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THE Energetic Incubator to Reset to SOUL, Tap Into Pure Alignment, Unleash Your Fullest Expression, Be Paid for Your Presence and Change the WORLD, Rockstar!
This is unlike anything I've EVER Done!
A year incubator, weekly emails straight from me, weekly journal prompts, weekly NEW content from activation audios, to LIVE Coaching Calls, visualizations, meditations, breakthrough trainings and MORE!
ALL for less a month than buying just one of your favorite green smoothies or cocktails (and with a heck-of-a bigger payout!)
Just a glimpse of what you'll receive in the To Living Free Community!
>> 12+ hrs of audios + videos waiting for you now

>> Weekly Emails Straight from Jess

>> Weekly journal prompts to help you shift into alignment, reset to soul and receive all you desire just by being you

>> Weekly new To Living Free Community content released including multiple alignment and activation audios every month, mini video trainings, guided SOUL Activation Yoga + Visualization videos, alignment + energy work, meditations, and more!

>> NEW Activation Audios on everything from aligned business, tapping into real abundance now, receiving more, unlocking your magnetic message, reverse aging and creating your dream body from alignment, turned on conscious relationship, calling in soulmate clients, and living SOUL Led and free in every area of your life!

>> NEW Guided SOUL Activation Yoga + Visualization videos! There’s certain poses, energetic channel breathing, chakra tools, checking my body for energetic gaps, and other quick tools and practices I’ve started using daily to live in alignment that I’m recording into quick 5-10 min videos for you to use anytime!

>> At least monthly LIVE training + hot seat coaching to tap into the powerful energy of this amazing community and work together live for massive up levels and deep alignment now

>> Unlimited replays of all live trainings

>> Members Only FB Group for Ongoing Support + Community with some of the most like minded rockstars and visionaries on the planet who GET You

>> First access to new offers, courses and programs and special To Living Free Community discounts

>> Be immersed in the energy of soul alignment, start showing up as your full expression unapologetically and create the life you desire just by being all of you starting now

Get Instant Access to this Powerful Community, 12+ hrs of audios and videos, and lock in the lowest rate ever NOW!
New Weekly Emails with Brand NEW Content Drop EVERY Tuesday!
Get Instant Access for the Lowest Price Ever! But hurry, this won't last!
Bonuses!! (of course)
As if ALL of this isn't epic enough, I've added in several fast action bonuses you don't want to miss:
BONUS #1: Super LOW Pricing for a Very Limited Time get access to EVERYTHING for Only $10 a month or $97 for an entire year!!! What?!? But, these spaces will Sell Out!
BONUS #2: Next 50 Receive the entire 'Receive More NOW' Workshop + Journal Prompts for FREE! What I share in this video training + these journal prompts are the same tools I’m personally using right now to scale my income to $150,000+ a MONTH and they were just as powerful for creating my first $10k month years ago (you’re going to love this so much).
BONUS #3: Access to ALL the audios, journal prompts and call replays you've missed! Don't wait any longer, access to everything from the start of the TLF Community is waiting for you now!
ALL of that in addition to everything else I've already mentioned, creating...
THE Energetic Incubator to Reset to SOUL, Tap Into Pure Alignment, Unleash Your Fullest Expression, Be Paid for Your Presence and Change the WORLD, Rockstar!
Hey, I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, founder of ToLivingFree, thought leader and mentor to some of the most forward thinking, conscious changemakers and visionaries on the planet.

I've always felt different than what was considered normal. I've always expected magic and miracles to be a daily occurrence. I see how easy, fulfilling, joyful life, business, money, body, even relationships can be when we tap back into our natural state and reset to soul.

And after making millions doing my soul work and positively impacting hundreds of thousands around the world I've tapped into a whole new level of this work that's more powerful, potent and accessible than ever and I can't wait to share it with you!
And I'm ready to share it with you and together we're going to change lives all around the world, starting with YOU.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is this a subscription?
No, this is not a subscription. When you get signed up for the $10/month option you are making an energetic agreement to be a part of this incredible space for the next year, so 12 monthly payments spaced 30 days apart. Of course this doesn’t require a lot of work on your part -- just show up as it feels aligned and soak up the amazing audios, videos and energy of this powerful space. I’m committed to showing up, holding the energetic space and providing all the incredible tools mentioned above and my soulmate To Living Free Community are committed to meeting me there. If that sounds like you, if you’re committed to real up levels and expansion in your life and business, then this is for you.

Will there be live coaching?
Yes! I will be hosting at least one live training + hot seat coaching video call every month for the amazing To Living Free Community to connect with me live. My clients always tell me that the energy of these calls carries them forward for weeks and with unlimited replays of every recording you’ll always have access to up levels and alignment when you need it.

I’m in your Academy + Inner Circle how do I get access?
Amazing! Since you’re one of my highest level clients you receive complimentary access to the To Living Free Community as long as you’re in the Academy + Inner Circle :) Yippee!

Are there going to be new audios? I love your audios!
Absolutely! I did a poll recently and the #1 request my community asked for was MORE audios :) So I’ll be recording multiple new audios for you every month for the next year so you can take your To Living Free energy with you no matter where you go -- in the car, on a walk, traveling and more. Up levels and alignment or just a play button away.

How much time do I need to set aside for this work?
This work fits seamlessly into your life when you need it. This isn’t school, you’re not required to finish homework to succeed ;) This is more about energy, alignment, tapping into your true state and from this place knowing the aligned actions to take daily to create massive momentum and start living the life beyond your dreams. And that’s why so many of the resources you’ll be receiving are powerful journal prompts and audios that you can tune into and listen to in the place and time that works best for you.

I have never offered a powerful live coaching, community and align + up level incubator like this for this low of an investment and I don’t expect it to last long.
Get Instant Access for the Lowest Price Ever! But hurry, this won't last!
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