How Freeing Would It Feel to Know Exactly How to Create AND Sell Your Offers In 5 Days or Even Less?
>> To discover where clients actually come from and why you don't need a big following.

>> Why it's totally ok to have TONS of ideas as a creative and jump between them (instead of locking yourself into one thing forever).

>> And getting over the stress of past launches not going quite how you wanted so you can rock it out now.
But, I’m ONLY opening 100 spaces at the super LOW price for those who are really serious about getting results right now.
Is one of those spaces for you?
What if you had an idea, for something you’d love to create and share with the world and instead of taking time to figure out if it was possible, to do market research, to lay out the entire offer, to decide on the perfect pricing, what if instead…You just did it? Created it? Now.

And maybe you don’t know all the details, but that’s ok because it leaves space for magic, for play, for creativity. It leaves space for the visionary side of you to stretch its wings and fly a bit.

What if you didn’t have to do things like everyone else? What if you didn’t need a system, what if the money isn’t in your list or your following? What if the money is in your soul?

And what if you allowed yourself just to create, to share, to invite others to join you, to purchase your products and offerings?
What if the whole thing just got to be, well...easy?
I’ve seen way too many rockstars spending weeks, months, even years putting together the perfect offer, the time they get to releasing it they're second guessing it, wondering if it will work, will it sell, will anyone sign up.

Love, ideas have a shelf life!!!! 
And taking ages to share them with the world means they’re dead long before you send out the first email or put out the first post.

Enough with killing the inspiration with perfection and overthinking. Enough with killing your income. Enough with preventing yourself from experiencing what it feels like to deeply serve the clients and customers who are looking for someone like you right now.
And that’s exactly why I created Create AND Sell Your Offer in 5 Days (or less).
Here’s the truth…Selling is easy.
It’s part of your natural expression.
You don’t need some big following that it takes years to build.
You don’t need a sales page.
You don’t need some incredible marketing skills.

You need to have something you think is valuable, that you believe in, you’ve got to stop dancing around the edge of pretending to sell it, go all in and INVITE PEOPLE TO PAY YOU.

I’m going to make this super simple. Step-by-step over 5 days. With lifetime access to everything to refer back to anytime you need it for consistent alignment, expansion and results.

You’re going to be mind blown, mind expanded. If you do what I share in the next 5 days you’ll have the opportunity to earn your investment back like freaking magic ASAP, possibly before we even begin — it happens ALL the time for my clients.

The investment is insanely low BUT there's only 100 spaces open and then this offer is gone because I want to make sure this gets in the hands of the fast action takers who are ready to create momentum and results now. 

Is that you?
If you're serious about:
- Creating momentum now
- Getting your offer together THIS week (with ease) and not wasting anymore time
- Selling it and getting paid ASAP just by being you
- And skipping all the complicated tech and strategies that take weeks (if not months)
Then this is for you!!!

And even if you're not a coach this still applies to you!  Your words, your energy, your expectation, how you show up and take action is sooo important when it comes to making money in your business or with your art.
How This Works:
I've opened 100 spots to get instant access to the entire Create + Sell Your Offer In 5 Days (or less) course for an insanely low price and with an amazing bonus of the 'Copy That Sells' program for free!
As soon as you complete your order you'll receive instant access to Day 1's email and audio listed below as well as the entire 'Copy That Sells' bonus course!

You'll then receive 1 email and new audio a day until all 5 are delivered at which time you'll have lifetime access to all the content to dig into and reuse as often as you desire.
5 Powerful Audios Not Shared Anywhere Else:
Day 1 - Create, Sell and Get Paid Now
Day 2 - Where Clients Come From + Massive Income Up Levels
Day 3 - Creating Your Offer + The Energy That Sells It FOR You
Day 4 - Clarity, Confidence and Overcoming Failed Launches
Day 5 - Overcoming The Biggest Thing Stopping You From Getting Paid Now
Sign up for your copy of 'Create + Sell Your Offer In 5 Days (or less)' before the 100 copies are gone and you're going to receive the entire 'Copy That Sells' program for FREE!
But...I'm ONLY releasing 100 copies of 'Create AND Sell Your Offer In 5 Days (or less)' to the fast action takers who are ready for momentum and results now!
Is that you??
Get Instant Access to Everything Before These Spaces Sell Out:
I know you day dream about walking away from the draining job and just hopping in your car and heading out on an adventure -- because I used to feel the same way!

You’re an adventurer at heart. A freedom lover.

And somewhere along the way the dreamer in you got caught up in the mundane. Being normal. Being responsible. Being what everyone else wants you to be.

But you know it’s not who you are.
The online world is changing fast.

There's new 'experts' joining the industry every day trying to sell you the hottest new strategy. And if you listen you'll end up spending thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and wind up being broke and exhausted.
But, if you try to do this on your own, you'll probably fail.
I'm not being harsh, the numbers don't lie. Most people who start their own business don't make it. 

But, the majority of my clients do.

Because I'm not filling you full of fluff and content. I won't just keep you busy so you feel like you got your "money's worth" from a program.
I ONLY teach proven strategies that I know work.
And unlike a lot of coaches and 'biz experts' online, I have the years of experience and testimonials to prove it:
What Makes This Different:
On Going LIVE Coaching!
Your Road Map to Success
The key mile markers that guarantee success.
You don't need theory. 

You need specific action steps -- in a specific order.

For instance, creating the perfect website means NOTHING if you don't have a clear, magnetic message.
And mastering sales calls means NOTHING if you don't know how to attract clients.
That's why I designed the Road Map to Success
Giving you specific, step-by-step guidance to build a strong business from the ground up.

Move through the road map at your own speed, spending time where you need the most guidance and cruising through any areas you already have set up.
Your Destination?
 Consistent clients, cash and impact
About the Creator:
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long is this program?
How long it lasts depends on you! Join for 1 month, 4 months, a year or longer depending on your goals. However, I'll warn you now that you're going to LOVE the community, personalized support, consistent LIVE coaching calls every month AND the results, of course! The majority of my clients find so much value and results from our work that they never want to leave. You've been warned :)
Will I get to ask you questions on the training calls? 
The two monthly live training calls last approximately 1 hour each and I answer as many questions as possible and typically get through all of them. However, it is unlikely I'll be able to answer all questions on every call, every time which is why you'll also be able to ask questions in our members only FB group as well. You have tons of support between the calls, private community, trainings, your supportive Society Sisters and more.
How does the 'no long term commitment' work? 
I'm committed to you finding the space online that feels like home and making the best investments possible for yourself and your biz. So, if for some reason the LiveFree Society isn't a good fit for you (which is pretty unlikely, btw) you can cancel your membership at anytime with a 7 day notice before your next billing.
The biggest question to ask yourself is Do You Feel Called to Join Us?
Do You Feel Called to Work Together?
Are You Craving Support, Community and Ease?
You know in your heart and soul if you're ready for this. TRUST YOUR SOUL.
Ready to join the rebels and visionaries who are setting all the rules on fire and smashing through their goals with freedom and ease?
Sign up now:
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