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Unlock your truth, activate your full potential and return to your infinite state as a powerful creator to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and experience real freedom, now.
The Reset to Soul Activation Workshop + Bundle is Here!
I’m taking all things living the life beyond your wildest dreams to the next level with some cutting edge tools on calling in more money, more clients, more FREEDOM, impact and big sexy turn on into your life, now!

This is going way beyond your usual “removing blocks” and “acting as if” talk and diving deep into: 

>> The fact that you’re an energetic being and how to get that energy working FOR you
>> What quantum physics has to do with it
>> Bridging cosmic consciousness with physical matter to create the experience of heaven on earth (yes, for real and your body is the secret weapon, baby!)
>> Why saying yes to soul in one area positively impacts EVERY area of your life (even if you’ve been totally ignoring it)
>> Becoming abundance to call in all you desire rather than trying to GET money, get clients, or get anything outside of you ever again

I could write pages and pages on this here because it has straight up transformed my life in every way, but I’ll save it for the channeled activation workshop in a few days which will be more powerful than anything I could write!

But, here’s what I can tell you…

If you don’t want to get lost in the sea of cookie-cutter follow-preneurs and looking exactly like everyone else (you are so much cooler than that)...Then baby, you’ve got to Reset to Soul and let it guide you and set you free!

Side effects of Reset to Soul may include:
- Feeling sexy af
- Being magnetic
- GLOWING (skin, aura, all the things)
- Burning your to-do lists and being guided by soul
- Only calling in soulmate clients who LOVE to pay you
- Upgrades, gifts and SUPERFLOW, baby!
- Legit not being triggered by weird sh*t (and people)
- Feeling like a full on magical badass
- Strutting like Beyonce everywhere (the world is your red carpet)
- Looking for new ways to spend/invest/donate all the cash that’s pouring in
- More time and freedom than you honestly know what to do with

Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly find yourself with a sunny af perception of life and more money than you know what to do with.


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You know in your soul that there's work you're meant to be doing that has real purpose, creates positive impact in the world and energizes you and, of course, money and freedom should be easy and automatic still hasn't clicked yet!

You know there's so much more to life but can't seem to tap into what it is or how to reach it and deep down you want to believe that life is happening for you and yet you still get triggered way more than you'd like, am I right?
Then Reset To Soul is for you!
You know there’s a fire burning in your soul, you can feel it. A white light of energy, a divine cosmic frequency that flows through your body and is grounded into earth.
You are an infinite being who has chosen to have a physical experience here on this planet, but you’ve forgotten your natural state. You’ve forgotten that heaven is an experience you can have on this planet now. You’ve forgotten how incredibly powerful you are, that the energy that creates worlds longs to move through you too.

You’ve forgotten you are a creator and all that you desire is a natural part of your frequency when you allow it to flow.

There’s nothing wrong with you.
Let me repeat, there is nothing wrong with you,

You are not blocked, there’s nothing that needs to be removed from you in order to return to your natural state. Quite the opposite, there are just small gaps in your frequency where you’ve forgotten who you really are, how powerful you really are. These gaps may be around money, business, health, or love. I’m sure you know exactly where these gaps are because they’re the areas in your life where you feel struggle and experience problems, but let me repeat, this struggle and experience of problems is not because there’s something wrong with you.

No, you’ve just simply forgotten your true nature in these areas, your mind has created a story to try to protect you but it’s causing more harm than good and leaving you depleted, frustrated and feeling stuck.

You’ve forgotten you are a soul, you are infinite energy that you’ve chosen to bring into the physical plane and instead you got caught up in the common belief on this planet that you are a mind. A mind who has to keep yourself safe, a mind who is afraid, a mind who tells you stories about the need to hunker down and protect yourself.

You’ve allowed the mind to run the show while the soul waits patiently behind the scenes for you to remember…For you to remember you are an infinite soul, that love is your natural state and that you have the ability to embody your soulful state here on earth, in body and mind.

This is real freedom. This is the real liberation that you’ve been craving.

You will not find this level of freedom, joy, peace or contentment from achievements, from money, success, or even relationships. You might get glimpses of it through these but they won’t be sustaining until you return to soul.

When you reset to soul a blanket of peace, joy and freedom settles over your life in all the areas you’ve been afraid, felt stuck and frustrated for so long.

When you reset to soul you can call in wealth, opportunities and material desires from a state of alignment, ease and flow instead of forcing.

When you reset to soul a deep remembrance takes over and decisions, clarity and a real anchored certainty become easy and automatic.

This is the work that has changed my life.

This is the work that took me from being just another entrepreneur or coach focused on booking more clients and needing to make more money to feel good enough, thinking that once I hit my next goal then I’d feel free (but still feeling disconnected and burnt out, wondering what it all was for over and over) to living fully present and free moment to moment and seeing my income, impact and reach automatically grow into a state of overflow where there’s always more money than I can spend and more kind, celebratory messages than I can even read.

This is what it feels like to reset to soul.
This is experiencing heaven on earth.

And this is exactly what I’m now committed to helping you remember and experience as well. 

To support you healing the areas where you’ve felt blocked and remember your natural state of pure energy and magic to experience and create an awakened life on this planet beyond your wildest dreams and remember it's all available NOW.

And that’s why I’ve been called to create... 
The Reset To Soul Bundle
Unlock your truth, activate your full potential and return to your infinite state as a powerful creator to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and experience real freedom, now.
What to Expect from Reset To Soul
 Tune into your limitless energetic state at will
 Receive Divine Downloads and immediate clarity to easily make decisions from a deep state of knowing and never worry about choosing "right" again
 Experience freedom from fear and anxiety and a deep reconnection to your truth to live and create from an empowered, abundant state
 Experience real certainty, confidence and freedom in every area of your life including business, money, body, love and more!
 Discover your ability to affect your physical reality, even your very DNA, with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions which are all a form of energy themselves and call in your desires with a scientific understanding of how manifestation really works
 Discover that your energetic blocks are not blocks at all (and what they really are), realize there's NOTHING wrong with you and how to actually clear areas of stagnation around money, business, body, relationships and more from an empowered space instead trying to fix problems that don't really exist!
 This Activation Workshop is saturated with the frequency of your natural soul state and abundance, meaning you'll experience shifts and a deep remembrance of who you really are whether you tune in live or for the replay
 Guided energy clearing included + a bonus breakdown audio explaining how to use the energy clearing on your own
 Soul channeling techniques to practice strengthening your intuition and receive clear certain guidance as needed
 A deep knowing and remembrance of real freedom now!
What You'll Receive with Reset To Soul
 Almost 4 hours of powerful video + audio content including:
The Entire Reset to Soul 2.5 Hour Video Workshop:
A powerful 2.5 hour training, alignment and energy clearing video experience with unlimited access to continually clear your blocks and limitations and open up to the infinite potential and incredible, life, business, income and more that is available for you. You'll be able to start using these practices immediately and feel shifts starting today and can even include these powerful practices into your own business for powerful healing, coaching or energy work with your own clients.
 A deep sense of peace and connection with who you really are, real clarity and confidence to carry into your life and business and a deeper understanding of how to actually call in and manifest your greatest desires
5 Powerful Bonus Activation Audios + Guided Meditations
Instant Access Bonuses!
My Daily Energy Clearing Meditation:
During this guided powerful energy clearing meditation I will personally walk you through a quick, guided meditation I use after all of my live trainings, any time I feel I've picked up someone else's energy, when I'm feeling low energy, I've even used it in the middle of Disney World once when I realized I was feeling low energy from picking up other people's energy.

During this guided energy clearing (that you can do anywhere) you'll:
- Realign your energetic frequency
- Call in divine support from your angels and guides
- Do an energetic scan of every cell of your body for healing and cleansing, fast
- Cut cords with anyone you're energetically connected to in order to bring your full energy and powerful completely back into your body
- Surround yourself with layers of light once the clearing is complete to keep your new aligned energy intact and your energy high
I swear by this practice and often use it daily!
Energy Clearing Breakdown Audio:
In addition to the guided energy clearing meditation that you can use anytime, anywhere, I'm also including a full breakdown audio of exactly how the bonus energy clearing meditation works so you fully understand each piece and can adjust this practice to use on your own to fit into any amount of time when you need it.
Bridging Heaven and Earth Guided Meditation
The Activation Of Crystalline Consciousness and Manifestation Guided Audio
Allowing Abundance Guided Meditation
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About Jess
Hey, I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm, founder of ToLivingFree, thought leader and mentor to some of the most forward thinking, conscious changemakers and visionaries on the planet.

I've always felt different than what was considered normal. I've always expected magic and miracles to be a daily occurrence. I see how easy, fulfilling, joyful life, business, money, body, even relationships can be when we tap back into our natural state and reset to soul.

And after making millions doing my soul work and positively impacting hundreds of thousands around the world I've tapped into a whole new level of this message that's more powerful, potent and accessible than ever and I can't wait to share it with you!

And I can't wait to share all of this with you, and more, in this powerful Activation Workshop and incredible bundle! 

It's time to Reset to Soul, my love.
Get Instant Access to the Reset To Soul Bundle Now!
This powerful bundle including the Reset to Soul Workshop, 5 Bonus Guided Audios and more is regularly $444, but...
Join Reset to Soul before doors close and receive 50% Off!
Get Instant + Lifetime Access to Everything.
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