Enough with the struggle, sacrifice and endless worry, thinking and planning around money.

It's time to embody financial freedom and the elegant abundance that's meant for you to do your soul work + live the life beyond your wildest dreams. 

It doesn't come from a specific marketing plan, budgeting, cutting back or trying to be responsible, but instead from WITHIN. You're so over jumping from strategy to strategy, giving your power away and forcing yourself to sell in a way that doesn't feel good just because that's "what you have to do to make money".

Deep down you know...YOU ARE BEYOND THIS.

You are so powerful, beyond your wildest dreams. You have the ability to generate millions of dollars and start living like a millionaire NOW.  And you also have the ability to PUSH it all away. That's how powerful you are. Unstoppable. Fierce. Determined.

You've been looking outside of yourself, trying to figure out why you're not hitting your income goals, why you haven't gotten to the next level yet. Then all the questions start running through your head:
- Do you need a certification? 
- Maybe you should redo your website? 
- Maybe better branding? 
- Maybe your copy wasn't perfect enough?
- Maybe, maybe, maybe???

There will always be something else you can DO in your business. There will always be something else you can tweak, assuming THAT is what's stopping the wealth from pouring into your life.

When you're aligned to the frequency of what you desire and tapped into the unlimited force that lives within you RIGHT NOW -- it doesn't matter what your business, marketing, pricing, or copy looks like...

When you are in this space you are a conduit for infinite loving consciousness and your success feels automatic, so it is.

This is my daily experience. I don't need to overthink anything because there's literally no wrong I can do. And this isn't because of my list size, social media reach, any of that -- those are just side effects of being a magnet to money. And being a magnet to money is just a side effect of embodying infinite loving consciousness right now. 

That's what I want to share with you more than anything. That's where the real results come from, the secret to life and feeling totally liberated right now. 

When you're connected to this, everything works.

And when you're DISCONNECTED FROM YOUR POWER it doesn't matter how perfect all of it is -- the website, copy, launch, ads, any of it. You will struggle, push, hustle and try to MAKE things happen, just to be disappointed over and over again.

Had ENOUGH of all of that, the swinging back and forth, second guessing and ready to elevate into real abundance? 

Ready to tap into the Infinite POWER that lives within you right now?

Ready to see your limiting beliefs around money for what they really are?
A fear based lie told over and over again and instead to choose to release and replace them with access to your own universal bank account with unlimited withdrawals for life?

Are you ready to tap into the unlimited wealth that is available to you RIGHT NOW and to learn how to Launch and Sell from a space of total flow that feels amazing, exciting, profitable and that is unique to YOU?

And to finally realize your potential to GENERATE CASH on demand, from just an idea (if even that) whenever you want?

A powerful transformation where you're going to discover exactly how to:

>> Strip off all the limiting thoughts, beliefs and blocks around money and navigate and release them for good.
>> Create space in your life to receive abundance, ideas, opportunities, and yes, cash, now!
>> Discover who you actually are as the richest, wealthiest, receiving-money-every-day version of yourself
>> Drop your super boring small goals and go for the BIG dreams that really light you up AND start receiving them now
>> Choose to be wealthy every day until it becomes part of YOUR IDENTITY and you can't even imagine not being paid daily, having your offers always sell, buying exactly what you desire and feeling abundant through the entire process
>> And elevate into infinite abundance NOW so you can start living the life of your dreams and stop waiting on money which may never come if you just keep doing things the same way you are now!

I am committed to helping YOU drop the struggle around money, once and for all, and decide that receiving cash every-single-day is just part of your natural state from here on.

SMASH through your money blocks
 Launch and Sell From a Space of FLOW
 Tap into UNLIMITED Wealth
It's Your Time.

Receive instant access to your signature modules, community, live coaching and so much more!

7 Signature Money Modules:

Almost 14 HOURS of Massive Money Manifestation Up Levels to Help You Create Momentum and Shifts IMMEDIATELY, Feel Free Around Money and Start Seeing Results Now!

>> Training Video 1:
Claiming The Money You REALLY Desire NOW

>> Training Video 2:
SMASHING The Money Blocks That Are Pushing $$$ Away for Good

>>Training Video 3: 
Discovering Your Unique Blueprint for RICH

>> Training Video 4:
How to Launch + Sell From TOTAL Flow to Create Cash NOW

>> Training Video 5: 
Making The Decision That Wealth Is Now PART OF YOUR IDENTITY

>> Training Video 6:
Living Rich (even if the money hasn't shown up yet)!
A 2 hr power training breaking down exactly how to shift into fully feeling wealthy right now (no matter what your finances look like!) so you can be done with the money fears and feelings of lack for good.

>> Training Video 7:
The Ultimate Money Breakthrough
3 hours of massive breakthroughs and answers to ALL your biggest money manifestation questions so you can drop all those blocks and get on with receiving now!

All NEW 8th Money Module: Manifesting Money with Your Partner!

Let's get real -- manifesting with a partner can often feel so much more complicated than just manifesting more money on your own. Especially when you've been doing the mindset work and your significant other is still living with the money mindset of a "responsible adult" from the 1950's. 

I hear ya and that's why my amazing husband, Luke, and I are so excited to come together for an all NEW video training breaking down exactly how we navigate money, manifestation, differing belief systems and more as a couple. This is one you're definitely going to want to share with your current or future partner for more money and freedom with grace, ease and flow.

6 Unleash Your Soul Work Modules:

It's Your Time to Unleash Your Soul Work and Be Paid for Your Presence So That You Can Positively Change the World and Live Free!

>> Training Video 1:
You ARE Your Niche >> Unleashing All Of You and Rising to the Top Fast!

>> Training Video 2:
Let Your Message Be Bigger Than Your Bullsh*t to Magnetize Soulmate Clients Who Love and Buy Everything

>>Training Video 3: 
Cash Injection >> From Inspired Idea to Sales (in 72 hours or less)

>> Training Video 4:
Surrendering Your Way to Success >> The Sacred Art of Decision, Releasing, Automation and Receiving

>> Training Video 5: 
Channeling Marketing + Sales Copy and Intuitive Guidance on Offers, Prices and More!

>> Training Video 6:
The Aligned Launch Race that Feeds Your Soul, Sets You Free, Creates and Serves Millions!

14 Weekly Emails From Jess to Stay Focused and Create Real Results Now:

What I love is that you have instant access to everything so you can dive in now at the pace that feels best to you. But, I've noticed having a touch point through a weekly email focused on one specific training helps to anchor everything in and make this work, up levels and results are a permanent part of your life. That's why I've put together 14 weekly emails, almost four months worth, to help you stay focused on fully up leveling your money manifestation skills and creating real results and transformation, now.

6 Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with Jess:

Every month you'll receive exclusive access to join me live for an open coaching call where I'll be answering the biggest questions, tuning into the group energy and personally guiding the entire community to become master manifesters of money, success, freedom and more!

Calls are typically held at a time to allow as many as possible around the world to join live (mornings in Australia, afternoon in the US, evening in Europe) and all calls are recorded.

6 Months of FB Group Access + Community:

I deeply believe in the power of community. That's why you'll receive 6 months access to my signature Surrender Into Success FB Community to share your wins, ask questions, connect and celebrate with likeminded master manifesters around the world. Our exclusive group is where our monthly live coaching calls will be taking place and where you'll find bonus video trainings and more.

The bonuses alone are worth signing up and you get instant + lifetime access to all this epicness!

Bonus #1: Breakthrough Audios + Money Templates to Start Attracting Wealth Right Away

>> Audio 1: My Daily Money + Mindset Practice to Hit ALL Your Goals
>> Audio 2: How to Launch and Sell with Ease & Flow for Fast Cash Now
>> My Money Manifestation Tracker (that I've personally used for over a year!)
>> My Daily Income Tracker Spreadsheet
>> My 'Writing Your Reality' Journaling Template

Bonus #2: Receive More Now Workshop

A powerful 1 hour and 11 minute workshop to help you shift into the energy of expanding into new levels of receiving around money, abundance and prosperity now.

Bonus #3: Reset to Soul Workshop

A deep dive 2.5 hour workshop to unlock your truth, activate your full potential and return to your infinite state as a powerful creator to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and experience real freedom, now.
- Receive Divine Downloads and immediate clarity to easily make decisions from a deep state of knowing and never worry about choosing "right" again
- Experience freedom from fear and anxiety and a deep reconnection to your truth to live and create from an empowered, abundant state with real certainty, confidence and freedom
- Discover your ability to affect your physical reality with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions which are all a form of energy themselves and call in your desires with a scientific understanding of how manifestation really works
- Discover that your energetic blocks are not blocks at all (and what they really are), realize there's NOTHING wrong with you and how to actually clear areas of stagnation around money, business, body, relationships and more from an empowered space instead trying to fix problems that don't really exist!
- Soul channeling techniques to practice strengthening your intuition and receive clear certain guidance as needed

Bonus #4: Surrender Into Success Training Videos

Access to 8 powerful trainings + coaching calls answering some of your biggest questions, all recorded in the last 6 months covering topics you're going to love like:
- Money + Manifestation Mastery
- Releasing the cycles of feeling stuck and spinning by deciding to only be available for what you truly desire
- It is never about what you do but always about the energy you do it with
- The steps to manifest anything, delegating to the universe, disarming triggers with curiosity, navigating limiting beliefs, how I choose pricing and more!
- Accept what has been AND design your new identity (+ live it) now
And more!

Bonus #5: Four Soul Activation Audios

Take your money up levels to a cellular level and reprogram your DNA to wealth and abundance!
>> Audio 1: Divine Compensation, Infinite Abundance of Now and Being an Open Conduit to Receiving
>> Audio 2: Understanding Soul Activation to Clear Out Past Patterns and Upgrade Your DNA
>> Audio 3: Discovering Your Unique Activation Keys and Locking In New Personal Policies
>> Audio 4: Implementing, Breathing and Writing ALL of It Into Reality + Making It Part of Your Identity Now

**AND Pay In Full to receive my bonus 'Prepared to Receive Course' for Free!**

A five day experience to release anything that's been stopping you from receiving in the way you truly desire and open up to the flow of abundance now! Including exclusive video trainings, audios, journal prompts and more -- yours for life just for choosing to pay in full!

Join 400+ Happy Massive Money Manifestation Clients and Counting!!

Each year I open this powerful, signature program just once and now is that time.

From doing years of this powerful work what I know to be true is manifesting money just keeps getting easier and I'm committed to sharing this with you no matter where you are on your journey. 

I've been the girl trying to bring in $2k a month (and not making it) and also easily manifesting $100k+ a month and I'm totally transparent on exactly how I've done it and my specific manifestation steps so that you can too. 

Because what I know to be true is that good people do incredible things when they have access to time and money to fully live free.

The money has always been there, it will always be there and it's there right now. It's time to CLAIM it.

I've been interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine and Business Insider as a money manifestation expert, featured in the press multiple times and literally wrote the book on having it all and manifesting anything.

Hi, I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm. I wasn't born or raised rich, I didn't inherit a trust fund nor did I marry rich. In 2013 I made $7,000 total for the entire year and quite simply, I was done being broke and decided to master manifesting money and then share it with as many people as possible.

What I know to be true is that good people do incredible things when they have money and freedom. And this program is me keeping my promise to share everything I've learned from doing years of this powerful work and creating a truly rich life.

I've been broke, over $200,000 in debt and I turned it all around and have created over $3.2 million dollars (and counting) doing my soul work and living free.

What I know to be true is manifesting money just keeps getting easier once you learn how it actually works and I'm committed to sharing this with you no matter where you are on your journey.

Join 400+ Happy Massive Money Manifestation Clients and Counting!!

Do I need to have a business or be an entrepreneur?
Not at all, the energetic alignment, abundance and manifestation practices you'll learn increase peace, freedom and wealth whether you're a business owner or not. But, it's very common that once you start creating your own personal transformation with this work that you might want to share it and be paid for doing your soul work :)

If I am a business owner can this help me create more success?
Absolutely. I can't say enough about how this work has turned my business into a highly profitable, fulfilling, spiritual experience instead of all the hustle. Imagine how much fun you would have in your business if you got to focus fully on creativity and helping others because you knew the money piece was taken care of!

Is this a subscription membership?
No, I don't do subscription memberships because I've found the energy to be so much stronger in containers where everyone is fully committed to being in the space. Instead of membership fees there's two easy options to get signed up and you'll receive lifetime access to all the content + 6 months of live coaching and community.

When does it begin?
As soon as you sign up! You'll receive instant access to your membership site, all the bonuses, audios, invite to our FB Group where I host our monthly live calls and so much more! And the signature money and Unleash Your Soul Work modules will be instantly available in your membership site -- no waiting!

Is there a discount/bonus if I pay in full?
Yes! You'll save almost $200 and receive my bonus 'Prepared to Receive' course for FREE when you choose to pay in full at sign up.

Is there a payment plan?
Absolutely, I love payment plans and you can currently sign up with an easy extended monthly payment plan when sign up before enrollment closes.

How long will I have access?
You'll receive lifetime access to all the trainings and content to go through at the pace that feels best for you + 6 months of monthly LIVE coaching calls and community to help you create real momentum, shifts and results, now.

I'm already in Surrender Into Success, is this included?
Yes! Surrender Into Success clients automatically have access to all of the MMM trainings, live community and more so you are all set and don't need to sign up separately.

Is this for me?
Here's what I know to be true, you already know deep down. Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart and tune in -- if you knew your success was imminent and trusted yourself fully, what would you now choose to do? Do that :)

Have more questions? Email info@tolivingfree.com and my team is happy to help out

Each year I open this powerful, signature program just once and now is that time.

The money has always been there, it will always be there and it's there right now. 
It's time to CLAIM it.

Have questions? Email info@tolivingfree.com to connect with my team directly