Turn Your Soul Work Into A Highly Profitable, Freedom Filled Business Where Every Aspect is an Energizing Experience of LOVE that Pays You for Being You.
Jessica Caver Lindholm presents...
Turn Your Soul Work Into A Highly Profitable, Freedom Filled Business Where Every Aspect is an Energizing Experience of LOVE that Pays You for Being You.
It's time for conscious entrepreneurs to empower themselves with the knowledge and alignment to create highly profitable, soul led businesses that create freedom, cash and purpose, now.
>> Do you know that there’s powerful work you’re meant to do on this planet and you can’t go another day without doing it?

>> Are you tired of second guessing yourself all the time and just want to feel clear and confident, knowing you’re always making the best decisions?

>> Do you know you’re going to make it in this thing called business but just wish it felt a little more feminine, intuitive, pleasurable and, dare I say, fun?

>> Do you know that really you should be paid for your presence because your message and energy are so strong and people shift just being around you?

>> But then do you slip and wonder if it’s all too good to be true and who do you think you are to make $5k, $10k, $30k a month and beyond with ease and flow when there’s others out there who work so much harder and make so much less?
Love, I so feel you. This is exactly how I felt not that long ago.

I grew up in a very rural farming and ranching community but I always knew that wasn’t the work I was meant to do. I felt all along that there was a message in me that I was meant to share with the world.

I felt so called to work directly with others, to be a fierce force of love in the world. I knew there was soul work I was meant to do (not work just to make money) right from the very beginning, even though I didn’t know what to call it then.
You know you’re meant for something deep, real and liberating.
I went through years of looking up to thought leaders like Mike Dooley, Gabrielle Bernstein and Wayne Dyer and wondering how on earth could I too do this powerful work and also support myself financially.

And if I was being honest, I wasn’t just interested in being able to support myself, I wanted to know true abundance, I wanted to experience overflow, travel the world, stay in gorgeous spaces that inspired me, eat, drink, laugh, dress beautifully and all around enjoy the most turned on, rich and free life.
You know the good life is meant for you.
But, the ‘how’ had me beyond stuck. I knew nothing about the coaching industry, how to create a course, write a book, build a following, all of that felt beyond confusing to me.

I just wanted to help people and have the money part taken care of, please and thank you. Sound familiar?

What I didn’t realize at the time is what I needed to go through, the lessons I needed to learn so that I could get my soul work into the hands of those who need it around the world and turn this work into a profitable business, these weren’t the annoying parts keeping me from doing what I was meant to do, but actually the path to discovering and living my greatness. And the same is true for you.
Your business is one of your greatest teachers...
To bring you back to who you really are and set you free. 

Choosing to do this work, build a soul led business and receive greatly for being you is one of the bravest, most important choices you can make in your life.

And I’m so honored that you’re choosing to take this powerful step into your next level, which is really just a deepening into who you really are and setting all of you free.
I’m Jessica Caver Lindholm.
The founder of To Living Free, spiritual thought leader, international coach and with 72 consecutive 5 (and even 6) figure months under my belt, I know a thing or two about turning your soul work into a highly profitable business where every aspect is an energizing experience of love.

And I’ve created the Soul Led CEO to personally guide you through exactly how it’s done in a way that doesn’t feel arduous, but instead expansive for you.

I’m not going to tell you that there’s only one way to launch and grow a successful soul led business and I’m not going to tell you that you must follow my rules and my system to get results, because that’s not true.
What I am going to do is show you how I’ve done it and present you with the strategy, mindset and even energetic work that I’ve found to be the most effective so that you can personally design and discover your own unique blueprint to success.
>> I’ll show you the exact strategies, systems and structures I’ve used to create my 72 consecutive 5 (and 6) figure months doing my soul work and building a global audience right from the beginning.

>> I’ll uncover the common fear based detours I took along the way getting caught up in what I thought I was supposed to do and being distracted and comparing to everyone else, so you can learn from these and choose to move past them with grace

>> And how to build an unshakable relationship with your inner guidance system so you always know the next aligned action to take for you and don’t get distracted by what anyone else is doing or the latest fad strategy

>> A step-by-step deep dive into exactly how to turn your soul work into a highly profitable, freedom filled business where every aspect is an energizing experience that pays you for being you.
>> My entire system on how to consistently launch and scale your soul led business from alignment so that you too can share your message and be paid in a big way now.
Sound good?? 
I can't wait to share all this with you and everything I've learned from working with thousands of soulmate clients around the world.
>> What You Get <<
As a Soul Led CEO you have access to my highest level of coaching and are deeply supported in every area by me, my amazing husband/COO, and my entire team with at least weekly calls, ongoing support, the most up-to-date trainings and more to own being a leader with the business and lifestyle you desire, now.
Kickoff with a 30 day ‘Results Now’ Intensive:
Tap into a deep knowing of exactly how to set soul goals and take powerful action in your business that feels good and creates results now through this 30 Day deep dive intensive.

Weekly LIVE Open Coaching Calls + Replays:
As soon as you sign up you'll receive access to weekly open coaching calls + replays to get your questions answered and create every aspect of your business (and life) from alignment.

Exclusive Private FB Community:
There will always be support from fellow Soul Led CEO's, my lead coach and team in our high vibe community for ongoing connection, breakthroughs, celebrations and more.

Every tool, resource, template, strategy and mindset practice:
Nothing is off limits and my team and I are there to offer guidance wherever you need it most and support you in consistently taking the next aligned action for you and your goals.

Lifetime access to every course and program I’ve ever created so you always have access to the exact strategy and guidance you need most including:

>> Instant Access to Your Pre-Work: 
Instant Access to the entire Clarity Cure program with 22 videos, audios and resources deep diving into the exact soul work you’re meant to do on this planet

>> The Results Now Intensive kicks off 1 day after sign up: 
Including 30 days of step-by-step guidance and up levels with over 6 hrs of UNLEASH video trainings, live coaching, bonus audios and more to start strong and get results now.

>> Unlock Every Course + Program I've Created:
You'll receive access to the full library of all 20+ To Living Free programs covering every area of soul led business strategy, mindset, energy work and more with a directory breaking down which programs are best for you depending on your goals 30 days after you sign up once you've completed the Results Now Intensive and are more aligned than ever!
Watch this quick video for an overview of all the entire courses you'll receive!
>> How This Works <<
>> Receive Instant Access to your Welcome Email, Membership Site, LIVE Weekly Calls, Private FB Group, Clarity Cure Prework Course and More!

>> We kick off the 30 day ‘Results Now’ Intensive 1 day after you sign up and you’ll receive more details about that soon including 6+ hours of powerful video trainings, bonus audios and more!This is the system I swear by to hit my goals and you can use it every month to elevate into overflow!

>> And then 30 days after sign up, once you’ve completed the 30 day Results Now Intensive (and are rocking and rolling in your business and feeling more aligned and empowered than ever), you’ll receive access to the entire To Living Free Course and Program Vault with every training, course and resource I’ve ever created. That’s lifetime access to over 20 trainings on every area of business strategy, marketing, mindset, alignment and more, yours forever.

>> At Least Twice Monthly Deep Dive Coaching Sessions with me

>> At Least Monthly Strategy Sessions with Lead Coach and Business Manager to help you run your business like a boss

>>Complimentary access to my To Living Free Community for weekly alignment for a YEAR

>> 24/7 Mastermind Support, Networking and check ins between coaching calls in my highest level FB Group

>> I am 100% committed to your success and completely transparent around exactly how to create real results, now

>> Massive up levels and results, nothing is off limits.

>> For those who are serious about creating the life and business beyond their dreams and no longer available to be anything except ALL of who they really are.
ALL the aligned marketing strategy, 
mindset tools and energetic guidance 
to create a 6 (if not 7) figure business available to you 
AND the expert personalized support to make it work for YOU.
>> Results You Can Expect <<
>> Working from a space of total lit up alignment + flow with a business that ENERGIZES YOU (instead of drains)

>> Complete clarity on your message + what makes you standout

>> Discovering and implementing an inspired marketing plan from LOVE to make money being YOU

>> Total clarity on your offerings from low-priced to premium and everything in between

>> Next level mindset for 6 figure domination and beyond

>> Intuitively download programs + copy for sales pages, email marketing and more

>> Clarity on the aligned action and automation to grow your list + audience with soulmate clients DAILY

>> Attracting incredible opportunities and dream clients with your energy

>> Long term vision and income generation to create the freedom filled empire you’ve been dreaming of NOW
And confidence in the exact steps to take in your business to align with your big desires and highest self on a daily basis so your results, income, impact and freedom just keep GROWING.
This is for you if you’re no longer available for the drama of playing small and you KNOW you’re meant to do your soul work, receive abundantly, live in financial overflow, have your business be an energizing extension of you and say yes to life and business being exactly as you desire starting now.
And you desire all of this to happen from alignment, not hustle, with clear step-by-step guidance to tap into your own soul led CEO to clearly share exactly why you and your work are so powerful and have the systems, structures and soul led strategy in place to start getting paid now and scaling with ease.
All WHILE living free, being fully supported, experiencing more luxury than ever, traveling, having a freaking blast and doing exactly what you want, of course.
Sound like you? 

We speak the same language and this will be soo powerful for you.
>> FAQ <<
Is this only for coaches?
Absolutely not. My clients range from brand new business owners to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs from coaches, health experts, intuitives, visionaries, musicians, artists, creatives and more. I work with those who know they're meant for more to create a life and business BEYOND your wildest dreams. The work is the same no matter where you're at.

When does it start?
As soon as you sign up! You'll receive instant access to your welcome email, membership site, The Clarity Cure prework program, our exclusive FB group and weekly live coaching calls!

Then 1 day after sign up you'll kick off your 30 day 'Results Now' Intensive that has 3x a week guidance, support, and trainings to help you move forward and get results now, of course!

Will I learn mindset practices/will I learn marketing strategy?
Yes and yes :) That's the beauty of this powerful space is you're going to receive both sides to fully support you in hitting your goals and lifetime access to every program I've created covering marketing, business, mindset, energetic work and everything in between.  As if that's not enough, you'll also receive any new course or program I create for the next year so you ALWAYS have the most up-to-date tools for all the things.

All the mindset and alignment practices to powerfully shift your energy daily AND all my top strategy, templates and resources to rock out funnels, email marketing, FB Lives and more.

Will I have access to you?
Absolutely! This is my highest level of coaching and I'm very hands on with my clients. I will be personally answering your questions at least twice a month on our our LIVE Coaching Calls and my team and I are regularly in the private FB group to offer support and answer questions.

And if you want even more direct access to me just choose the pay in full option when you sign up for a private coaching session with me for FREE and 30 days of unlimited voice + text messaging support in our exclusive Voxer group. Woohoo!

I'm busy I don't have time for a program
With all the love in the world, it's time to break the habit of being busy. Busy people are often broke, and you deserve better. There's all the time in the world for you to fully live out your dreams, make the money you desire and a massive impact as well. I promise. Life is waiting for you to say yes, are you ready?

I'm going back and forth and can't seem to make a decision.
I've totally been there before and here is what I can say, trust that feeling in your gut that's pulling you forward. Trust the things you feel a deep resounding 'YES' around even if it doesn't make sense or feels scary. One of the things I support my clients with is to choose that we always make the right decisions and everything is always working out for us. If this is the energy you too are ready to embody, then join us.

Have other questions? 
Just click the big pink buttons on this page and let me know what it is and we'll be in touch soon with personalized answers just for you :)
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About Jessica Caver Lindholm...
Hey, I'm Jess, founder of ToLivingFree, soul activation queen and I've 72 consistent 5 (and even 6-figure) months doing my soul work since 2014 when I started my online empire with nothing more than a dream after only earning $7,000 the previous year as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. 

I now coach some of the most successful, impactful, influential, and visionary women on the planet (and those who know that's who they're meant to be) to unleash ALL of who they are and live the life BEYOND their wildest dreams.

I consistently hit unrealistic goals (and help my clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most aligned marketing strategy. The work we do works no matter where you're at on your journey.
Of course I’d love to personally work with you in the Soul Led CEO and walk you through EVERYTHING I’ve mentioned to totally up level your business, income, impact and freedom.
Something to consider when making your decision is how the next level version of you that you’re ready to step into would act in this situation? Because stepping fully into this space in the way you speak, act, think as a 6 or even 7-figure entrepreneur is the difference between the women who create a life beyond their wildest dreams and the ones who well, don't.
I am literally going to show you behind the scenes exactly how I blend divine guidance, intuition and online strategy on a daily basis to create $100k+ cash months from total ease and flow (without a complicated marketing plan) and how I’m leveraging that to a soul filled million dollar business.
And I’m going to show you how you can start creating momentum and results in your business immediately. My clients who work with me at this level share wins daily, are creating their highest income ever and all from a space of ease and flow. Just imagine what results are possible with 6 months of high-level coaching and support. It makes sense to invest in yourself, your future, your business to create 10k, 20k or even 50k a month from alignment, right?

And I have a couple amazing bonuses when you choose to sign up before this month ends:
>> Special 2019 Founder's Pricing!
>> Complimentary access to any course
or program I create for the next YEAR (instead of just 6 months)!!
>> 30 Day Results NOW Intensive to kick off our time working together so you get results now, of course 
And choose to pay in full and receive:
>> A private Big Vision NOW Coaching session with me to use anytime while we’re working together to go deep, fast! This is currently the only way to work with me privately and it’s totally free just for choosing to pay in full
>> 30 days of unlimited voice + text messaging in our exclusive Voxer group
These bonuses are only available for a limited time.
These are just a few more ways that I’m committed to supporting you in being a Soul Led CEO now, but the real question is...are YOU ready?
Do you feel called to work together?
Do you know you’re meant to have a highly profitable soul led business and want nothing more than to dive full in now?
If that’s the level you’re ready to step into (and live from) and you’re at a space where you’re ready to invest the time, energy and finances to go to the next level I can’t wait to work with you!️
We're here to help you make the best decision for you to get signed up this month and take advantage of these incredible bonuses (and pricing) before they’re gone.
Don’t hesitate if you have any questions at all and we can’t wait to personally connect, answer any questions and help you get started with all of this right away.

Ready to dive in?
>> Here’s What Happens Next <<
>> Click the button below to let me know you’d love to join the Soul Led CEO, get all the investment details and let us know if you have any questions

>> And my Luke, my husband/COO, or myself will message everything to you + the link to get signed up!

>> And don't hesitate to send us any questions, we're more than happy to help you make the best decision for you :)
>> Once You Get Signed Up <<
>> Receive Instant Access to your Welcome Email, Membership Site, LIVE Weekly Calls, Private FB Group, Clarity Cure Prework Course and More!

>> Receive access to the 30 day ‘Results Now’ Intensive 1 day after sign up to start strong with powerful touch points with me every 3 days for our first month together including 6+ hours of powerful video trainings, bonus audios and more!

>> 30 Days after signing up once you’ve completed the Results Now Intensive (and are rocking and rolling in your business and feeling more aligned and empowered than ever), you’ll receive access to the entire To Living Free Course and Program Vault with every training, course and resource I’ve ever created.

That’s lifetime access to over 20 trainings on every area of business strategy, marketing, mindset, alignment and more, yours forever.
>> In Summary <<
>> 6 Months of Personalized Support, coaching, breakthroughs and results in our highest level of coaching
>> 30 Day ‘Results Now’ Intensive starting 1 day after sign up
>> Weekly Live Coaching Calls
>> All Access Pass to ALL 20+ of my courses and programs covering every area business strategy, marketing, mindset, alignment and more, yours forever.
>> Complimentary access to anything I create with new strategies and up levels for the next year, free.
>> Private FB Group Community
>> Incredible Bonuses Worth Thousands
>> And So Much More!

I always over deliver and being in a powerful year container like this together means you will be delighted and surprised in more ways than you can imagine :)
And if you’re feeling deeply called to working together in this way and are ready to sign up then I invite you to set an intention as you’re getting signed up. 
Choose how you’re going to show up for this, choose how all of this now gets to work for you, choose the level of power you will bring to this work and draw the line in the sand that whatever has happened in the past is done and your life and business now get to be exactly how you desire, if not even better.
And so it is.
 I’ll see you on the other side. 
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