform our own lives, we want to share it... 

3. Share With Others + Get Paid:

Sharing your transformation is the number one way to expand the joy and fulfillment of living as your full potential. When you feel good, when you accomplish amazing things, when you create a life beyond your wildest dreams, you want to share it. I believe this desire to share is where global peace, aligned automation and abundance + freedom for all will come from.

I also believe sharing your transformation is where every truly successful soul led business originates, including yours.

As soon as you join Surrender Into Success you'll be welcomed into a community, a sisterhood that honors and celebrates you for exactly who you are and what you're choosing to now create.

An oasis of a space for those ready to drop the struggle, remember who you really are, create your soul work, prosperity and impact in a way that inspires and serves you (and your incredible clients and community) and creates the experience of heaven on earth you’ve been dreaming of...and so much more.

Here's just a taste of the divine experience you'll receive access to as soon as you join:

Monthly LIVE Calls with Jess

Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls to personally connect with me and your mastermind community. This is hands down both my clients and my favorite part. Connect with me live, get any questions answered and leave with a total energetic reset and clarity on the exact steps to take to live your big dreams now.

6 Signature Unleash Your Soul Work Video Trainings

I've organized the core steps of creating a soul led business and getting paid for being you into 8 signature video trainings from messaging, to aligned marketing, selling with soul and everything in between. These will start to be released early November.

A Vault of Signature Video Trainings to Master Manifestation and Money

Receive access to a vault of powerful video trainings to help you master all things money and manifestation and step into the intentional creator of your own life. With lifetime access to over 40 hours of trainings you'll always have access to the guidance you need, when you need it.

Access to My 'Have It All' Book Chapters

The 12 chapters of my book break down in detail the exact five steps I use and coach my clients on to manifest anything in their lives + exactly how to apply them to money, soul work, body and even relationships.

The Exclusive Audiobook Version of My 'Have It All' Book

I'm recording each of the raw chapters for my new book into powerful audios exclusively for Surrender Into Success clients so you can be deeply absorbing this transformational work to use in your own life and in your business and with your own clients.

The Opportunity to Share What You Learn With Your Own Clients

As a Surrender Into Success client you have exclusive permission to teach, coach and create content inspired by this system, my Have It All book and Unleash Your Soul Work signature trainings. Giving you instant credibility and confidence!

Supportive Mastermind Community

Incredible community filled with like minded SISter’s from around the world who are releasing the struggle, choosing easy and practicing surrendering into success every day with you.

Lifetime Access to Content + Membership Site

Your own membership site to easily login and access all the trainings, audios, resources and more from laptop or mobile anytime, anywhere.

No Ongoing Membership Fees

You get lifetime access to all the content and longterm access to this LIVE Mastermind Community + Regular Support from me as your mentor for the life of this program. Having access to an ongoing community of up levels is one of the biggest reasons my clients consistently create real, lasting change and results.

Something that I hear all the time from my clients is that they become the happiest people they know. They’re so clear on who they are, what they desire and how to get it without the struggle and sacrifice in a way that feels really good to them.
This is what I want for you too.
It's time to Surrender Into Success.

A Glimpse of the
Powerful Content Covered

It's Your Time to Unleash Your Soul Work and Be Paid for Your Presence So That You Can Positively Change the World and Live Free!

During the Signature 6 Unleash Your Soul Work Video Trainings You'll Master:

You ARE Your Niche >> Unleashing All Of You and Rising to the Top Fast!

The biggest thing that's holding you back is trying to conform to who you think you "should" be. Trying to edit yourself down, not be too much, or too weird, or too whatever you're afraid you are. And it's killing your business and draining the joy and inspiration out of your life. Let alone, every time you edit yourself you attract non-ideal clients (if any) and your income drops because you've dammed up the river of abundance with your doubt, judgement and holding back. It's time to set you free, to fully unleash all of you, unapologetically, daily, in a way that lights you up, feels totally aligned, energizes every cell of your body and, oh yeah, magnetizes soulmate clients, opportunities and income straight to you. And that brings us to...

Let Your Message Be Bigger Than Your Bullsh*t to Magnetize Soulmate Clients Who Love and Buy Everything

Alright, so you finally pull back the layers and start letting all of you out, but then what? You're probably going to freak out, feel like you're oversharing, and have what I call a "truth hangover" where you start second guessing yourself and pull back to feeling safe and serving no one, least of all you. I'm not available for that, are you? It's time for your message to be bigger than your bullshit and for you to get comfortable selling and serving DAILY, with ease and flow. The last thing this world needs is another visionary who never lets their light out, not on my watch. You're going to fully own your truth, become magnetic AF and build a tribe of rockstars who love and buy everything you release. The easier it gets the easier it gets.

Cash Injection >> From Inspired Idea to Sales (in 72 hours or less)

Speaking of easy...let's liberate you from the idea that you need to plan out some complicated program that takes weeks (or months) to outline, let alone launch. You're a visionary, you live in the now and you have the ability to tap into instant manifestation, so let's get on with it, shall we? There's a specific process I use to bring myself into total alignment on a daily basis, to release judgement and negative emotions, and to open my mind up to receive brilliant business ideas. From this space, I've created an inspired six step launch system specifically for intuitives that's 80% energetic alignment combined with powerful, inspired strategy for massive results. I'll show you how to confidently go from receiving inspiration, to having a list of potential clients eager to hear about your offer, to launching with ease (just as an extension of you) and receiving sales in just a matter of days
-- NO complicated tech needed.

Surrendering Your Way to Success >> The Sacred Art of Decision, Releasing, Automation and Receiving

This might just be my favorite topic because it has totally set me free. In the past I put so much pressure on needing the "right" number of people to sign up for a program, or the "perfect" number of sales, and if things didn't go how I wanted I'd feel like I failed. No longer. I feel completely at peace throughout every launch because I practice the sacred art of decision and surrender. I KNOW that everything is always working out for me and I'm going to show you how to tap into this same level of certainty. Combine this confident energetic state with simple, powerful, strategic funnels and automation and you can be growing your list, creating passive income and serving greatly without an ounce of hustle. And releasing new ideas and programs on autopilot whenever you're inspired. This is the intuitive entrepreneur's version of do the work once and serve + earn over and over ;)

Channeling Marketing + Sales Copy and Intuitive Guidance on Offers, Prices and More!

I can't even begin to share how much easier your life is going to get when you stop "trying" and start receiving, rockstar. Not just money (but of course that's part of it) -- inspiration, marketing ideas, sales page copy, perfect pricing, program ideas and so much more are available for you to receive right now. I've completely stopped "trying" in my business all together. I don't come up with the program ideas, the pricing, the emails I write, none of it. I come into alignment, I tap into my intuition and I let it flow. I'm going to show you exactly how to do the same thing so that marketing just becomes you sharing your truth, sharing your message, your stories and inviting others to join you. And one of the best parts is you get to start fully living as the fullest, wealthiest, most powerful version of you now -- that's who you really are anyway and that's where all the magic comes from.-- NO complicated tech needed.

The Aligned Launch Race that Feeds Your Soul, Sets You Free, Creates and Serves Millions!

Now it's time to bring it all together! No need for the typical exhausted, emotional launch mode though. Before I discovered how to launch from ease and flow I used to cry during every launch because it was so stressful, for almost four years. Please skip this and go straight to creating and impacting millions, while having fun I might add. I'm going to show you exactly how I launch at this point (with no complicated tech), using free strategies you can implement today, how to discover your own inspired launch formula and how to demystify all the complicated strategies out there because I've tried them all (and most you can skip). These days I typically launch at least a couple times every month because they're so fun, where in the past I dreaded every single launch. Can you imagine how many more you can serve and how much more you can earn if you actually enjoy launching and want to do it regularly? 
Ease and flow, lovely.

Soul Led Social Media Domination to Grow Your Highly Engaged Community (every single day) on Instagram, FB and Beyond!

Let's be real, social media is kind of a big deal. Whether you love it or hate it there's billions of people from around the world hanging out there. And if you want to be the visionary leader with the massive global reach you know is meant for you then you better believe it's time to up your social media game. But...not in the forced way so many others are telling you you have to do it. When it comes to a soul led business, social media is just another amazing way you're going to easily, gracefully share the message of your soul with the world. We're covering all things soul led social media domination and how shifting my mindset (and spending a lot less time hanging out on social media) has actually led to me reaching up to 100,000 people a month on my FB Biz Page AND growing my Instagram to over 100,000 and counting!

Reset To Soul to Tap Into Deep Real Certainty, Expand Your Energetic State and Consistently Clear Blocks + Activate Next Level Codes

And to take it all home you're going full on back to soul so you can take everything you've learned, the momentum, the alignment and fully embody all of who you have always known you were meant to be from total flow and activate your next level codes so you only go up! This is the time you will fully lock in you, for good. Release the blocks, notice the patterns, dance with the fear and no longer allow it to make decisions in your life. You'll discover how to expand your energetic body, fill up your own energetic wells and no longer need approval or outside circumstances to give you what you've always had available inside. And remember how to flip on your codes for success, wealth, certainty and receiving once and for all. Ease and flow, lovely.

A Vault of Powerful Video Trainings So You Can Master Manifestation and Money

Receive lifetime access to a vault of some of my most powerful video trainings on all things money and manifestation so you can become the intentional creator of your own life and fully live free. With over 40 hours of life changing trainings, you'll always have the exact guidance you need at your fingertips and I can't wait to share these with you!

Here's just a glimpse of the powerful videos you'll receive lifetime access to:

Soulmate Everything: Clients, Launches, Income and More

What if you just assumed that everything you want is true, real and meant to be?

The practices to work, play, live and get paid daily from FLOW

Surrendering Into Success + Tapping Into the Quantum

Master the energy of money + your next level money relationship!

Creating Low Priced Intro Offers

Stop backsliding. Your desires are divine, choose them, back them, stay the course and have them + more!

Aligned Automation + Funnels!

Reset To Soul

And you receive lifetime access to all of this so you can dive in at the pace that feels best for you and continue to grow, master and transform both your life and the lives of your own clients for years to come.

Instant Access to Thousands
In Bonuses!

I'll be honest, I'm an over delivering Queen -- and bonuses are one area I definitely excel ;)
Take a peek at all the goodies you'll receive instant + lifetime access to as soon as you sign up.

Activation Audios

Receive instant access to four activation audios designed to take your up levels to a cellular level and reprogram you for ease, alignment and abundance.

Almost 30 Alignment Audios

You'll receive instant access to an entire vault of alignment audios that I've recorded over the last year from 10 - 30 min long for instant alignment any time.

13 To Living Free Guides

Receive instant access to 13 To Living Free Guide filled with journal prompts, guidance and breakthroughs on specific areas like money, mindset, manifestation and more!

13 To Living Free Coaching Call Replays

Receive instant access to these powerful coaching calls, all at least an hour each, to hear personalized guidance and support now on some of your biggest questions + learn how I powerfully coach my clients.

Instant Access to ALL Previous Surrender Into Success Content

Receive instant access to all the new live trainings, guided meditations, mantras and more that I've already created for Surrender Into Success this year!

And So Much More!

Personal connection, massive up levels, returning to your truth, bonus gifts and so much more. I'm not called the queen of over delivering for nothing :)

Here's just a glimpse of the Bonus Audios  waiting for you right now:

Activating your ability to receive creativity and divine downloads

Up Level Your Operating System

Personal Policy and Always Getting Exactly What You Want

Flicking the Switch to Your Full Expression Now

Aligned Client Generation

The Hundreds Of Tiny Aligned Decisions That Create BIG Results

Discover Your Greatness + The Missing Pieces Of Manifestation

The No Fail Manifestation System

Activation of Crystalline Consciousness and Manifestation

Identify + Release Your Limiters

60 Second Clear the Limiter Breath

The Choose Again Method

Allowing Abundance Meditation

Get Clear on Your Goals From Soul + Release Goals From Fear 

Open the Floodgates for MORE Sales!

Clear the Duplicity to Increase Your Value Now

Lifetime access to every audio, training and resource so you can up level, align and surrender into success whenever you want totally on your schedule.

>> AND Choose to Pay In Full to Receive This Bonus Course for FREE! ($1,000 Value!)

But, so much more than everything that's included in Surrender Into Success...

I know this space can take you from feeling stuck, spinning, even struggling to find your place, your purpose or getting paid for doing your soul work to resetting you fully back to your most powerful state, so that:

- You know exactly who you are
- You know exactly what your soul desires are
- You know what freedom looks like totally on your terms AND how to create it
- You feel totally confident in being able to transform your own life and the lives of your dream clients and customers
- You run your business from a space of magnetically calling in soulmate clients rather than "trying to find them"

- You are your message and speaking, writing, sharing it becomes one of your greatest joys
- You understand the energy of money and just keep being inspired to create more ways for it to flow to you (without all the second guessing you used to feel)
- You understand your role as a conduit for love and your life and business become an extension of all that you really are
- You feel free every single day and know how to instantly realign anytime fear pops up, forevermore
- Money, business, body, relationships, really everything just becomes so much easier, fulfilling, free and even fun!

And this is only the beginning.

If this is the energy you’ve been craving, looking for, scrolling through social media in search of, maybe even praying’s no coincidence you’re here.
I don’t just talk about it, I live it. 
And it would be my greatest honor to share this all with you, too.

What you seek is indeed seeking you. 
It's time to let it in and....

It's Your Time to Unleash Your Soul Work and Be Paid for Your Presence So That You Can Positively Change the World and Live Free!

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No ongoing membership fees.
Two easy sign up options.
Lifetime access.

Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart and tune in...what would you now do if you knew you would succeed? Do that.

Have Questions?

What is Surrender Into Success?

This is an energetic incubator + mastermind for those ready to drop the struggle, surrender into your full potential, deep connection with the divine and create all you desire from alignment, ease and flow.

Is this a subscription membership?

No, I don't do subscription memberships because I've found the energy to be so much stronger in containers where everyone is fully committed to being in the space. Instead of membership fees there's two easy options to get signed up and you'll receive lifetime access :)

Is there a discount/bonus if I pay in full?

Yes! The first 10 to pay in full will receive a private coaching session for FREE! And, when you choose to pay in full you'll save hundreds with the special pay in full discount AND you'll receive the bonus Masterful Coach course, valued at $1,000, for FREE!

Do I need to have a business or be an entrepreneur?

Not at all, the energetic alignment, abundance and surrender practices you'll learn increase peace, freedom and wealth whether you're a business owner or not. But, it's very common that once you start creating your own personal transformation with this work that you might want to share it and be paid for doing your soul work :)

How long will I have access?

Surrender Into Success is a live, ongoing mastermind + up level that can easily fit into your life or business no matter your current schedule to create real long term change, freedom, peace and results. So you'll have access to this live space for the life of the program and access to all the content forever.

Will I lose access to the resources at some point?

Absolutely not, every resource, training, audio, etc is yours for life so you can dive in at the pace that feels best for you. I never take anything away :)

If I am a business owner can this help me create more success?

Absolutely. I can't say enough about how this work has turned my business into a highly profitable, fulfilling, spiritual experience instead of a hustle. Also, you can take everything you learn from this powerful space and share it with your own clients to make your work even more powerful.

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely, I love payment plans and you can currently sign up with an easy extended payment plan when you join by October 26th to make joining this powerful space feel super expansive.

When does it begin?

As soon as you sign up! You'll receive instant access to your membership site, all the bonuses, alignment audios, invite to our FB Group where I host monthly live calls and so much more! And the 8 signature Unleash Your Soul Work trainings start dropping early November!

Is this for me?

Here's what I know to be true, you already know deep down. Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart and tune in -- if you knew your success was imminent and trusted yourself fully, what would you now choose to do? Do that :)

Have Questions? Click below to message me directly or email my team at and we'll be in touch soon!

About Jessica Caver Lindholm
I'm Jess (or JCL as my clients often call me), author, master coach, founder of ToLivingFree and fully obsessed with helping you discover your soul work, be paid for your presence and create the life beyond your wildest dreams.

Because what I know to be true is good people do incredible things when they have access to the time, money and inspiration to do them. 

I've created a soul led empire that's been making millions through my soul work since 2014 when I founded To Living Free with nothing more than a dream and grew it to a 6-figure business in just 6 months (after only earning $7,000 the previous year as a personal trainer and yoga instructor). 

I now guide soul led visionaries, creatives, leaders and dreamers from around the world to live their fullest expression and create real freedom, impact, prosperity and peace while living the life BEYOND their wildest dreams.

The work we do works no matter where you're at on your journey.  

Money becomes easy. 
You always and only say yes to your soul. 
You attract incredible conscious relationships. 
You design the body and lifestyle of your dreams. 
And you have complete freedom to grow, evolve, change your mind and just be ALL of who you know you're meant to be. You live in a space of total certainty...
And you finally, fully, live free. 

Join me.
It's Your Time To...

It's Your Time to Unleash Your Soul Work and Be Paid for Your Presence So That You Can Positively Change the World and Live Free!

Enrollment is Now Closed.

Join my Free Soul Led Prosperity Queen Community to get first access to Surrender Into Success when it reopens

No ongoing membership fees.
Two easy sign up options.
Lifetime access.

Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart and tune in...what would you now do if you knew you would succeed? Do that.

Have Questions? Click below to message me directly or email my team at and we'll be in touch soon!


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