1:1 Coaching with Jessica Caver Lindholm

Where Power Meets Power.

My highest level container for soul led entrepreneurs who know they’re meant for millions to become the legendary leader, soul led CEO and rich woman they were born to be.

As a private client nothing is off limits — an elevated experience of expansion and support to create and fine tune every area of your energetics and strategy for success. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You’ll choose your length of 1:1 Coaching to begin and can always upgrade from shorter to longer containers.

Step 2: We’ll begin your 1:1 Coaching with an in depth Welcome + Prep Pack to get crystal clear on exactly what’s meant for you and the areas that now get to be up leveled to powerfully shift how life and business now work for you and exactly what you’re going to create.

This will also highlight any areas that are incongruent with what you’re now choosing to create because who you be is always more important than what you do. By tapping into the frequency of who you now want to be, you’ll become a force of nature + be able to implement the necessary strategy.

Step 3: On your initial deep dive session we’ll make sure your messaging, client pathway, brand and big vision are all in alignment or come up with a plan + the energetics to elevate them now. You’ll leave this call charged with momentum, your new elevated frequency and ready to take powerful action immediately.

You’ll experience a new level of confidence and knowing as you become obsessed with the actions to take daily to build your success. 

Step 4: You’ll move forward with a sustained power that you likely have never experienced before with private voice + text messaging and two sessions with me every month for ongoing coaching and calibration to the elevated business and income you’re choosing to make your new normal.

Plus with private messaging access you’re never more than a quick message away from clarity, confidence and being tapped into your most powerful, clear state.

All of this compounds exponentially and collapses the timeline, elevating and evolving both you and your experience of business, lifestyle and wealth. Which is why so many of my clients choose to work together ongoing, because once you learn to master elevated results and personal expansion on demand, you’ll want to live this way forever. 

As a Private Client You’ll Have Access To:

 An In Depth Welcome Pack

 Monthly 45 min Private Session

 Private Voice + Text Messaging Access for Continual Up Levels Between Calls

 All calls take place on Zoom and you’ll receive replays of all

 An incredibly powerful container of expansion and support completely personalized to you

 BONUS: Sign up for 3 months of Private Coaching or longer to receive access to The Collective and Experience Mastermind while in Mentorship.

But, this is less about what you’ll receive and more about who you’re now choosing to be and calibrating how you do business, life and money to a new level which will change your experience and results forever.

If you’re a driven entrepreneur meant for millions and ready to elevate into a new level of business, lifestyle and income…this is for you.

If you’re ready to break the rules and master the art of business and exponential wealth…this is for you.

If you’re tired of going at this alone and want a mentor with a big vision, just like you, who can help you LIVE it…this is for you.

$6,000 for 30 Days
or $15,000 for 3 months

Message Me to Begin:

** Please note: When choosing to book 1:1 Coaching you are agreeing to the Buyer & Seller Agreement to protect both parties which states that all sales are final, all pay plans must be completed in full and there are no refunds.