THE Energetic Incubator to Discover + Master Alignment, Unleash Your Fullest Expression, Be Paid for Your Presence and Live Free, Now!
Most people don't realize that the real secret to success is that big results don't come from big flashy actions...but from discovering + mastering ALIGNMENT with your greatest desires.
I created the To Living Free Community to make YOU a Master of Alignment so that you can create the life beyond your wildest dreams + live free, now.
>> Do you wonder what the heck alignment even is and would love nothing more than to not just feel it, but LIVE in it every day?

>> Would you LOVE to be the happiest and most easily abundant person you know who seems to just float through life in a state of ease and flow?

>> Do you get excited about a new idea, go all in with it and then start to second guess yourself and every detail until you just totally lose inspiration?

>> Is your follow through seriously lacking and you jump from idea to idea without ever giving anything a chance to work before you've changed your mind and are off to the next?

>> Do you know that if you could just tap into more confidence and certainty that you would be downright unstoppable and would start seeing real momentum and results ASAP?
You believe that there's a right way and a wrong way to do things and if you don't pick the right way it won't work. Am I right? So you keep yourself freaked out with every decision for fear of choosing wrong.

What my To Living Free clients and I know is that it's impossible to make a wrong decision because everything is always working out for you.
Can you imagine how liberating it would feel to really believe this? It might sound far fetched but it's one of the first things that my To Living Free Community members remember once we dive into this work. 

Consider how much more confident you will be when you believe that you literally can't choose wrong and that everything is adding up and working out FOR you. Imagine the way you'll show up every day and take powerful aligned actions forward no longer second guessing yourself. And the better it gets the better it keeps on getting. And the easier it gets the easier it keeps on getting.

And before you know it you've built an unstoppable amount of momentum that the entire universe seems to just be saying "YES" to because it is. That's how life works, the universe is always just saying "yes" to our frequency, which means when you feel good, you just keep attracting more feel good.

But, when you're freaking out and second guessing yourself on everything, well then you just attract more situations to make you feel that way.

That's where Alignment comes in.
But What is Alignment??
Alignment is when your thoughts (mind), emotion and feelings (energy), physical body and actions are all at the same frequency.

Why should you care?
Because once you know the frequency of your goals and desires you can intentionally match YOUR frequency to them by coming into alignment with those desires.
Living in Alignment means your desires are GUARANTEED.
This or something even better.
How incredible would it feel to KNOW that your goals are done?
How powerful, free, playful, happy, wealthy, abundant, ALL the good things would you feel if you knew this?

Well that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do in the To Living Free Community because consistent aligned action is what creates the BIG results you desire.
In the To Living Free Community you're going to discover + master ALIGNMENT like never before.

You'll learn how life actually works and be guided to master it through the exact steps my clients and I use daily to create our dream life experience and continue expanding and receiving more, with ease, alignment and flow.
In the To Living Free Community I'm going to walk you through this series of specific steps that have worked for both my clients and myself over and over again and are ready to work for you:

>> Get clear on your SOUL Goals: Most people are shooting for the wrong goals and so most people don't hit them. Then they feel like crap because they're not hitting their goals without realizing they were never the aligned Soul Goals for them in the first place! It's time to get clear on what you truly desire, unapologetically and fully back yourself on life now getting to be this good.

>> Decide that your desires are done + lock them in: Once you get clear on your soul goals you're going to name and claim what you desire, choose it daily, back yourself consistently knowing that it's this or something better which gives you the next level confidence, certainty and faith to then make it happen from ease and flow.

>> Learn how to come into Alignment DAILY: My process for coming into alignment is waiting for you in the first To Living Free Alignment Guide as soon as you sign up and this is EVERYTHING. I swear by this process and have used it consistently for the last couple of years to massively grow my reach, impact, following and income in a way that feels incredible with even more freedom and you are going to LOVE this.

>> Take Aligned Action as inspired (typically daily): Everyone is taking action but it's rare that it's aligned. Instead they're filling their days with busy work, shoulds and hustle trying to "make something happen" towards goals that aren't even aligned in the first place. Enough. Discover how to float through life, taking aligned action that creates a massive, powerful ripple effect and get the results you desire by doing less and living more.

>> Start seeing evidence of your desires now:
Discover my practices for turning manifestation into the funnest game ever where you playfully track your income and results in a way that makes you KNOW you're right on track. And you know what they say? What you track, grows. So get ready to start seeing shifts and results ASAP.

>> Stay the course and let life show up for YOU: Feel totally free in the process and no longer have to wait for some time in the future to finally live the life of your dreams. Feel like an expert, a soul led CEO, totally on purpose, aligned, embodying wealth, health, freedom and more NOW. Become the happiest, most easily abundant person you know and watch life lay out the red carpet for you wherever you go starting TODAY!
And with the expansive way this space has been laid out with a supportive community of like-minded visionaries from around the world you will just continue to lock in, grow and create exponential shifts and results in your life.

Sound good?
It's all available now and I can't wait for you to see how quickly everything can shift once YOU shift into total alignment. You're going to be a magnet for all the good stuff.
Let's do it!
>> How This Works <<
Instant + Lifetime Access to a Powerful Energetic Incubator, Exclusive Vault of Breakthrough Video Trainings, Resources, Audios, Guides AND An Epic Community of Like Minded Visionaries to Support and Celebrate You Every Step of the Way In Unleashing Your Fullest Expression, Be Paid for Your Presence and Positively Change the World!

The To Living Free Community is set up to help you discover + master alignment so that you can confidently create the life beyond your wildest dreams.

Once you're signed up you'll receive instant access to all the content + your invite to join our exclusive To Living Free Community. I recommend reviewing the core Videos and Audios you have access to and diving into the one that you feel most drawn to first. Then use the Guides to supplement the work and go even deeper in locking in your shifts and up levels.

The To Living Free Community FB group is available for you to connect with likeminded souls from around the world who are doing the same work for connection, masterminding, support and celebration as often as you desire.

With longterm access to everything, the To Living Free Community fits perfectly into your life no matter your timezone or schedule so that you can master alignment, unleash your fullest expression, be paid for your presence and positively change the world, starting with your own life!

Get Instant Access to everything as soon as you sign up, trainings, audios, alignment guides, community and more for massive up levels, momentum and results that build NOW!
>> What You Get <<
A Focused Energetic Incubator to Discover + Master Alignment
Exclusive Vault of Powerful Trainings, Resources, Audios and Guides
AND An Epic Community of Like Minded Visionaries to Support and Celebrate You Every Step of the Way In Unleashing Your Fullest Expression, Being Paid for Your Presence and Positively Changing Your Life and the World!
Just a glimpse of what you'll receive in the To Living Free Community:
 Instant Access to 15 To Living Free Community Video Trainings!
I've recorded video trainings just for my To Living Free Community packed with ALL the answers to your biggest questions about creating a highly profitable, soul led business that pays you for being you. Get instant access to a vault of 15 video trainings that you can use for real results now and deep dive on the areas that will create the biggest results for you.
Get Instant Access to Video Trainings On: 
>> To Living Free Kickoff Call!
>> Get Clear on Your Soul Goals
>> Remember Who You Are
>> The Energy of Money + Receiving
>> Everything is Either Love or Fear
>> You Get to Create the Life YOU Want
>> What Is Manifestation, really?
>> It Is Vital For You To Get Rich
>> Your Clear Message
And more!!!
 Instant Access to 33 To Living Free Audios!
Receive instant access, download and listen anywhere, anytime to 33 To Living Free Audio Trainings + Activations for a daily dose of alignment, clarity, confidence, power and more. My clients tell me that they love to throw one of these on every day to LIVE in alignment and that they're better than coffee to get you up and rocking out your best life ever, every single day!

Get Instant Access to Powerful Audios On: 
>> Open The Floodgates For MORE Sales!
>> Shifting and Ascending to the Bigger, Bolder Version of YOU
>> Allowing Abundance Meditation
>> How to Identify + Release Your Limiters
>> 60 Second Clear the Limiter Breath Exercise
>> The Choose Again Method to Release Blocks FAST
>> Clear the Duplicity to Increase Your Value Now
>> Tap Into Your Greatness Now + The Missing Pieces of Manifestation
>> Time for LEGENDARY
>> Business Is Easy, How I Run To Living Free.
>> Bridging Heaven And Earth Meditation
>> Shifting and Ascending Into the Bigger, Bolder Version of YOU.
And 21 More Audios waiting for you now!
 My Crystalline Manifestation System for No Fail Manifestation of Anything with Ease and Flow!
I've channeled a step-by-step manifestation system that I organized into several powerful video and audio trainings and a brand new Crystalline Manifestation System guide that are instantly available to my amazing To Living Free Community clients! You're going to love how straight forward this system is as it walks you step-by-step through how to manifest absolutely anything from alignment, ease and flow.
The Crystalline Manifestation Section Includes:
>> Crystalline Manifestation System Video Training
>> The Activation Of Crystalline Consciousness and Manifestation Audio
>> Step 1 Of The No Fail Manifestation System
>> The Missing Piece of Manifestation
>> The Crystalline Manifestation Guide

 14 Gorgeous To Living Free Alignment Guides!

To Living Free Community members receive exclusive access to my To Living Free Guides packed with fillable worksheets, journal prompts, my favorite practices like Writing Your Reality, Aligned Expansive Budgeting, setting up a daily alignment practice that works and so much more! You will LOVE these gorgeous guides and come back to them over and over again for alignment and tools that can support you from your first $10k month to your first $100k month, living rich, free, in alignment and flow!
Your TLF Alignment Guides Include:
>> Lock In Your Soul Goals
>>  Your Streamlined Biz
>> Living In The Present Moment
>> 6 Easy Ways to Grow Your Audience
>> Setting Soul Goals for the Month with Ease, Alignment and Flow
>> Shifting From Doubt to Feeling Supported by Money
And More!!
 My Favorite Journal Prompts to Write Your Dreams Into Reality
If you don't know this about me already, I am a journal prompt feign, or Queen, probably both ;) And I have collected a BIG list (pages and pages) of the most epic journal prompts that have made the biggest difference in my life and for my clients as well. Daily journaling is still one of my go to practices whether I'm calling in cash, clients, opportunities, defined abs, or just about anything and I can't wait to share my favorite journal prompts with you to help you shift into alignment, reset to soul and receive all you desire just by being you! Cue the confetti!
 Exclusive Access to the Members Only FB Group for Ongoing Support + Community with some of the most like minded rockstars and visionaries on the planet who GET You!
 Be immersed in the energy of soul alignment, start showing up as your full expression unapologetically and create the life you desire just by being all of you, starting now
Get Instant Access to all of this as soon as you sign up! 
No waiting and a whole lot of instant gratification + lifetime access.
That's worth celebrating, Woohoo!
>> Fast Action Bonuses! <<
As if ALL of this isn't epic enough, take fast action and for a limited time you'll also receive...
>> BONUS #1: My Entire 'Receive More NOW' Workshop
As a BONUS Gift for being a fast action taker you'll receive access to my exclusive 'Receive More NOW' Workshop + Journal Prompts for FREE!  What I share in this video training + these journal prompts are the same tools I’m personally using right now to scale my income to $150k+ a MONTH and they were just as powerful for creating my first $10k month years ago (you’re going to love this)!
During This Bonus 1 hour and 11 minute Workshop I Cover:
- The only two steps you need to receive more now (no matter how big your goal!)
- Exactly how to become an energetic match for the amount you desire to receive + how to use this tool immediately
- Why abundance comes through some channels more easily than others (AND how to change this so you can start receiving more from your business, art and for just being you!)
- And so much more including answers to the most frequently asked questions on all of this!
>> BONUS #2: Activate Your Soul Brand 6-Day Challenge
As a special bonus you'll receive access to a 6-day challenge to help you activate your soul brand now including bonus videos, audios and journal prompts on:

Day 1 >> Demystify your big goals and make them ridiculously easy now!
Day 2 >> Expand Your Ability to Receive
Day 3 >> Activate Your Soul Brand, Return to Soul, Set Yourself Free and Get Paid for Being You
Day 4 >> Money is a side effect of your ART
Day 5 >> The Art of Choosing MORE
Day 6 >> It's very expensive to say no to soul {and $4,000 shoes that prove it}

Plus, see how I use challenges like this to sell and fill my signature programs in the past.
>> BONUS #3: The Intuitive Entrepreneur 7-Day Challenge!
And you'll also receive access to a 7-day challenge created just for intuitive entrepreneurs to tap into their limitless abilities and create heaven on earth with amazing bonus videos, audios and journal prompts on:

Day 1 >> The Intuitive Entrepreneur Challenge
Day 2 >> Calling in Soulmate Clients!
Day 3 >> From Idea to Cash, Fast!
Day 4 >> Connecting to Soul Desires,Taking Inspired Action and Living Your Dream Life Now
Day 5 >> Tapping Into Superflow for Massive Results with Ease!
Day 6 >> Launch and Sell with TOTAL Ease + Flow!
Day 7 >> Go ALL In (or get out)!

Plus, see how I use challenges like this to sell and fill my signature programs in the past.
That's over 70 CHANGE YOUR LIFE Videos, Audios, Guides and more, including the bonuses, for massive up levels and longterm results and freedom that just keep building!!!
BUT...these Bonuses are only available for a limited time, so don't wait!
ALL of that in addition to everything else I've already mentioned and so much more!
Hear What My To Living Free Community Clients Are Saying!
Join The To Living Free Community Now!
With over 70 CHANGE YOUR LIFE Videos, Audios, Guides and more, you'll have everything you need to experience massive up levels and longterm results and freedom that just keep building!!!
Total Value: $1,997
Regular Pricing: $997
Unlock the Energy, Up Levels and Results You Truly Desire and Live Free!

Get Instant + Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING Today!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is this a subscription/membership?
No, this is not a subscription or membership :) Once you've completed your payments either with the one time pay in full option or easy payment plan then you have LIFETIME ACCESS to everything included in the To Living Free Community without ever needing to make another payment!

I feel really drawn to your work but I already have a lot on my plate, will this make me busier?
No, joining the To Living Free Community will actually create more freedom and spaciousness in your life because you'll start only saying yes to what's actually aligned for you (and saying goodbye to 'good enough'!). All that 'good enough' stuff in your life is what's actually making you feel busy, alignment on the other hand creates more time, more energy, more inspiration and more freedom! This isn't about working hard, it's about working smart, it's about discovering alignment and living from that space going forward. You get to hit your goals but you're going to discover what your real soul goals are and how to take aligned action daily that feels freaking amazing. I’m committed to holding the energetic space and providing all the incredible tools mentioned above, so show up as often as it feels aligned and soak up the amazing audios, videos and energy of this powerful space and let it work its magic on you.

Are there training videos?
Yes! I've created 15 training videos for the To Living Free Community so that this space is filled with the most powerful work to release your blocks, unleash your full potential in the world, be paid for being you and fully live free, NOW!

Are there going to be audios? I love your audios!
Absolutely! I did a poll recently and the #1 request my community asked for was MORE audios :) There's 33!! audios waiting for you right now in your TLF vault so that you can take your To Living Free energy with you no matter where you go -- in the car, on a walk, traveling and more. Up levels and alignment are just a play button away.

Is there a LIVE component to the To Living Free Community?
Yes! As a member of the TLF Community you'll receive exclusive access to the To Living Free Community FB group, a great space to connect with like-minded women from around the world, get feedback, support, mastermind and celebrate all your wins!

How much time do I need to set aside for this work?
This work fits seamlessly into your life when you need it. This isn’t school, you’re not required to finish homework to succeed ;) This is more about energy, alignment, tapping into your true state and from this place knowing the aligned actions to take daily to create massive momentum and start living the life beyond your dreams. And that’s why the resources you’ll be receiving are set up for you to dig into in the place and time that works best for you. The To Living Free Community meets you exactly where you are.

Have more questions? Email
About Jessica Caver Lindholm
Jessica Caver Lindholm has been interviewed as a business + manifestation expert by top publications like Cosmopolitan and Business Insider, quoted in People magazine and featured in Thrive Global and Authority Magazine. Founder of ToLivingFree, a conscious rebel, writer, global thought leader, coach and the queen of ease, alignment and flow. She's created a 7-figure brand with daily client success stories while working part time, often living on vacation with her husband and pups and helping clients around the world create real freedom in their own soul led businesses and freedom filled lives.
Hey, I'm Jess, founder of ToLivingFree, thought leader and mentor to some of the most forward thinking, conscious change makers and visionaries on the planet.

I've always felt different than what was considered normal. I've always expected magic and miracles to be a daily occurrence. I see how easy, fulfilling, joyful life, business, money, body, even relationships can be when we tap back into our natural state and discover + master alignment.

And after making millions doing my soul work and positively impacting hundreds of thousands around the world I've tapped into a whole new level of this work that's more powerful, potent and accessible than ever, and...
I can't wait to share it with you! Together we're going to change lives all around the world, starting with YOU.
Ready to create and live the life beyond your wildest dreams from alignment, ease and flow? Then let's do the damn thing, love!
>> In Summary <<
You want more. I know how to create and live it.
If you’re feeling deeply called to working together in this way and are ready to sign up then I invite you to set an intention as you join. 
Choose how all of this now gets to work for you, choose the level of power you will bring to this work and draw the line in the sand that whatever has happened in the past is done and your life and business now get to be exactly how you desire, if not even better.
And so it is.
Join The To Living Free Community Now!
Unlock 70+ CHANGE YOUR LIFE Videos, Audios, Guides and more to experience massive up levels + longterm results and freedom that just keep building.
This space is easily valued at over $1,997...
And is regularly $997...
Unlock the Energy, Up Levels and Results You Truly Desire and Live Free:

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