The Self-Made Membership

The Membership to Master Superflow® and
Create the Business of Your Dreams While...

As online business, manifestation and energetics has become more and more mainstream, these powerful principles and experiences have become...watered down and overcomplicated until they no longer work.

Energetic business is the simplest, most fun and direct approach I've ever experienced to create success, consistent cash flow and incredible momentum and impact.

It's my secret to having...
>> 111+ consecutive 5 and 6-figure months
>> Worked with 5,156+ clients
>> With 22,478 course enrollments since 2014
>> Created offers with complete ease that sell instantly for YEARS
>> Thousands of success stories
>> Personally mentored some of the most successful women online

Everything is frequency and I'm a master of frequency because I'm hypersensitive to it. I can feel the frequency of a room on my fingertips when I step into it and the frequency of a client's business when we work together, so I instantly know where adjustments need to be made for real success and freedom.

Frequency is the foundation of everything and once you become aware of it and know how to alter it at will, you are in control of your life, business and the income you receive.

And most importantly, you start having the time of your life while you create the outcomes you truly desire!

This is NOT:
🤔 “think about what you want and you’ll manifest it”
💎 “put yourself in high-vibe spaces to attract more wealth”
💰 “you need to invest more to make more”

Instead this is about the importance of your energy while doing ANYTHING and learning to adjust your state at will to create the outcomes you want.

Focusing your thoughts on a desire that makes you feel like bad every time you think of it because you don’t have it yet…
Does NOT manifest what you want.

Putting yourself in high-end spaces where you feel incredibly uncomfortable and like you don’t belong the entire time…
Will NOT attract more wealth.

Hiring the hot coach for 3625273 dollars from the frequency of “fix me” or “ok I invested, magic money should fall from the sky”…
Works ZERO percent.

And on the flip side, thinking about your desires, putting yourself in elevated spaces or hiring your next coach from the frequency of pure LOVE…
makes money feel like it’s falling from the sky.

I activate and saturate my clients in this frequency so that you can create magic and miracles in your business, engagement, income and more with ease and power, while having the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

This is why people choose to work with me for years, not days.

You start feeling good immediately.
You're buzzing, excited, set free.
You start trusting yourself at a whole new level.
And feeling more confident than ever.

This momentum builds until you tip into Superflow® and your unique blueprint for strategy + success becomes so obvious and FUN that you have to implement it now!

Your energy is off the charts, people want to be around you, hire you, buy from you, recommend you to others and stay in your world long term.

Creating offers, selling and receiving become as natural as breathing for you and your momentum and income start to compound exponentially.

This is what I live, teach and have embodied for the last decade.
This is my magic 😉

I personally coach my clients on this in my Mastermind, The Millionaire's Club, for $10,000, but…

I’ve created The Self-Made Membership for those who would LOVE to unlock the secret to all of this at a price point that makes this work an easy YES so you can experience it now!

The Self-Made Membership Includes:

>> Instant Access to 100+ Self-Made Activation Audios!
You'll instantly be able to activate yourself into the frequency of Superflow® to create the rich and free business of your dreams with a library of NEW audios created for you this year.

>> Quarterly Zoom Calls for Deepening + Q&A
Every quarter you'll have the opportunity to connect with me live over Zoom where I'll be answering questions and offering coaching for even bigger breakthroughs and momentum!

>> The Self-Made Private Podcast
ALL Self-Made Audios + Quarterly Calls are available in easy, listen anywhere audio form on your private podcast to listen to on your favorite podcast platform like Apply, Spotify or Google. You'll also be able to download the audios to listen to while flying or offline.

>> Regular NEW Activation Audios Released Every Month
You are going to become masterful at tapping into Superflow® every day and creating, selling and receiving while having the time of your life and listening to a Self-Made audio every morning is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success every day! That's why I create new audios for you regularly to keep the momentum, energy and results high.

>> Access to The Self-Made Telegram Channel
This is like having me on speed-dial for instant access to new audios as I record them, to lock in your breakthroughs in the comments of your favorite audios and connect with like-minded community from around the world. Don't have Telegram? It's not needed to access everything in the Self-Made Membership but it's completely free to download if you'd like to take part.

>> BONUS #1:
The NEW Absolute Abundance Activation!
17 Audio Trainings
As a Self-Made member you'll receive instant access to all the trainings I'm creating for my NEW money program this month for big breakthroughs and a whole new experience around money -- creating it, receiving it and selling in your business from the frequency of rich and free!

>> BONUS #2:
A $999 Credit Towards The NEW Millionaire's Club Mastermind!
I'm so sure that you're going to LOVE how you feel in the Self-Made Membership, the momentum you're going to create and how fun and easy business becomes that I'm giving you a credit for your entire investment that you can apply to my signature NEW Mastermind, The Millionaire's Club, if you decide you'd love to personally work together at a deeper level. Basically making the Self-Made Membership FREE!

The Self-Made Annual Membership:

$99/month x 12
or $999 in full!

** Self-Made is an annual access Membership, when you sign up you will have access to everything for a full year. If you choose the pay plan all 12 payments will need to be completed or you can upgrade to the pay-in-full option to pay the remainder early. 

*** The Self-Made Membership is automatically included for Millionaire's Club Mastermind and Millionaire Mentorship while active clients.

A Brand is not about fonts and colors, it's the heartbeat of your business, the soul, the life force. It's what people FEEL.

People don't remember what you say, they remember how you make them FEEL. And your Brand determines if people feel something or not, which determines if they remember you, love you, share you and buy from you...or not.

A Brand creates freedom and power.

A Brand automatically grows your audience, engagement and magnetism while also energizing and focusing you. A Brand gives you edge, confidence and staying power.

A Brand is the difference between the unknown and the "oh I've heard of her".

A Brand Is Power and Freedom.

Women meant for millions require a Brand for scalable success and freedom that lasts. It's time to position yourself as the legend you are...

It's time to discover the magic of creating a Brand that elevates you and everyone who comes across it...

It's Time to Learn the Art of the Million Dollar Brand.

A Glimpse Inside...

During This Masterclass You'll Learn Exactly What A Brand Really Is How to Create One That Instantly Elevates You ABOVE The Crowd!

>> How to tap into the SOUL of your Brand so that it energizes you and gives you clarity on every decision

>> How to use a Brand to always stand out even in an industry, like online business, that can feel busy or crowded at times

>> How to take off all pressure of having a "perfect Brand" and instead to unlock the BIG Brand Vision that's truly meant for you

>> Why Brand is the other half to Messaging in a profitable online business

>> The compounding power of Brand Consistency that will inspire you to show up consistently and never lose momentum again  

AND...I'll be sharing some juicy, behind-the-scenes secrets to how I get clarity on + powerfully build my own brand including...

- Using Brand to create a full sensory experience for yourself that you just have to share!
- How I personally use Instagram for Brand Building
- How often I recommend posting when you're building your Brand
- Which content I use for posts vs stories

AND...I'll be opening up the Masterclass for Q&A to answer many of your biggest questions to help you build your own magnetic, energizing and highly profitable online Brand!

Key Details:

This is an All NEW Paid Masterclass Experience.

You'll Receive LIFETIME Access to All Content.

* Private FB Group Is Open

* LIVE Masterclass Thurs, Nov 17th, replay immediately available

*This is a high value immersion and you will receive at least a $111 credit to apply to the NEW Brand Domination program during the Masterclass.

Ready to Learn the #1 Way to Create a Business That's KNOWN As One of the Top in Your Industry, lasts long term and has the power to create generational wealth?

Plus, automatically grows your audience and # of clients for you and is the joyful, creative expression you’ve been looking for in your business?

It's Time to Build Your Million Dollar Brand!

ONLY $222!